The history of St. Edward Catholic School, affectionately known as St. Ed's, is a proud and vibrant one hundred and twenty-five year saga. Since the earliest days of the parish, parents, with leadership and support from pastors, religious sisters and parishioners, have ensured that their children would receive an education in their Catholic faith. That one constant has been what has made St. Edward's such a vital part of the Catholic and local communities. The close proximity of Church and school was a valuable asset in the training of the young. All activity bore the mark of a Christian life in which parish and family were united. The Parent-Teacher Association was a continued support to both school and home … it is impossible to tell the story of the Convent without relating it to the work of the school. (St. Edward’s Parish History - Westport, Ontario 1978, page 47) In 1986 the Catholic community of Westport, Ontario celebrated a centenary for two beloved institutions – St. Edward’s School and Notre Dame Convent. A 100th anniversary reunion marked the occasion, with more than 500 graduates, Sisters and friends of the school attending. To commemorate the event, Sister Helen Cawley, a St. Ed’s graduate, teacher and principal, penned a brief history of the school and convent. Memories of One Hundred Years at St. Edward’s School and Notre Dame Convent tells of the building of the school and convent in 1886, the arrival of the Congregation of Notre Dame Sisters and the blessing and official opening of both buildings in September of that year. The booklet highlights the growth of St. Ed’s from an elementary school to a complete high school, welcoming secondary school students from Elgin, Bedford and Stanleyville parishes. The joy, pride and zeal of this Catholic school spring from the pages written by Sr. Cawley. That same spirit which created the new school in 1886 lives today in the staff, students and larger community of St. Edward’s. A strong message of Peace and Acceptance ~ a frequent message and way of life at St. Edward. Staff and Students saying “NO! to bullying” ~ Pink Shirt Day 2012 3

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