ROCKY MOUNTAIN SODA CO. Colorado all-natural sodas • All natural • We use only four quality ingredients: carbonated Colorado water, pure cane sugar, natural flavors, and non GMO citric acid • Small batch, quality, love, passion • Each of our delicious flavors is hand crafted, and every batch is bottled the day it is created. Freshness is our only formula • We make the best tasting all natural soda that just happens to also be non GMO, gluten free, Kosher, and vegan GOURMET MUSHROOMS, INC. Mushrooms Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc. grows more varieties of organic culinary and nutraceutical mushrooms than any farm in America. We are committed to growing the finest quality specialty mushrooms using sustainable practices, with our facilities located in Sebastopol, California, and Scottville, Michigan. • Pioneer growers of fresh culinary mushrooms since 1977 • 7 Varieties of organic specialty mushrooms • Certified organic and kosher • Mushrooms harvested 360 days a year • Grown on oak-based substrate in reusable bottles • Reputation as the premier grower of top quality, flavorful forest mushrooms that are "no longer wild, but far from tame." SEE INDEX IN BACK OF CATALOG FOR FULL PRODUCT LISTING SEATTLEFISH.COM • 303-329-9595 GOURMET PROVISIONS 99

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