Cultivating Change Arika Michaelis, Executive Director “We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are.” - Max DePree Change is tough. Any kind of change can be uncomfortable. It asks us to come out of our comfort zone and try something we aren’t accustomed to. And in today’s world we are being asked to make a lot of changes, all at once. Whether it be slowing down and staying home because of the threats of a global pandemic, wearing a mask in public to be considerate of other peoples or only visiting with friends and family over a video call, we are in the midst of many life altering changes. And these changes would be uncomfortable on their own, but coupled with one another they can be overwhelming. The truth about this change though, is that we’re all going through it together. We have the unique experience of having other people going through the same hardship as us and it’s important that we keep supporting and loving one another. And that mindset can be applied to other changes in our lives as well. If we have a support system loving us through our changes and growth, we have people who remind us who we are as we grow. Our support systems can remind us through the uncomfortable changes that we’re worthy of love and support. And that is what Toledo Streets strives to be for our vendors. One of Toledo Street’s pillars of our vision is to cultivate change. We work towards that not only by inspiring hope but especially fostering community. When someone has fallen on diffi cult times, having a community surrounding them can make all the difference. At TSN our vendors are reminded they are strong, important, unique and loved. Because going through change is uncomfortable but add to it searching for a place to live, compromised health, and loneliness and it can seem damn near impossible. Toledo Streets welcomes people to become agents of change within their own lives. They are invited to take control of their situation, focus on their goals and move towards who they want to be. Our community nurtures one another with love, positivity and encouragement. With this, our staff and vendors are empowered to embrace change with open arms. Being reluctant to change is natural when the other side of change is so uncertain. You have to dive head fi rst, heart open to experience the beauty of the true seasons of life. Welcome to this month’s issue on change. I hope you’ll fi nd it comforting to know that though change is happening rapidly, you’ve got a support system walking through your growth with you. Happy reading! The Buck Starts Here Toledo Streets and its vendors are a powerful, community-driven solution to the problem of homelessness. Our vendors earn their way out of their individual situations through a collaboration of journalism, local business partners and their own hard work. Use these four steps to be a part of the solution. Meet Vendors Buy a Paper Get Informed Take Action • Vendors -- the people who sell the paper -- are at the core of Toledo Streets' mission. Each year more than 70 individuals work as vendors with Toledo Streets. At any given time, more than 25 vendors are at work, in the rain, snow, or heat. Vendors play an active role in the management of TS, meeting regularly to discuss issues of concern and even serving on our board. • With the money made selling the newspaper, vendors are able to secure basic needs, independence and dignity, and work toward obtaining housing. Vendors buy papers for a quarter and sell them for a $1, keeping all income and tips for each sale. Toledo Streets tries to tie its editorial to three basic principals: • Inspiring Hope, Fostering Community, and Cultivating Change. We are a member of INSP, our global organization of street papers around the world which provides us with content relevent to social justice, homelessness, and street community around the world. • Donate to the organization and give vendors experiencing homelessness and poverty a hand up. It supports not only the paper but also issues throughout NW Ohio. • Volunteer your time and expertise and help the organization grow. • Share Toledo Streets with your network, and tell people about the organization. Page 3

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