ANNIE The 5th Grade Class of 2019-2020 were set to perform the musical “Annie” in May of 2020 when the pandemic interrupted plans, and Shiloh closed abruptly in March. The students were already cast and had their scripts in hand so they decided…THE SHOW MUST GO ON! This amazing class was up for the challenge to start rehearsal in July to be ready to perform their musical in just one month. A team of ladies fashioned clear handmade masks for 73 cast members so their smiles could be seen and everyone could still be protected. These new 6th grade students performed three shows in front of a socially distanced live audience. A heartfelt moment of hope was shared, as they started an unpredictable new school year singing, “The Sun WILL Come out Tomorrow.” This group of students persevered and worked hard to meet challenging health code protocols; and in the end, it was worth it as they took their final bow. 6TH GRADE MUSICAL

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