SISTERS OF THE CONGREGATION OF NOTRE DAME IN WESTPORT 1886-1987 SISTERS OF NOTRE DAME CONVENT WESTPORT (deceased - as of 1986) Sister Saint: Frances Alexander of Sebaste Lambert Andrew Apostle Cleophas Thomas of Canterbury Joseph of Jesus Anthony of the Desert Mary Stephanie Rose Anna Gertrude of Jesus Fabiola Thomas Aquinas Denis Areopagite Claire Agnes of Poitiers Edward Martyr Elizabeth of Jesus Thomas of the Rosary Albert Francis Xavier Beatrice of Milan Thomas of the Redeemer (Garvin) Mary Johanna (Smith) Mary of the Infant Jesus Elizabeth Marie Oswin Tharsilla Andrew Apostle (Carty) Onesiphore John of the Blessed Sacrament Mary Geraldine Helen Martyr John of the Rosary Mary Lawrence Charles of the Savior Robert of Citeaux Mary Benedict John of the Resurrection Michael of the Angels (O’Shaughnessy) 30

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