PANAPESCA Variety of seafood items ® ® For over 25 years, PanaPesca USA has been providing a reliable supply of a wide range of shellfish and select fin fish to the food service and retail industry. Products are sourced globally from long term supply partners that pack to our specifications. We are thankful for all the companies, big and small, that put their trust in us. PanaPesca USA products are developed to eliminate waste and uncertainty. We attempt to anticipate our customer’s needs by providing innovative, first to market, product categories and pack forms, including our pioneering skin pack retail line. As a leader in many seafood categories, we are constantly investing in the development of sustainability initiatives and organizations committed to improving seafood sustainability. THE TOWN DOCK Squid The Town Dock focuses on offering the highest quality wild-caught seafood, and the very best service. Located on the waterfront of Point Judith, Rhode Island, we are deeply connected to the dock and to our customers. • Nearly 40 years of experience • The largest distributor of calamari in the USA We offer a variety of quality calamari, along with the support and guidance to find the perfect seafood offerings for each customer’s unique needs. • Domestic calamari • Imported calamari • Fresh fish SEE INDEX IN BACK OF CATALOG FOR FULL PRODUCT LISTING SEATTLEFISH.COM • 303-329-9595 SHELLFISH & MORE 49

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