[LAVNCH] We’re excited to bring our newest all-digital publication, LAVNCH [CODE]. Learn more about LAVNCH [CODE] on page 8. 2

[LAVNCH] LAVNCH HIGHLIGHTS What is LAVNCH...........................................................................4 Who LAVNCH Serves....................................................................6 LAVNCH [CODE]...........................................................................8 LAVNCH BLAST.............................................................................14 LAVNCH NETWORKING...............................................................15 LAVNCH HYBRID..........................................................................16 LAVNCH DAY................................................................................18 LAVNCH & LEARN........................................................................20 LAVNCH VTS................................................................................22 LAVNCH CREW............................................................................23 3

[What is LAVNCH?] LAVNCH, The One-Stop-Shop for Technologists If you’ve been a fan of LAVNCH for the last three years, you know us as a hybrid and virtual event and lead-generation platform. But we’re So. Much. More. Today, LAVNCH is a members-based community of technology enthusiasts excited about the future of ProAV and emerging trends. Don’t worry -- we’re still going to be serving up the events (and leads!) you know and love, but we’re embracing new areas of the technology industry, like extended reality (XR), VR-based meeting technology and lead-based content creation. We’re making new friends along the way, inviting event design professionals, architects, interior designers, advertising agency professionals, experiential marketing planners and immersive production specialists into our LAVNCH community. 3... 2... 1... 0... 4

[What is LAVNCH?] ...LAVNCH! 3 YEARS AGO The idea for LAVNCH began with a vision from THE rAVe Agency to help connect everyone in our industry, wherever we were. ProAV had become a global market that topped $200B, and the industry’s own technology (with a little help from IT) was allowing us to be connected like we’d never been before. So we thought about it, and came up with LAVNCH, a global technology platform that would take that connection to the next level, transforming the AV industry. Little did we know then what we were about to experience... 2 YEARS AGO The pandemic hit. How would the AV industry move forward without inperson events? Since 2009, we’d been converting analog trade shows such as InfoComm, ISE, CEDIA Expo, Integrate, DSE and NAB into digital ones, shooting over 5,000 new product videos annually, so we knew exactly what to do! We’d already been working on a virtual event platform, so we hurried up and brought it into beta, holding our first-ever LAVNCH event in April 2020, in partnership with Zoom … well before we planned to. We combined rAVe [NOW], our unique live event and trade show coverage with our idea for a virtual platform, and LAVNCH was born -- the industry’s first and only proprietary virtual event platform. Since that first event in April 2020 (oh, how much we’ve learned), we’ve helped more than 85 brands launch products virtually using the LAVNCH Platform. 1 YEAR AGO Since debuting the LAVNCH Platform, we’ve partnered with major brands and associations to provide connection points to customers and members alike, enabling integrators, manufacturers, designers and end users to build better relationships online when in-person interactions just weren’t possible. Plus, we’re producing best-in-class hybrid events where virtual attendees actually feel like they’re a part of the event, and not just sitting at home watching a video or a webinar. 0 TODAY So what’s happening with LAVNCH today? We’re continuously innovating. We’re adding to our team, adding to our technology and ready to LAVNCH with you! 3 5

Who LAVNCH Serves THE LAVNCH COMMUNITY Who’s a part of our LAVNCH Community? You! And thousands of other like-minded tech professionals who want to engage, learn, network and better themselves. LAVNCH Community Members include traditional AV, IT, UCC and digital signage professionals. But we’re expanding and welcoming content creators, visionaries, event design professionals and more -- you’ll see!! All LAVNCH Community Members are vetted and verified by THE rAVe Agency team. Many are industry veterans -- AV insiders, to us -- that are already familiar with how the platforms works, and come back because of the high quality content that continues to come out of LAVNCH -- but many are also people new to the industry, or part of adjacent tech communities that are overlapping with AV/IT more and more. The platform is easy and intuitive for them to use too! You can leverage LAVNCH Members whenever you use any version of the LAVNCH Platform. Reach the community by hosting your own LAVNCH event, by participating in LAVNCH WEEK or by introducing your newest products in LAVNCH BLAST, our product-focused monthly newsletter. TECHNOLOGY ENTHUSIASTS VISIONARIES DIGITAL SIGNAGE EXPERTS AV INTEGRATORS & CONSULTANTS IT MANAGERS UCC PROFESSIONALS 6

