St. Edward Catholic School in 2011 Principals of St. Edward Continuation School Our new “Peace Garden” which was designed and built in the Spring of 2011 by a student ~ Carson Wing For all that you have been and for all that you have done – Thank You, St. Edward’s! Our lives, our hopes, our future are guided still by thee! 14 1888-1919 Sister St. Andrew Apostle 1919-1931 Sister St. Claire 1931-1939 Sister St. Gabriel of the Angels 1939-1940 Sister St. John of the Rosary 1940-1949 Sister St. Claire 1949-1954 Sister St. John of the Rosary 1954-1964 Sister St. Helena of the Cross 1964-1965 Sister St. Helen of the Saviour 1965-1966 Sister St. Elizabeth Jane 1966-1967 Sister St. James Miriam Principals of St. Edward Catholic Elementary School 1920-1953 Sister St. Agnes of Poitiers 1953-1955 Sister St. Mary 1956-1958 Sister St. Laura Miriam 1959-1960 Sister St. John of Sienna 1960-1962 Sister St. Joseph Donald 1962-1967 Sister St. Mary Roberta 1967-1969 Sister Nelda Bauer 1969-1971 Sister Beverley Jay 1971-1977 Sister Denise Burns 1977-1978 Sister Eileen Power 1978-1984 Michael Wicklum 1984-1987 Glenn MacLeod 1987-1989 Robin Reil 1989-1991 Keith McPhee 1991-1996 David McGahey 1996-1999 Theresa Lalonde-Pankow 1999-2000 Nancy Gollogly 2000-2007 Gail McAdam 2007-2010 Paula Perrault 2010Dan Lesser

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