SUMMER 2021 College Physics In November, 58 College Physics students went to Silver Dollar City to study rotational motion, energy conservation, and engineering while riding the biggest and best roller coasters in Branson, Missouri. The students applied what they learned in class about Newton’s laws (gradients, gravity, and inertia) and G-Forces (gravitational forces), even looking at the curves (parabola) and how to create negative G's. The students were incredibly happy to take this fun and insightful annual trip. welcome New head coach! Shiloh Christian School is happy to welcome Lisa Bivens as the new Head Girls Basketball Coach. Coach Bivens has ten years of experience as a Head Coach in Northwest Arkansas. As a varsity head coach, Coach Bivens has won three high school state titles, and she helped multiple student-athletes continue their playing careers, on scholarship, in college. She served as an assistant coach for the Lady Saints Basketball team last year. Coach Bivens graduated from Guy-Perkins High School where she played for Hall of Fame Coach John Hutchcraft. A four-year starter, Coach Bivens helped lead the Thunderbirds to the #1 overall ranking for the entire state of Arkansas, regardless of classification, between 1990 - 1992. After high school, she attended Arkansas State University and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. She and her husband Austin have been married for 25 years, and they have two biological sons and legal guardianship of two “international sons” from Lithuania and Nigeria. FIELD EXPERIENCE 9

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