W** Nr4 !trki ^ \ #4 0 ^ rxJAw 41 1989 - Prairie HS Yearbook V 31 * I ^ / ^4l7 i|IF7 *z^ bt* \Z^ % XK!^ p % L }J\ * f 3w* /7 . QMM Vflat**' °-^Y^j C [/ *9 XKj s -yr^VfT j£^ ? . i 4 <^ CZirnfiug « T T> " »wi - 2 & > v ' 1 ^ Kv^ j imrnfvnr^ix 4r1 r t rw ' - ^ John Q. Publie

WELCOME TD PRAIRIE A PLACE FOR LEARNING I I I I T I I Prairie High School 401 76th Avenue S.W . I Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404 U .SA I (319) 848-4121 A Bit on the Wild Side1

Are we really that wild? 4 Student Life by Kelly Koutny What do we mean by a bit on the wild academics, classmates,student life . side? We mean the students are crazy about sports, 42 People For example, in the sports section any stranger attending one of our pep rallys before a big game that night would have their socks knocked off by the enthusiasm and school spirit. It’s not just the athletic players but the total envolvment of the students that make sports at Prairie Higha bit on the wild side. Most students in this day and age know 82 Academics - i i i 104 Mini-Mag 112 Sports SWEDEN 1 i that a good education will be an important part of their lives, but even readin , riting and rithmetic (ha ,ha) can be fun if you have the right attitude and when you ’re working with your classmates. Almost all ofus haveexperienced the personal satisfaction of raising a grade, not only B 's to A’s but even D’s to C’s. 1 bet all of us can look back and remember our first day ofschool. Afraid and feeling so alone because you didn’t know anyone. Through the years as your interest grew and changed so did your friends. Some of our friendships were short-lived and others had continued year after year. Now as a Senior looking back on that frightened little girl. I wonder what my future will be without the closeness and support of some of the best friends I ever had. Although many of us will not see our friends in the future, we will never forget them. Remember how your parents are always 150 Ads 160 Index 2 A Bit on the Wild Side 102 A Bit on the Wild Side A Bit on the Wild Side 103 104 A Bit on the Wild Side A Bit on the Wild Side 105 106 A Bit on the Wild Side telling you these are the best years of your life-for once they just might be right. Who can forget breakin , parachuet pants, clogs, friendship pens on your shoes,knitted string around your wrist and don’t forget about the spiked hair cuts. Any new fad that came along, we jumped in with both feet . Then came the elegance and excitement of our first prom. We went from wild and crazy, too dignified and mature, seemingly overnight. This is why you would describe us as a bit on the wild side.

Dancing the night away — Mil r A . Dances were very popular throughout the school year . Students enjoyed the DJ music in the gym this cold night after the last home football game, celebrating Prairie’s victory over Kennedy on October 28. Tim McCrea, Jody Roscovius and Jodi Poundstone are just too excited listening to Counselors Bonnie and A1 during Peer Helper class A Bit on the Wild Side 3

I I I I ! I . I I I I ! /mU a T I ^aUr I I I I I I - . i " T

! -

5- Minute Traffic Jam! An alternative to recess ... PASSING TIME by Shariene Nichols A lot of students would agree that passing time was the best part of school. Friends gather at their lockers, boyfriends and girlfriends meet. There’s always yelling , running , and pushing going on . There are a few peoplein thisschool whoare famous for stopping in the middle of the hall to talk to friends. They really know how toannoy us. The halls were always so crowded.You get used to walking byor bumping into the same people every day. Five minutes passing time seems hardly enough if you have to gofrom the math wing to English or downstairs to woods, metals, or autos. Lockers can be pretty interesting. Students decorate them with pictures offriends , goodlooking members of the opposite sex , mirrors, pencil holders, etc. Most students have shelves put up in their lockers to hold books and notebooks. These shelves are believed to be the cause of locker jams. There are always a few students who like to keep their lockers nice and tidy. Maybe they have nothing better to do. Beth Elliff , soph., at her locker during passing time. Hi ho! hi ho! It’s off to class we go. 6 A Bit on the Wfld Side Eanie meanie miny mo, which one of these books has to go? Angie Osland, soph., and Paula Novak, soph., anxiously head to class.

A Bit on the Wfld Side 7

*52 — , mum 8 A Bit on the WDd Side

» A Bit on the Wild Side 9

r Welcome to the jungle by Monica Christensen Homecoming is an annual event that stu dents and the community take part in. Activ - - ities include Spirit week, King and Queen candidates, Hallway decorations, Powder Puff, parade, Assembly, game and dance . Spirit Week was expressed by having each day a dress up day. King and queen candidates are choose among the senior class. The top five candi dates are voted on by the senior class and the winners are voted on by the whole schoool A congratulations goes out to Steve Daugherty and Connie Fangmann, King and Queen candidates . Halloween decorations are another way of celebrating Homecoming. Each class decorates their own hall and the winner is announced the next day. The assembly and parade are a traditional part in the Homecaoming week. Powder Puff is a way of letting the seniors continually show the Sophomores and Juniors who really is the best . Homecoming game is a very exciting time for most, followed by the dance - Phyl and Shelly, what’s with the bananas? . i '1 r * ^ $ IW “ * > 'j ) TWA . Mrs. Slezak, you are surely the queen of the jungle! 10 A Bit on the Wild Side Frustrated Jamie or are you just too excited to work?

