Exercises to increase distance By Lauren McMillin I have never met a golfer that didn't want more distance. In fact, I'd say it's one of the top priorities when golfers work on their swing. Hitting balls on the driving range might seem like a clear solution, but spending too much time on the range increases your chance of an overuse injury — putting too much stress on some muscles, while neglecting others. Adding mobility training to your routine just might be the missing piece. Improving your flexibility increases your range of motion in the golf swing, reduces swing flaws caused by tight muscles, and produces more club head speed. The result? Greater distance. Here are three exercises that will help improve posture, range of motion, and build a stronger foundation for every shot. DYNAMIC COBRA Lie face down, placing your hands under your shoulders. Exhale, squeezing the legs together to activate the lower body. Inhale, lifting the chest off the floor with the elbows bent. Focus on keeping your shoulders down and away from the ears. Exhale to lower to the floor. Repeat 5-7 times. TWISTING TABLE On all fours, place your right hand behind your head, elbow out to the side. Inhale and twist open toward the ceiling. Exhale and tuck your right shoulder under your left shoulder. Repeat 5-7 times on each side. ROTATING EXTENDED SIDE ANGLE Stand with legs in a wide stance.Turn the right toes out, and bend the right knee at 90 degrees. Make sure your knee is tracking in line with the toes. Extend the left leg behind you, rotating the leg and foot internally at 45 degrees. Bring your right forearm to your quad and extend your left arm forward. Inhale, reaching your left arm toward the sky, exhale to rotate your arm and torso toward the floor. Repeat seven times on each side. Tee To Green Golf Newsletter Vol. 77 (11/7/19)  Page 9 ROTATING EXTENDED SIDE ANGLE Lauren McMillin is a yoga and movement specialist. She is based in Madison, Miss. and her home course is Annandale Golf Club in Madison. She trains golfers from all over the country via Skype, Facetime or in person at workshops, classes, or one-on-one sessions. Phone: 601.519.6169 E-mail: info@lauren.yoga Web: www.lauren.yoga DYNAMIC COBRA TWISTING TABLE

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