SUMMER 2023 FIELD EXPERIENCE Anatomy and Physiology In January, AP Biology and College Chemistry II students had the opportunity to participate in John Brown University’s Human Cadaver Lab Experience. According to Dr. Tim Wakefield, professor in the JBU Biology Department, it was first introduced to the University in 1990. The lab is utilized by biology majors taking human anatomy or anatomy and physiology I and II, and cadavers are provided by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences at the beginning of each fall semester. This was an enriching opportunity for Shiloh students to gain knowledge and hands-on experience with human anatomy, get acquainted with the JBU campus, and spur interest in various medical fields. Shiloh students venture off campus frequently for hands-on learning. Physics In March, Physics students traveled to Major General Charles H. Wilson's Aviation Facility (where Dr. McDaniel flew Blackhawk helicopters) to extend their unit on optics, pneumatics, and hydraulics. Students learned more about optics by working with night vision goggles and continued their learning with hydraulics and pneumatics with various systems on the Blackhawk helicopters. It was a privilege to partner with the Arkansas Army National Guard and partner with the 77th Theater Aviation Brigade (TAB) headquartered at Camp Robinson. Captain Mike Roberts, First Lieutenant Tran Huyn, and Colonel Eric Ladd provided a unique and valuable opportunity for Shiloh’s Physics classes to gain hands-on experience and further our students' understanding of their studies. CLUBS & ACTIVITIES 9

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