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At Publizr we are passionate about offering outstanding online publishing software. To help you create top quality online magazines, catalogs and flipbooks that WOW your customers, leading to higher sales results. We only strive for the best. That's our signature.

Customize with easy-to-use editor

Self-publishing online magazines, e-catalogs and flipbooks is a breeze. Log in to the Publizr dashboard, upload your PDF and your online publication will be ready in minutes. With all URLs and email addresses automatically made clickable! Next, easily add additional URL and page links, as links to your web shop, with the intuitive Drag & Drop Editor. Customize the look and feel to match your brand by changing colors, and much more.

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Razor sharp vectors

Publizr offers the highest quality out there. We pride ourselves on being able to retain the vector information of all text and illustrations in your PDF file. As a result, your online magazines, e-catalogs and flipbooks offer an outstanding display quality with razor sharp text and illustrations. Even on the biggest monitors your text and illustrations are shown crystal clear without any pixelation occurring, increasing the reading and brand experience of your customers dramatically.

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Lightning fast

Your online magazines, catalogs and flipbooks open lightning fast, minimizing the bounce rate and increasing the number of visitors of your online publications. Your visitors also will enjoy how fast and smoothly pages appear when browsing through your online publications. When clicking on a page, it zooms in directly without any load time or sharpening effect. Optimizing their reading experience and your returning visitors rate.

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Intuitive navigation

Your visitors will surely love the intuitive navigation of the beautiful online reader. When browsing several pages at once, the awesome multi-page flip effect adds up to the engaging lifelike experience. The thumbnail bar gives a convenient visual overview of all pages in your online publication. The stylish menu offers various options like a full screen, share, search, index and print feature.

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Mobile devices and desktops

Your online magazines, catalogs and flipbooks can be viewed in a stylish reader on mobile devices and desktops. No need to create an expensive native app for each app store and for your visitors to download these apps. Your online publications open instantly in the mobile browser optimized for iOS and Android. With multi-touch navigation on tablets and smartphones, as well as all URL and page links clickable. Online publishing couldn't be easier!

Animated mini flipbook

Embed an attention-grabbing animated mini flipbook on your website and blogs. When clicking on this widget, your online magazine, catalog or flipbook opens full screen. Your online publication views definitely will boost!

All the features you need

Unlimited pages & page views

Your online magazines, catalogs and flipbooks can contain an unlimited number of pages and can be viewed by an unlimited number of visitors as long as you like!

Multilingual navigation

The reader is available in various languages, as well as the dashboard and editor. If your language is not available yet, we will add it upon request.

Search engine optimized

Your online magazine, catalog or flipbook is like a website. Every single word in your online publication is indexed for search engines, like Google.

Share on social networks

Your visitors can easily share specific pages and products in your online publications via email and social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Searchable content

With the in-document search function your visitors can quickly find the desired page via a user-friendly search result.

Fast and reliable hosting

Your visitors all over the world will enjoy fast load times because we make use of a CDN network of servers around the world.

Nothing to install

You don't need to install or maintain any software. Just log into your web based account any time, any place and create your online publications.

Free updates and support

As a valued customer you will receive free software updates, even for your already published online publications, as well as dedicated email support.