32 rAVe [STORYTELLING] Build Brand Awareness Reach Your Audience rAVe [STORYTELLING] can truly set a brand apart from all the others. Yes, we do traditional PR stuff -- we build relationships with journalists and industry influencers; we can manage trade show media appointments; we write press releases and case studies and blog posts. But it’s so much more than that. We use storytelling to build authentic relationships with any audience -- dealers, employees, press, end users -- so they really get what your brand is about. We build much more than awareness; we build trust and credibility. Establish Authentic Relationships Strategic Communications and Content Development We’ll work with you to establish objectives, key messages and target audiences to develop a road map for communication. We’ll remove the sales and marketing jargon and get your message out through good storytelling that aligns with your marketing strategy; we’ll create a voice for your brand that builds your relationships on a foundation of trust and credibility. Employee Relations Your employees are some of your biggest assets. Build excellent relationships with them so they can serve as ambassadors for your brand. We’ll research, conduct surveys and evaluate programs with the goal of turning all employees into stewards of your brand. THE #1 Strategic Partner to Help Build Your Brand. Period.

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