SKUNA BAY SALMON British Columbia sustainably raised salmon The Skuna Bay Craftsman Farmer stands alone in the teeth of Mother Nature, using his Experience and Judgment to raise good fish. Their existence is for one reason, to help feed the world and in doing so reduce pressure on wild fish stocks. They know that sounds dramatic but if you’re going to do something, we think you should aim high. Located in hard-to-get-to areas off the coasts of Vancouver Island, our salmon are raised in isolated sites because we believe salmon should only be raised in its natural ocean environment. They are passionate about raising salmon, with experience and time spent honing their Craft, the Craftsman Farmers have pioneered their own exclusive process to provide you salmon, with a Fresh-From-The-Ocean experience every time. Every fish is prepared by our approved Salmon Experts though careful selection, impeccable cleaning, regulated chilling and packaged by hand, every time. The Craftsman Farmers also recognized that whilst providing Chefs with the perfect fish is a great honor, they know that not everyone can butcher a full case of Skuna Bay Salmon every time. Through extensive collaboration with the Salmon Experts, they invented a method to get the same, Fresh-From-TheOcean salmon experience to customers in the form of fillets and portions. Skuna Bays’ Gold River Craft Raised Salmon Fillets and Perfect Portions are processed at the source near the farms of Skuna Bay. Hand selected, inspected, cleaned and prepared by our Salmon Experts, we ship directly to you within hours of emerging from the water. Just like our Whole Fish program, Gold River Fillets and Portions are signed and dated by our Salmon Experts prior to sealing within a Cryovak 10K breathable sleeve; which keeps ice out while maintaining its freshness and firmness until it reaches your kitchen. Our Craftsman Farmers live and breath nature, so it is only natural that they treat nature with respect. Skuna Bay’s Thermafresh carton is completely recyclable and it works as well if not better than traditional packaging at keeping our fish that perfect, cold temperature to ensure you get the same perfect experience, every time. SEE INDEX IN BACK OF CATALOG FOR FULL PRODUCT LISTING SEATTLEFISH.COM • 303-329-9595 FINFISH 29

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