HONEY SMOKED FISH CO. Smoked salmon Honey Smoked Fish is a family owned company in its 24th year of producing the world’s finest hot, lightly smoked salmon. Smoke Master Kevin Mason created the secret firing system which locks in all of the salmon’s healthy Omega-3s and infuses honey into the smoke, resulting in a mouth-watering and truly unique product. This superfood protein of the future is heart healthy, certified Kosher, gluten-free, and diabetic friendly; cooked to order and packaged with an extended shelf life. Available nationwide, this low cost protein option can upgrade any menu. Honey Smoked Fish Company sources salmon from sustainably practicing farms that have very stringent protocols for salmon husbandry and feed fish on a premium diet, with 100% quality all natural feed for a consistent, affordable and healthy product all year round. CRACKED PEPPER HONEY SMOKED SALMON ORIGINAL HONEY SMOKED SALMON Original Honey Smoked Salmon is topped with a light blend of different cracked peppercorns, offering a bright aroma and a mild, flavorful bite. The combination of refreshing flavors is a true tastebud pleaser for those that enjoy the beautiful floral, earthy seasoning of cracked peppercorns. Original Honey Smoked Salmon is created with a blend of all natural herbs and spices then lightly hickory smoked. A very mild, savory flavor can be detected on the front end, followed by a delightful faint touch of lemon. It’s delicious on its own straight out of the package, or as the highlight of any dish! 54 SMOKED FISH KEY: = SUSTAINABLE = LOCAL = USA

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