He couldn't have expected that by ingesting the burger he would change the state of the entangled particle and its twin and thus cause the collapse of the universal brain project. Nor that he had, at the same time put our entire galaxy at risk of annihilation by the most powerful beings in the universe. I mean, you wouldn't, would you? It The has failed sire! What has failed? universal brain project... What!!? It was an entangled particle problem... Not again! Do we know where the particle is? Yes sire. Then Then you know the protocol - reduce the entire galaxy containing the particle to plasma! That won't be possible this time sire... isolate the solar system containing the particle and reduce that to plasma! Again sire that would be against protocol - we have people already established on the outer planets... Then do that. But do it quickly! ...it is a ...which water-rich galaxy we have been colonising for millennia. means though we could get a team to the problem planet to quickly reduce the local area to plasma.

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