WOODSMOKE PROVISIONS Smoked salmon Woodsmoke Provisions was established in the mid1990s to produce one-of-a-kind smoked fish products created by chefs, for chefs. As the company has grown nationwide and into retail outlets, its original mission has always remained intact. Woodsmoke is a boutique smokehouse with some of the finest smoked salmon, smoked trout and caviar products on the market. Our signature award winning Blue Label Cold Smoked Salmon remains the top seller, boasting a buttery, sushi-like texture created by extra cold temperature smoking. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Woodsmoke is proud to work with each customer and curate unique products to consumer tastes. • All products are gluten-free, certified KOF-K Kosher, and contain no preservatives • Woodsmoke cold smokes at one of the lowest temperatures in the industry which creates the buttery, sushi-like texture in our smoked and cold cured salmon products • Processing always begins with a fresh fillet Products range from traditional cold smoked and cold cured salmons to hot smoked salmon and trout. We can also create products to meet your customers’ specs in 4oz, 8oz, 1lb or whole fillet sizes. Our newest products include our signature Nori Wrapped Center Cut Smoked Salmon and Verlasso Smoked Salmon line, in partnership with Verlasso Salmon Company. • Blue label cold smoked salmon • Pastrami cold smoked salmon • Garlic pepper cold smoked salmon • Everything bagel seasoning cold smoked salmon • Nori wrapped cold smoked salmon • Balik cut cold smoked salmon • Verlasso smoked salmon • Gravlax cold cured salmon • Traditional lox cold cured salmon • Beet infused gravlax cold cured salmon • Asian style gravlax cold cured salmon • Hickory roasted hot smoked salmon • Peppered hot smoked salmon • Honey maple hot smoked salmon • Bourbon brown sugar hot smoked salmon • Pecan smoked trout • Peppered smoked trout • Garlic pepper smoked trout SEE INDEX IN BACK OF CATALOG FOR FULL PRODUCT LISTING SEATTLEFISH.COM • 303-329-9595 SMOKED FISH 53

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