Who LAVNCH Serves 7

LAVNCH [CODE] LAVNCH [CODE] What does the future of ProAV look like? It’s embracing new technologies like extended reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, content creation tools and more. Which is why we’ve created a new publication -- LAVNCH [CODE] -- to focus on future-forward technologies that can be used in audiovisual integration and beyond. With original articles, opinion columns, white papers and listicles detailing everything professionals need to know about emerging markets in ProAV, you won’t want to miss your chance to get your message and product in front of technology evangelists who will move the industry forward. Our Audience LAVNCH [CODE] brings together tech evangelists, early adopters, and innovators from the ProAV, broadcast, and immersive advertising worlds — it’s the place where emerging technologists and AV Insiders meet. Our audience is tech-savvy and future-focused. They’re looking at the next generation of AV and technology solutions and figuring out how to implement these new innovations into their current creations. 8

LAVNCH CODE Banner Ads The LAVNCH [CODE] website is the digital media hub for future-forward technologies that can be used in audiovisual integration, installs and more. With original articles, opinion columns, white papers and listicles detailing everything professionals need to know about emerging markets in AV/IT, UCC and Digital Signage. Location Format Size (px) Price per month Max # of Ads Leaderboard LAVNCH.com/LAVNCHCODE Top medium rectangle LAVNCH.com/LAVNCHCODE Wide skyscraper LAVNCH.com/LAVNCHCODE THE rAVe app 728 x 90 300 x 250 300 x 600 720 x 1200* $1,000 $600 $1,000 $1,000 4 4 4 4 File formats accepted: .png, .jpg, .gif, HTML5 (no Flash files) *Minimum resolution accepted. Ad must contain 3:5 ratio LAVNCH [CODE] NEWSLETTER CUSTOM EBLAST OPPORTUNITIES Sponsorship of a LAVNCH [CODE] newsletter is a great way to reach future-conscious decision makers. Sponsors will receive a 300x250 graphic ad with a linked URL and one custom HTML email blast per month to the LAVNCH [CODE] subscriber list. $2,500/month Leverage the LAVNCH readership of technology evangelists and futurethinking integrators by sending your custom HTML email directly to the inbox of LAVNCH [CODE] readers. $4,500 OUR PHILOSOPHY = SOV We operate with a share-of-voice advertising philosophy. If there are four advertisers, each advertiser receives 25% of the advertising weight. All sponsor ads are seen the same number of times, and ads will not get lost in the mix. We promise. 9

LAVNCH CODE LAVNCH [CODE] Promoted Content Highlight your brand, story, emerging products, case studies, videos and announcements on the LAVNCH [CODE] website. All promoted content posts are featured at the top of the homepage for at least one week. Sponsored content is marked as promoted, highlighted with a special banner to draw more attention, and shared on the LAVNCH social platforms. Blogs • Podcasts • Videocasts • White Papers Videos • Case Studies • Product News Articles Articles, stories or blogs promoted on the homepage of the LAVNCH [CODE] website for one week Written by LAVNCH: $2,500 Written by you: $1,200 Videocasts Video podcasts posted on the LAVNCH [CODE] website and shared on social media DeCODED videocast with Megan A. Dutta: $2,000 Videos Videos posted on the LAVNCH [CODE] website Product demo (recorded by LAVNCH at a tradeshow): $1,000 Your video (produced by your team): $500 10

LAVNCH CODE White Paper / Case Study Promotion Your case study or white paper will be published as a story on the LAVNCH [CODE] website (promoted for at least one week), featured as an ad in a LAVNCH [CODE] newsletter for one month and promoted on LAVNCH social media channels. If your content is long, or behind a lead registration wall, we will write a blog post promoting it and linking to the site where it’s hosted instead of publishing the case study or white paper itself. Increase the reach of your promoted content: SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION Add-On | $500 1 LinkedIn post on the LAVNCH [CODE] page 1 LinkedIn post on Megan A. Dutta’s account 2 Tweets Optional add-ons: Leverage LAVNCH newsletter subscribers and promote your case study or white paper with a custom HTML email blast $4,500 Want to capture leads from our site directly? We can put a lead wall in front of your content to collect the data before handing it off to you. (Prices vary) 11

LAVNCH CODE LAVNCH [CODE] SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING ADVISOR Ideal for: Webinar or training promotion, hiring announcements, company news, smaller announcements Needs-analysis call Performance report Ideal campaign length: One month 5 Tweets 2 LinkedIn posts $1,000 AMBASSADOR Ideal for: Webinar or training promotion, company news, product awareness Needs-analysis call 2 posts on Megan A Dutta’s personal LinkedIn page Ideal campaign length: Two months 10 Tweets 6 LinkedIn posts Performance report $3,500 INFLUENCER Ideal for: Product launches, product promotion, service highlights and features, brand awareness, case studies, white papers, larger or in-person event promotion Needs-analysis call 2 posts on Megan A Dutta’s personal LinkedIn page Performance report Ideal campaign length: Three months 15 Tweets 10 LinkedIn posts Paid social media campaign $5,500 12

