WIXTER MARKET Tinned seafood Wixter Market is a boutique seafood shop located in Chicago, specializing in super frozen, flash frozen, and tinned product. Wixter partners with trusted producers who ensure a low carbon footprint and sustainable operations. Owned and operated by Chicago native, Matt Mixter, Mixter’s longstanding relationships with sophisticated seafood companies around the world enables Wixter Market to source a vast selection of sustainable seafood. In a quest to find the best suppliers in the world, we traveled to multiple countries and taste tested over 50 varieties of tinned seafood. In the end, Jose Gourmet rose above the rest and Wixter Market became their exclusive distributor in the USA. Jose Gourmet cooks its fish in large batches during the canning process—it’s ultraefficient protein production. Sustainable, premium seafood meets local artistry to deliver fantastically packed product that has an unbelievably delicious taste. Jose Gourmet offers a fantastic selection of tinned seafood. Be sure to try our mackerel, spiced and smoked sardines, as well as our spiced calamari. Producers of the finest Spanish conservas in the world, La Brujula uses only the most premium raw materials and a state-of-the-art processing facility with every product made by hand. 98 GOURMET PROVISIONS KEY: = SUSTAINABLE = LOCAL = USA

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