20/20 Vision with Dr. Ryan Blackwell A Look Back at the Impact of Christian Education One of the greatest joys of my life occurred in December of 2019 as I stood in front of the congregation of First Baptist Church San Francisco to preach God’s word one last time as its senior pastor. A decade prior to this day, the church had called me to California, hoping to experience revitalization and to once again reach their world-shaping city with the gospel. At the time, I was a 26-year-old inexperienced seminary graduate who looked out at a mostly-empty room overwhelmed by the task and responsibility that laid in front of me. As I looked around the church on my last Sunday, I saw a room packed with individuals from over forty nations worshipping together. I saw Tim, a prominent developer at Apple sitting next to Joe, an ex-gang member who had spent much of his life on the street. Next to them was Mary, a woman 20 2020 VISION rescued from life immersed in sexual sin, and Fred, a venture capitalist who helped start one of the most successful businesses in the world. My heart was overwhelmed with gratitude as I thought about the stories of God’s saving grace these faces represented and the journey we had been on together. How had I, a nobody raised in Springdale, Arkansas, been part of this “Only God” story? While the answer to that question is multi-faceted, I believe one of the most effective tools that God used to shape me into the pastor and leader I am today was my time at Shiloh Christian School. It was at Shiloh that teachers impressed upon my heart the trustworthiness of God that would later give me 04. Ryan with a youth group mission team 05. A special event at First Baptist San Francisco ABOVE Ryan and his family in front of the Golden Gate Bridge 01. Ryan with a few members of the Saints football team 02. Ryan as a part of Shiloh's Homecoming Court 03. Ryan preaching

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