LAVNCH CODE LAVNCH [CODE] #avIRL Take your case studies highlighting emerging tech to the next level. Case studies are a great way to demonstrate how specific problems have been solved with technology solutions and designs. But what about the real-life experiences that don’t make it to the paper that happen behind-the-scenes during the install process? Introducing #avIRL (AV in Real Life). Have a project that would be great for presenting a LIVE case study to the LAVNCH audience? Host an #avIRL session to demo your recent project to an influential audience of potential buyers, where they can ask questions and have conversations directly with the designers and installers. #avIRL Sponsorships include: A 30-minute live case study with your partners discussing an install (a real-time panel discussion moderated by Megan A. Dutta) Live audience polling (four to six questions) and Q&A during your session Dedicated landing page with video content, photos and downloadable assets One-on-one and group networking with attendees in text, audio or video form Custom dynamic session banner (designed by THE rAVe Agency) Promotion to the LAVNCH community of members Qualified registered attendee list, upon completion Individual product videos highlighted in a virtual video library that live on the #avIRL page $12,500 #avIRL sessions are hosted on the LAVNCH platform. 13

LAVNCH BLAST LAVNCH BLAST Advertise your new products to 26,000+ members of the LAVNCH Member Community and ProAV audiences. Designed for AV integrators, installers, designers, consultants and other previous LAVNCH event attendees, LAVNCH BLAST features new product releases, announcements, industry events, editorial coverage and more. LAVNCH BLASTS are sent at least once a month, with additional opportunities centered around major industry events like ISE, InfoComm, DSE, CEDIA Expo, NAB and more. $1,000 / MONTH We’re also covering popular industry events -- don’t miss out on your chance to reach our audience at tradeshows. 14

LAVNCH NETWORKING LAVNCH NETWORKING LAVNCH NETWORKING includes both attendee-toattendee private chats and something we call group hangouts. Want to hang out at the event with your peers, as a group? Now you can! All of our hybrid and virtual events allow for meaningful connections between #AVTweeps via our live NETWORKING platform -- using your preferred communication method, whether that’s text, audio or video! Our platform also allows you to create themed rooms so you can segment your audience. For example, we can create a NETWORKING room just for higher education professionals, a NETWORKING room to chat with expert R&D engineers or whatever you can dream up to get the audience you want in one digital place. 15

LAVNCH HYBRID LAVNCH HYBRID – THE FUTURE OF EVENTS There’s no doubt that show producers will want to add a hybrid component to any and every event they debut. And, don’t forget, LAVNCH was originally created -- three years ago -- as a hybrid events platform. So, what exactly is a hybrid event? And what makes a hybrid event engaging? It’s not just streaming your keynote speaker to your YouTube page anymore or jumping on Facebook Live with your mobile phone to talk to your followers. A truly hybrid experience requires the expertise of both a virtual event production company and a live event production team -- that’s why we’ve partnered with HB LIVE to debut LAVNCH HYBRID so that you deliver the best experiences to both your live and online attendees. 16

LAVNCH HYBRID No one’s done virtual events, during the pandemic, better than the LAVNCH team did ... and now, no one will deliver a better hybrid experience than the combination of LAVNCH and HB LIVE! But if you’ve already got an in-house AV team or a partnership with an alternative live events production company, we can work with them, too! Our LAVNCH HYBRID packages don’t just include live streaming content to virtual attendees; we curate every single second of your event. We’ll organically create a different, more engaging experience for your online attendees so that they feel like they’re a part of the actual event -- and not just a viewer. We help immerse them in your live event through a coached experience, true two-way communications between your digital audience and your in-person attendees and presenters. We’ll manage all of the digital elements so you can focus on the live, in-person experience. Online attendees will feel as though they are actually at the event live, as the experience is made magical via color commentary from the rAVe team -- like Gary Kayye, Megan A. Dutta, Steph Beckett, Sara Abrons or whomever you choose to curate and connect to your audience. LAVNCH HYBRID doesn’t just want the online audience sitting on the sidelines, we want them to be a part of the game! 17

