HARVEST OF THE SEA Squid With over 50 years of uncompromised quality, Harvest of the Sea is a family owned and operated, innovative and solution based seafood company. Through effective communication, our culinary team is committed to developing sustainable solutions for today's operator challenges. Harvest of the Sea offers a full line of shrimp, calamari, and culinary inspired seafood products. Our premium, culinary developed specification ensures true yield, consistent performance and uncompromised quality. HARVEST OF THE SEA – PLATINUM CALAMARI • 100% net yield drained weight & true sizing • Fully cleaned & ready to use – no additional labor required • All natural – wild caught MSC FIP PENGUIN FROZEN FOODS Frozen shrimp Since 1950, Penguin Frozen Foods has been a supplier of premium quality, wild caught domestic frozen shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico. For over 60 years, Penguin’s commitment to superior quality has guided our operations. Strict inspection procedures, combined with strong quality control standards throughout the production process guarantees that we provide only the highest quality shrimp. • Third generation, family owned company • Sustainable • Wild caught product of USA Penguin is proud of our longtime involvement in the wild caught shrimp industry in the Gulf of Mexico. Using wild caught shrimp provides the following attributes: • Sweet distinct flavor profile • Firm texture • No presence of harmful or illegal antibiotics • Support local fishing communities in Texas and Louisiana 48 SHELLFISH & MORE KEY: = SUSTAINABLE = LOCAL = USA

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