WO - O - O - O- h! What a hall Seniors, I believe it was placed #1 in the hall competition! ice and i’m sure you’ll be able to get a banana from Phyl or Shelly Jodi, you only have to paint the animal A Bit on the WDd Side 11

CTTO We made a dream true by Kelly Koutny The dream became true with old fashionedfun, when every one in the community contributed to the new playground. The play - ground is the first of its kind in Cedar Rapids. Only about 350 of these playgrounds exist in this country. The architect for this project was Robert Leathers, known na tion wide for his creative play grounddesigns.Fifteen yearsago he built his first playgroundalong with volunteered parents. After discovering the high cost for equipment he gathered donated and recycled lumber . After a Cor nell student invited him to build a playground in Long Island his career was launched. Leathers has been involved in three hundred and fifty play - i - - Elementary children enjoying the new playground that the community built. - - - grounds including the furniture for the Giant pandas atWashing ton National Zoo. The building process has been refined,it use to take Leathers fifteen weekends to build, now it can be done in four and a half days. If we were to contract to build this playground it would of cost one hundred and twenty thousand dollars, but with the general help ofCollege Com - munity and Cedar Rapids residents the cost was greatly, greatly reduced. So as you can see the College Community playground project has made a dream come true for the children and students that have had a chance to play on it. 12 A Bit on the Wild Side What a heavy load!! Remember your proper breathing technique Paul!

M anir >ii Kit >;4 J The children from all the area towns enjoy the different equipment on the wooden castle. - A Bit on the Wfld Side 13

14 A Bit on the WDd Side

It’s taco-Tuesday: r i'. - De Ann Carlson Lunch time is great for us who don’t have separate ways whether it is a car full of ’ a dass fourth hour. We all head out to go our c’ - x just yourself. Most of the common places to go are the Hail. Burger King TCBY, Arby’s, Zio • s. Happy Joes, Long John Silvers, -iirJees. Wendy’s, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, always on Tuesday acos $.99! Then you can always have the er:v er smell ofTacos (known as T.O. abcr) on your clothes. 7rjen — . there is always the famous run to H rfimart for those of you who have class. '•'.any of us spend anywhere from $5-$25 on lunch, then we always have to a piece of gum after we eat. Favorite Extra , Big Red, Juicy Fruit and " - a: -: ' ! A Bit on the Wild Side 15 -Taco Johns-two - taco GOOD FOOD

in the 50's by Kelly Koutny In the 1950’s the cost of a movie and getting something to eat would cost you between one and five dollars at the most, depending on where you eat. Now for the average couple going out on a date depending on what you do will cost you on a average of twenty dollars. For example, going to a movie for two people will cost you nine dollars. Then you probably go eat some where which will cost around ten dollars. Imagine what it will cost for a date in the year 2000! 16 A Bit on the Wild Side

A Bit on the Wild Side 17 _

Programs Guidance by Monica Christensen The guidance office is more than a place to go for a free period. It has varied programs available to the student body . Mr. Maas and Mrs. Malone, guidance counselors, set up pro grams to help the student self esteem, future planning, gradua - - - tion, andcourses.Such programs are Guidance 10 ,11 which both meet one day per cycle for 10 weeks. Guidance 10 ends with students job shadowing thecareer they would be interested in doing. Guidance 11 reviews guiudance 10 and prepares students for grade 12, selects colleges for the students interest and future plans.Seniors will be meton indi - vidual bases . Mr. Maas, Guidance Counselors Mrs. Malone, Guidance Counselors Way to work Mrs. Goldsberry Group of students studying in the Guidance Office s Tv ' Denise Lizarraga, Chris Claassen, and DeAnn Carlson using the guidance for their free time 18 A Bit on the Wild Side

Library Silence by Monica Christensen The library is a very quiet study area.There is no talking allowed , not even a“ shh” . You walk in , get the material you needandtake your seat. Detentions were something new this year. They’re held in the library after school for three days a week from 3:15 - tion. ” Hours forthe library have also changedthis year. On only Thurs - day the library will be open until 7:30 p.m. Monday through Chris Volk and Fred Boxa , are you two talking? Wednesday and friday it’ s open until 4:00 p.m. for the structured time and serving time for deten - tion. - 4:00 p.m. Mr. Wessel said, “ Detentions were brought back at the request of both the faculty and administra " Do you have a pass?” . . . “ This is your detention area until 4:00” Mrs. Novonty Marna and Marci Andrle show a way of using the library as a study area A Bit on the Wild Side 19

