BOVINE & SWINE Gourmet sausage Bovine + Swine craft meats are proudly made in Jackson Hole, Wyoming by longtime chef and butcher Joel Tate. All Bovine + Swine products are hand-made using high quality ingredients and traditional techniques reminiscent of the butchers of the past. Attention has been paid to every aspect of the product, from the way the ingredients are broken down to the “snap” experienced when biting into a sausage. Bovine + Swine’s diverse lineup showcases both classic and inventive flavors - all hand-crafted in Jackson Hole. • Hand-made in small batches using traditional techniques • Utilize meats from ranches in Wyoming, Idaho and Utah • Made in Bovine + Swine’s USDA facility in Jackson Hole, Wyoming Bovine + Swine’s product lineup includes: • Andouille sausage • Garlic knackwurst • Black pepper and blue cheese sausage • Jalapeño cheddar sausage • Natural cased beef hot dogs • Beef snack sticks • Jalapeño beef snack sticks 78 MEAT KEY: = SUSTAINABLE = LOCAL = USA

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