to embrace its effects, it may be helpful for us to take time to pause and contemplate how change is helping us better understand who we are and just how incredible our lives unfold. On Change by Bryce Roberts I have a tense relationship with change. Throughout any given day I find myself longing for it and avoiding it in different areas of my life and society. The possibility of change can fill my heart with hope and trigger my insecurities at the same time. If you’re anything like me, you know this tension and have experienced the impact of change in your life. As creatures of habit and proponents of stability, we crave a life without much change. The idea of breaking away from our routines, reexamining our beliefs, or adjusting behaviors we have used to cope can be jarring and even scary. Change, in this way, feels as though it is threatening our sense of certainty in our daily life. Conversely, change can be the source of hope. In times of political unrest and stalemate, in times of personal struggle and confusion, and in times of healing and reconciliation, the promise of change can be the light at the end of the tunnel. Change, whether the kind that scares us or fills us with hope, is helpful. It is helpful because it can be a tool to better understand who we are and what we need. When the prospect of change scares us, we better understand where we may need to grow, where we may be passionate, where there are injustices in our community, or where we may need to process experiences from our past. When change gives us hope, it serves as a guidepost to the things we hold most dear and the treasures in our hearts that long to be created. Inevitably, whether welcomed or unwelcomed, change is occurring in our lives. As we manage that change and work Page 4 Toledo Streets Annual Calendar Fundraiser is Happening…. Online! Every year Toledo Streets Newspaper Vendors hit the streets supplied with disposable cameras, and in search of images that capture our community from their unique perspective. The goal is to discover images of our city from the eyes of those with an intimate knowledge of our Toledo Streets. Each image included in our annual calendar is a photograph taken by one of our skilled and dedicated vendors. These local artists work hard to capture these images every year and we share them with you as a way to further establish our vision of inspiring hope, fostering community and cultivating change. Because of the global pandemic, our fundraiser looks a little different this year. We are still producing our annual calendar with photos our TSN vendors have taken from around the city. However, in lieu of an in-person event, we are moving our calendar sales to pre-orders online. We will be offering a “DriveUp” Event on December 10th for those who have pre-ordered calendars to pick up their purchases with a brief transaction in front of our downtown office. As we are not gathering in person, we are relying on our friends and supporters of Toledo Streets to get the word out about our TSN Calendar. Please go to www.toledostreets.com/shop to purchase one now! They make perfect holiday gifts for family, friends, coworkers, bosses etc. Thank you for continuing to support us, especially through this challenging year! Supporters will also have an option of having their calendars shipped directly to them, though we think you’ll want to join us at the event.

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