TOLEDO STREETS NEW SP APER About the cover: Art Director Ed Conn recreated vintage wood block art to celebrate Cultivating Change, the third pillar in the Toledo Streets Vision Statement. 3 4 5 6 p 8 Rep. Pressley "I have a tense relationship with change". p 4 Bryce Roberts on Change 7 8 p5 Violence Interrupters p 10 Change: The Only Constant Book review by Frank Vitella 12 Page 2 Pezzie Barnett Featured Vendor 11 Cultivating Change We have the unique experience of having other people going through the same hardship as us and it’s important that we keep supporting and loving one another. On Change Bryce Roberts, former TSN Chair, takes a personal look at change. Toledo Streets Fundraiser Happening on line Every year Toledo Streets Newspaper Vendors hit the streets supplied with disposable cameras, and in search of images that capture our community from their unique perspective. How ‘violence interrupters’ are stopping gang shootings Since the 1990s community anti-violence initiatives have reduced crime locally, at least temporarily, by “interrupting” potential violence before it happens. Climate change is drying the lifeblood of Navajo ranchers as their lands become desert Competing with large nearby cities Phoenix and LA for a water supply, the Indigenous Americans on the Navajo reservation are left with dry lands, thirsty cattle and harsh, dust-specked winds. One: The Documentary is released on Amazon “This fi lm was created to start some important conversations around addiction,” noted Amy Clark, executive producer. Rep. Ayanna Pressley on Marginalized Communities Two years ago, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley won her seat in the House of Representatives after running against a 10-time incumbent. Telling Stories: Resilience in Art Three internationally renowned artists, who represent the extraordinary vitality of contemporary drawing, will be featured at TMA in November.

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