February – Black History Month Toledo Streets Newspaper – 2022 Editorial Themes Many of these months are titled simply with a word or phrase that encapsulates the direction of the proposed theme. They are “working titles” and will likely be replaced with something more headline-worthy closer to their publication date. The theme will remain the same. Under each month and title, you will fi nd a brief, intentionally vague description informing the direction of the publication. While we will plan a majority of the content for each issue to surround the chosen themes, articles and content not theme-oriented will still be considered for print. January – A Year of Change We are looking at the year ahead, 2022. Anything that fi ts within the concept of progression or change - social justice, government policies, local community/ neighborhood changes... etc. This special edition of Toledo Streets Newspaper honors and celebrates Black Americans. February is Black History Month, an annual observance made offi cial in 1976 by U.S. President Gerald Ford to “honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of Black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history.” TSN aims to lift individuals’ voices through our publication and this month is no different. This theme is dedicated entirely to Black history including adversity, achievements, and identity. March – Women’s History Month March is Women’s History Month, an observance and celebration of the vital role of women in our communities, history, and contemporary representation. This issue will honor local, national and historical women that make our world go round! April – Sustainability/Earth Month Each year, Earth Day lands on April 22. This year, TSN is dedicating an entire publication to the world’s largest environmental movement. As our climate crisis grows, so should our awareness of how we, as individuals, organizations, and corporations, play a role and what we can do to take better care of our planet! In this issue, we will highlight local sustainability movements and activism, content on environmentalism across social classes, and more! May – Youths Our youth are our future! This issue is intended to celebrate extraordinary happenings among the young people in our world and right here in Toledo! TSN will also spotlight events, clubs, and classes young people can engage in during the warmer months. June – Social Justice Awareness While deciding the themes for the yearly editorial calendar, TSN considers annual observances, holidays, and celebrations within each month. June hosts Pride Month, Juneteenth, Father’s Day, World Refugee Day, and Constitution Day. Instead of choosing one of these important dates to theme an entire issue, TSN is giving space to all of them – among other social justice issues that need a platform and audience. July – Independence The United States’ Independence Day is celebrated in July. Let freedom ring, right? But how do we defi ne “independence” and “freedom”? This issue will take a closer look at what independence and freedom mean for individuals from various life experiences. Those who are hoping to attain citizenship in the US, have been incarcerated, live with a disability or are too young to vote may defi ne these concepts differently. August – Education (Post-Secondary) In 2021, Toledo Streets themed a publication with the same name spotlighting schools K-12 in Toledo. This year, TSN is dedicating an issue to Toledo’s Post-Secondary options: Colleges, trade schools, or apprenticeships. Toledo has plenty of educational opportunities to offer individuals after high school. September – Labor The United States saw an economic trend coined “The Great Resignation” beginning in early 2021. This phenomenon has caused many to look critically at modern society’s expectations of work and productivity. Additionally, TSN will detail the importance and impact of no-barriers employment opportunities for individuals experiencing poverty and homelessness. October – Disability October’s publication themed to observe National Disability Employment Awareness Month will recognize and celebrate individuals living with disabilities. While the annual month observance infl uenced the topic, this publication will not be limited to employment awareness only. TSN hopes to spotlight local organizations, politicians, and programs that are helping to make our community more accessible to everyone in it! November – Holy Toledo! A celebration of all things Toledo, November’s publication will highlight Toledo’s tourist hot spots, local hidden gems, and everything in between! What makes Toledo the greatest city in the Midwest? December – Holiday Extravaganza Another year in the books and another season to celebrate! Toledo’s community is made up of folks from all different ethnicities, religions, and cultures. TSN wants to spotlight the various holidays celebrated during winter throughout our community! Page 4

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