CROSS CHURCH HOSPITAL WORKERS’ DAY CAMP STEP 1 Identify the need. Is it something your medical community needs and are they willing to partner with you? Make sure your area medical community is on board and helping you promote this. Note: Our hospital provided staffing to do all our medical screening each morning and everyone had to wear a colored bracelet to show they passed. This is vitally important to ensure safety for all. In addition, they provided scrubs, masks, and gloves for our leaders, if they wanted them. STEP 2 Identify who is willing to work the day camp. Many may not be able to due to the high risk of exposure that comes with the parent’s profession. STEP 3 Determine if this is something you provide for free or will you charge? STEP 4 Contact your local childcare licensing agencies. In Arkansas, we are only allowed three weeks of childcare-type events. Anything beyond the three requires a license. Note: We were able to appeal to our local state leaders and granted special permission to offer our Day Camp. Failure to do this could affect your ability to offer VBS, Day Camps, etc. Also, it’s important to note that childcare for children below kindergarten age brings on a whole different set of guidelines and exposure for workers. We chose to only offer for elementary age as our preschools were not closed. 12

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