ELEMENTARY BIBLICAL INTEGRATION When asked about the value of biblical integration, Mrs. Foley recounted a story about her grandfather turning 90 and taking up a new hobby. He bought a loom that filled an entire bedroom. There was just enough space to walk around the loom and sit down. Late in his life, he learned to weave rag rugs by pushing and pulling a wooden shuttle through cords of cotton. The finished product was beautiful and strong. In this way, a Christian educator diligently pushes and pulls the truth of God’s Word through the lives of her students. The Word becomes a part of the fabric of their lives, living and active, engrained in their identity. It is more than a single daily Bible lesson, prayer time, or weekly chapel service. It is knowing God’s Word and thinking critically and biblically about all things - applying truth to conflicts in friendship, science homework, sports practices, ethical issues, and family relationships. BIBLICAL INTEGRATION

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