CHILDREN / ABILITY 1. Main Bible content • Strategy: Provided special needs kids, adults and families with biblical content for them at home. • How? • Online Service • Packets mailed to them with Sunday bible stories • Parent Cue • Any social stories about the COVID-19 that can help them understand what is going on. • Family Resources: https://www. dropbox.com/sh/l54wvihj22svbfl/ AABetY-cSmeB3Wa8rOq4koGTa?dl=0 2. Social Contact or Staying Connected • Strategy: Continue to build a relationships and be a support for them. • How? • FaceTime • Text • Letters • Phone calls CHILDREN / DEAF MINISTRY 1. Bible Content. • Strategy: To continue to reach the deaf in our community and keep our current members spiritually fed. • How? • Interpret all online services • Wednesday night online Zoom classes • Sunday morning online small group 2. Social Media • Strategy: To build relationships and give them support. • How? • Family picture boards in church seats • Text • Letters • Facebook post • Easter baskets delivered with invites to watch online • Grocery shopping • Rides to work MINISTRY

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