TRUE NORTH SEAFOOD COMPANY Atlantic salmon & halibut True North Seafood Company was founded in 1985 by Gifford Cooke and his sons, Michael and Glenn. What started as a humble family aquaculture company has grown into a global seafood leader with fully integrated facilities, product lines and distribution networks. Still based in New Brunswick, Canada, True North continues to grow with the same family-based values and a commitment to sustainability. Our secret to global success? Always thinking local. We proudly supply Seattle Fish Co. with sustainably farmed Atlantic salmon and wild-caught domestic sea scallops. • Sustainably raised and harvested in the North Atlantic • Fully traceable • Reliable source with year-round availability STAVIS SEAFOODS Variety of seafood items Stavis Seafoods has been a Boston Waterfront landmark and seafood industry pioneer since 1929. A multinational fishing company and manufacturer with vessels and processing plants around the world, Stavis Seafoods has a direct connection to fishermen harvesting their seafood on the boat, providing true vertical integration and a simple, traceable hook-to-plate sourcing solution. A leader in responsible global sourcing, we have the industry expertise to help customers buy and sell with confidence. BOS’N CLEANED CALAMARI BOS’N Calamari is a premium seafood item that is processed from fresh Loligo squid. It is fully cleaned and ready to cook, delivering quality and consistency in every package. Our Calamari is quality tested for size and tubes and tentacles ratio. Our Calamari is cartilage fee, allowing for full utilization of every part of the squid. It is available in multiple sizes in tubes & tentacles, tubes only, rings & tentacles, and rings only formats. 30 FINFISH KEY: = SUSTAINABLE = LOCAL = USA

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