STRAND FOODS Scottish salmon & steelhead Strand Foods was founded on the principal of providing top quality, sashimi grade, branded farm-raised seafood. Our oceans are being depleted of many types of wild seafood, and we believe responsible aquaculture is a key solution to this problem. Almost all of the food we eat is farmed. Everyday we make choices about what types of farmed foods we put in our mouths, and we should do the same when it comes to seafood. Not all farmed fish is created equal! • We offer consistent quality, pricing and availability • Sustainability is a core aspect of our business • National company with offices on both coasts Three Scottish farmers dedicated to their country and its fisheries established Loch Duart in 1999. Raised in the pristine waters of Northwestern Scotland, Loch Duart is the only remaining fishery with 100% Scottish Broodstock: first to receive full accreditation from RSCPA, the standard in Scottish animal welfare. Simply put, Loch Duart Scottish Salmon tastes great! Another Stand Foods exclusive is Loch Etive Scottish steelhead. Raised in the icy waters of Loch Etive fed by crystal mountain waters, the confluence of fresh and ocean water is the perfect environment to raise a superior ocean steelhead trout. Levantina Bream and European Sea Bass comes exclusively to Strand Companies from the island of Cyprus. Raised in pure waters and swift currents, Levantina provides an excellent tasting fish using all natural feed, non-GMO, no antibiotics, no hormones. SEE INDEX IN BACK OF CATALOG FOR FULL PRODUCT LISTING SEATTLEFISH.COM • 303-329-9595 FINFISH 31

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