Are links and email addresses in the PDF automatically detected?

Yes. All URLs and email addresses detected as text in your PDF are automatically made clickable in your online publication.

Next to that, all these link frames will be visible in the editor as well. So if you want to change a frame, just open the specific spread, click on the frame and make the desired changes.

All URL and page link frames added manually to pages in your PDF (e.g. with Adobe Acrobat Pro) are also detected during the PDF conversion and added automatically in your online publication as well.

noteMake sure that URLs and email addresses in your text are not separated by line breaks and that a blank space on each side of the URL/email address is added, as otherwise the link frame can not be created properly.
If you have added link frames in your PDF, make sure that these are smaller than the actual page (best is to leave space for a margin around your link area).