SHILOH TODAY CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES Elementary STEM Lab Secondary clubs and elementary specials enrich learning at Shiloh. Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs are comprehensive interdisciplinary studies that students of all ages can learn. Shiloh Elementary students completed their first year of STEM LAB as a special rotation. STEM fields are significant forces of innovation and development, resulting in modern technology that improves our daily lives. Teaching STEM to our elementary students encourages exploration and curiosity and teaches them about the world around them in a fun, hands-on manner. First through fifth grade students attended the STEM LAB for 30 minutes each week with Mrs. Karli Godwin, where they participated in activities such as building catapults, planning cities, and discovering states of matter by creating a compound called “oobleck.” Med Club The Medical Club aims to provide students interested in pursuing medical careers with opportunities to explore the various fields of medicine and foster their growth of medical knowledge through clinical volunteering and lectures from health professionals. This year, Shiloh’s MED CLUB was led by Shiloh student Jordan Long and supervised by Shiloh’s College and Career Counselor, Mrs. Hollan Clark. The group held monthly meetings and hosted various medical professionals, including Dr. Drew Rogers, Cardiothoracic Anesthesiologist, Dr. Wesley Cox, Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Ramon Ylanan, Sports Medicine; and Amber Hooper, M.S.L.P.C. who specializes in Mental and Behavioral Health. Students also pursued individual opportunities to shadow/volunteer at local clinics, including Tessa Slyter, who spent the day with a local orthodontist. 8 CLUBS & ACTIVITIES

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