GULLO SPECIALTY FOODS Spanish tenderized octopus Family owned and operated Gullo Specialty Foods began with one family’s simple love for seafood. Based out of Long Island, New York, our goal is to provide the finest tenderized octopus in the United States, directly from the coasts of Spain and Portugal. We are proud to offer our customers the most consistent and highest quality octopus and sepia available. The Gullo name has become synonymous with excellence. Our Spanish tumbled and tenderized octopus is the most pristine in the world, caught using traps and pots eight months out of the year. Not all Octopus is created equal. Our proprietary tenderizing process is a finishing touch that takes an already superior product and makes it even better by breaking down muscle fibers to create a texture that few, if any, can match. Using sea salt, cold water and a tumbler, this natural process is void of any chemicals or additives. Tenderization breaks down the octopus’ muscles causing the octopus to “flower", meaning their tentacles curl up in a flower shape. Once we finish tenderizing, we flash freeze the octopus to seal in all its delicious natural flavor. Results include: • High yield • Short cook time • Incredible flavor & texture • Most sought after octopus in America by chefs • Consistent, high-quality product About Gullo Specialty Foods • The only company in America specializing 95% of its entire business on octopus • Our team is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about the product and its sourcing • We are the only company with its very own “OCTOMAN”; the industries foremost expert on Octopus 50 SHELLFISH & MORE KEY: = SUSTAINABLE = LOCAL = USA

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