33 Industry Liaison Services Our network connects your brand with the people and companies you want to meet in the AV/IT, UCC and Digital Signage spaces. We’ll support your event coordination and logistics, lead management and promotional marketing to help you deliver the right message to your audience before, during and after an event. Crisis Management One of a brand’s most valuable assets is its reputation. And although no one wants to think about it, the best time to establish a crisis management strategy is before there’s a crisis. Our crisis management services can assist in anticipating threats and seizing opportunities to prevent crises. We can also help design a communications strategy for difficult business choices, such as company sales or layoffs, or react quickly to unexpected crises as soon as they happen, deploying strategic public relations responses quickly. Media Relations Even the best story won’t land media coverage without the work that comes before the pitch, both in preparation for contacting the media and afterward, to maintain relationships with them. Good press relations isn’t just about blasting out releases and hoping they’ll get picked up -- it’s about understanding the needs of the editors, the tone and coverage style of the publications, what’s important to them and how we, as storytellers, can make their lives easier. We do that better than anyone else and can use it to help you extend the reach of your brand. Dealer and Distributor Relations Engaging your customers through experience marketing, gamification and personalized events expands your network, strengthens your industry relationships and builds brand loyalty. We will develop a strategy for customized programs and events, including headquarter tours, trade show networking and social activities to engage your audience and increase your ROI. Community Relations Position your company as a strong corporate citizen and socially-responsible business by taking an active interest in the well-being of your community. We’ll work with you to establish programs that get your employees, executives and larger network involved in the communities you most wish to support, whether that’s part of the industry, your local area or something else.

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