LAVNCH DAY LAVNCH DAY Host your own virtual or hybrid event with our turnkey event hosting and full-service production service. Leverage the LAVNCH platform for your own LAVNCH DAY and host everything on one page that’s easily accessible and intuitive for attendees -- including LAVNCH NETWORKING. Each LAVNCH DAY is completely customizable to your event’s needs and goals, so you can collect the kind of qualified leads you want. Our project management team will ensure a seamless experience from the start and our production team will work to create an experience like no other for your attendees and your presenters! It’s not a webinar or a Zoom meeting -- it’s a LAVNCH production. RESPONSIVE WEBSITE LIVE SESSIONS All LAVNCH DAY events are hosted on a responsive website -- meaning it works on all browsers and all devices, including mobile -developed by THE rAVe Agency UX team and are hosted on LAVNCH-owned URLs (so we can seamlessly integrate all interactive features). Events can be open to any and all attendees or can be designed to require registration, which allows for more detailed tracking (and more qualified leads). With a broadcast-quality, back-end production system embedded into LAVNCH, you can deliver high-quality, custom-branded LIVE broadcasts, keynotes, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, facility tours and more, all to the audience you want. All LAVNCH DAY events can also include pre-recorded content that can either be hosted on the site beside a live stream or integrated seamlessly into the live event to create breaks for live presenters. INTERACTIVE FEATURES CUSTOMIZABLE OPTIONS In addition to live video presentations, the LAVNCH platform includes a number of built-in, optional interactive integrations. Integrations include: live audience polling, audio and text chat, audience Q&A, Q&A upvoting, unlimited group-based chat rooms, sponsor/brand collateral, interactive microsites and more. Any LAVNCH DAY event can be customized to include your branding elements, brand identity, supporting sponsor/partner resources, product videos, downloadable assets, sales team information, lead generation and even Zoom, Teams or Google Meet-based appointment booking and probably anything else you can think of! We want your event to be as creative as you are. 18


LAVNCH & LEARN • Interactive Polls • Live Audience Q&A • Product Videos • Spec Sheets • Archive Content • LAVNCH NETWORKING STARTING AT $8,000 It’s like a webinar, only way, way better! Our LAVNCH & LEARN webinar-style events allow you to present content to your audience in a way that incorporates engaging features and interactive content without limiting your ability for branding. All LAVNCH & LEARN events include tracking features so you can see exactly what each attendee does during the event. Although similar to a webinar, LAVNCH & LEARN gives you the ability to customize the live features and upload additional content marketing so that users aren’t just logging on for a one-hour session -- they are able to join in for an engaging digital event all in one place! And with our turnkey event service, we will build the page, populate the content, manage registration and produce the whole event. Plus, we will also use the rAVe [PUBS] channels to help promote your LAVNCH & LEARN to our audience. 20

LAVNCH & LEARN Every LAVNCH & LEARN event adds two features no other platform can offer: 1. We will simultaneously stream each event to our LinkedIn followers as a live video stream natively embedded into LinkedIn. 2. We include LAVNCH NETWORKING so that every attendee can connect within the platform -- to each other, to presenters and to sponsors! Optional add-ons: Have Gary Kayye, Steph Beckett or Megan A. Dutta host the LAVNCH & LEARN with your own subject matter experts, creating an even more engaging and valuable event for your attendees. Our team will work with your presenters to create the educational content our readers have come to know and love. 21

LAVNCH VTS LAVNCH VTS - VIRTUAL TRADE SHOW Nothing will replace the experience of being at an in-person trade show or event, but LAVNCH VTS is the next best thing. Utilize the LAVNCH VTS platform to create custom virtual trade shows, conferences with live presentations, product demos, trade show “halls’’ and more, all while incorporating a seamless attendee experience with interactive elements. LAVNCH VTS is a linear approach to a show that prioritizes the attendee experience. It allows for casual “floor” browsing of vendor and manufacturer content -- gated or open, depending on your objectives. Contact Kirsten@THErAVeAgency.com for a custom quote. 22

LAVNCH CREW LAVNCH CREW If we’ve learned anything over the past two years, it’s that the human connection is the most important part of a relationship; that’s why we’ve debuted LAVNCH CREW. What is it? Well, think of it as the Slack of the AV industry. LAVNCH CREW will allow for meaningful connections between #AVTweeps, anywhere, anytime via LAVNCH’s live NETWORKING. LAVNCH CREW is both web-based and inside the rAVe App (already being used daily by over 18,000 #AVTweeps), and allows you to communicate in your preferred method -- text, audio or video. Keep your AV crew always with you, no matter where you are. Now, our community can connect anytime and anywhere -- making it the most powerful communications tool in all of AV. 23

Kirsten Sharpe, Global Accounts Director +1.984.464.4194 | Kirsten@THErAVeAgency.com Emily Dean, Director of Marketing +1.704.942.1786 | Emily@THErAVeAgency.com Published October 2022 THE rAVe Agency 1011 S. Hamilton Rd. Suite 300 Chapel Hill, NC 27517 Email: info@THErAVeAgency.com Web: THErAVeAgency.com

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