01 STAY CONNECTED Strategy: Help students and Dream Team Members (Cross Church volunteers) feel loved and appreciated even during a time of social distancing. How? • Handwritten note cards • Mail handwritten cards to all students and Dream Team members (volunteers). • Pull last 60 days of first-time guests and send personalized handwritten notes. • Text and Phone Calls • Pull a 6-month report and contact every student via text or phone call. • Ask Dream Team members to contact students in their small groups. • Weekly Text System Mon: Prayer, Wed: Remind about Groups / Connection / Check In, Fri: Encouragement Text • Multiplication Investment Meeting with 5 students & going through a plan on the Bible App that is 5-7 days. At the end, they then meet with 2-3 friends and do the study together. 02 GET CREATIVE Strategy: Come up with ways to stay connected with students/ parents using social media. How? • We post weekly devotionals every attach Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4pm on Facebook and Instagram. • Along with the devotionals, we also the same content into a parent email in case students or parents are not on social media. • The content is taken from our Pastor’s Sunday message (sermon-based devotionals). • On the other days of the week, we post challenges and interactive content to keep students engaged and laughing. Examples: Trick-shot videos, Instagram Live Sessions, etc. • Encourage Sunday small groups to use platforms like Zoom or FaceTime to interact and checkin. How? • Contact your local public school administrators and don’t just ask, but offer your assistance. • We’ve helped our local school districts deliver food to students. • We’ve also helped administrators sort through and handout Chromebooks. • Hand deliver handwritten notes to administrators. • Deliver donuts/coffee/Sonic drinks - something small to let them know they are not alone. • Hopping on Zoom calls with FCA’s . 03 MINISTRY IN THE COMMUNITY Strategy: Our goal is to continue to have strong partnerships with our community partners by continuing to love on them. 11

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