Christmas concerts have always been the most highly attended event of the year. The gym is packed to capacity, with standing room only. On one occasion when the fire alarm was accidentally set off, no person would leave their seat, in case they might never get it back! Fortunately, a fireman in attendance quickly had things under control and the show went on. This book has been published in preparation for the 125th Anniversary celebration of St. Edward’s School on May 26, 2012. The anniversary year had begun with a Mass in St. Edward’s Church with Archbishop Brendan O’Brien on Sunday, September 25, 2011. The Mass also celebrated the 90th Anniversary of the Catholic Women’s League in the Parish. As in the previous 1978 and 1986 reunions, the 2012 reunion will include golf, school displays, Mass, and food, speeches and a dance at the arena. The theme for the gathering is the opening line of the school song written by Sister Cawley, “Raise the Banner of St. Edward’s” and alumni have been invited to “join the happy throng.” This chapter of the book serves as an update to the 1986 history which immediately follows this introduction. The rich spiritual and academic heritage of St. Edward School is a special gift to be celebrated. The people of St. Edward’s Parish and of the Westport district have been blessed to have this Catholic school as a centre for learning in our Catholic faith and as a solid foundation for life. Presentation of Certificate, from the Town of Westport, recognizing 125 years of Catholic Education in Westport ~ Robin Reil (Trustee), Dan Lesser (Principal) and Bill Thake (Mayor) Trustee Robin Reil, Superintendent Dr. Donaleen Hawes, Archbishop Brendan O’Brien, Trustee Nancy Kirby, Director William J. Gartland ~ September 25, 2011 One hundred and twenty-five years represents a remarkable achievement of service in the mission of our Lord. Sister Helen Cawley wrote in the 1978 parish history that it would be difficult to assess the far-reaching effects of the culture and training received in the daily contact where dedication, religious faith, secular learning and Christian joy were so gracefully intermingled. Our wish for the school mirrors that of Sister’s remarks - it is our hope and prayer that St. Edward Catholic School will continue to serve the needs of the families of the parish and pass on that legacy of faith and Christian conviction to the children of the present and future days. Every Monday morning throughout the school year, everyone gathers in the gym. Staff and students lead the assembly in a prayer service and time of sharing. 11 Westport’s Christmas Parade, 2011. St. Ed’s won 1st Place: “Closest to the Theme: The Night Before Christmas”

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