MUSICAL PERFORMANCES WHAT IS A GREAT BAND DIRECTOR ? A great director is someone who pushes you to do your best and reward you highly when you do He’ s a person who is the first to tell you what you' you've done great. Someone who sets high goals and achieves them with great stride. Someone who takes pride in every thing you do even when they may not be so good. A great director is someone who will smile and laugh about his house just getting trash - ed. He' s someone who loves his job and does it with excellence. He' s someone who will understand when your down and try to help out. But most of all he’ s someone who will care about his students as people, not just as a way to win something. Mr. Aune, We were around when you first came here. You' ve seen us at our worst and accepted us just the same. Were your "little babies ' and we are really gonna miss you. THE CLASS OF "89" THANKS YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE, WE LOVE YOU! mm \ 3= la High school band playing at the Christmas concert. 20 A Bit on the Wild Side # . >• * » » > t , /> i K V ve done wrong , and the first to tell you U \ I f > i r m u % m ' *

*dly Dennis in Coffie House. Mike Wiggens, Joel Hansen, and Nancy Coffie House Frank Coleson singing to Marci Andrle. » - Looks like the’re having fun!!! THINKING BACK ON SUMMER FUN!!!! A Bit on the Wild Side 21

Cafeteria mm Wendy Loneyjr. catches some Z’s during quiet study time. Study buddies, Sam Schneiderjr. and Mike Pitt jr., come in early and hit the books before a busy day of school. It all happens here in the cafeteria periods: lunch A is 11 :05 — nice, quiet atmosphere to do homework and somewhere to go for delicious, is 11:35 nutricious food ? The cafateria, where else ? Students go to the cafeteria during their free time for structured study hall meaning quiet study time under the supervision of a teacher. concerning the structured study hall at Prairie High School. latest. Teachers obviously feel different. “ Kids could not handle the environment in which there was not supervision,” explained Mr. Wessel Administrative Assistant. “ We tried it last year and it didn’t work out. This year there has been few or no problems concerning the structured cafeteria,” he said , “ Also I might add the cubs are.going to win every game this year. ” And for that reason the cafeteria remains a quiet study time for students. The last ten rrynutes of the study hall is given to the students to use the machines or talk to friends if granted by the study hall teacher. At lunch time the cafeteria is far from quiet. Our lunch is divided into three 22 A Bit on the Wild Side cafeteria should be a place to go for free time, to talk with friends and catch upon the There has always been a conflict Students feel the — 12:05, lunchC is 12:05 — Tim Smythjr., studies hard during structured study hall. by Sharlene Nichols Where’s the one place you can go for a 11:35, lunch B 12:35. For $1.00 students have a choice of hot lunch or salad bar, or many of the other foods you can buy ala carte. Approximately, once a month we get the potato bar which is a real treat. You can make your potato with: chili, B-B-Q, cheese, sour cream, broccoli and cheese, bacon bits or just plain butter. The students love the potato bar! For whatever purpose the cafeteria is a popular spot. Todd Henecke,soph. , isn’t fooling anyone by staring at those pages in his book. Donut sales in the morning are a very popular way of making money for the student council.

mber 8, 1988 — Election Day! While citizens throughout the United States were casting their votes for the next President, the students of Prairie High School consuming the following morsels offood: delicious chicken-fried steak onbun, jrjny whipped potatoes with piping hot gravy, Oregon mixed vegetables, and tempting chocolate cake with whipped cream. A Bit on the Wild Side 23

* ift\ # / * < * n 4 4 4 4 \ * k Monica Chistensen showing off as usualshe’s quite the model, don’t you think? Randy Rowray, what a sexy cheerleader! * 4 u f & i ‘ r ‘ ' Remember from past years how much you wanted to fit in with all of the latest fashions? Some things never change. Everyone has the latest fashions, the rolled up baggy pants, the white granny Everyone wants to fit in . shoes, and don’t forget about the latest hair styles. This ’89 school year shows how different While one class each class is. The goals for fashion seem to change from each class. would have the goal to be different from everyone, the other class wouyld all want to be the same. They would all have the same clothes, the same hair just like all of their friends. In any matter individuality is always important to everyone , they can express this in the way they dress , the way they wear their hair, and the music they listen to. “ My appearance is very important to me because it reflects the way I feel” HeeHeed , Bridget Homrighausen . WHO’S WHO? 24 A Bit on the Wfld Side f a 1 fi L o n by Jennifer Schropp

Lx: the funky earing Lisa Avis, you are HI individual You really shouldn’t play with your gum Amy! Barb Pulver and Shelly Dennis (Are you looking for a G .I.Jo Barb? Mrs.Bender on jungle day, homecoming week 4^ / mi Peterson, what a hard worker t she look cute? gP** rQf / a . Kari “ TEX” Price, didn’t you know we hate cow boys in Iowa A Bit on the WDd Side 25 4

CARS Drivers License What is it like??? by De Ann Carlson What is the one big thing most teens look forward to ? DRIVING! A lot of teensI talked to say their parents drive them around until they get their license. Matt Patton soph says, “ getting my license is something to look forward to. ” Chad Steele soph says, “I want to get it especially with homecoming you can’t take a girl out.” Carey Carnahan sr. says, “ It ’s no big deal now as whenI first got it. " Many seniors feel that way now but how they felt when they first got it their thoughts were different . Jamie Cannon sr. says, “ I loved it ,1 could go to work and have fun , I was very, very, very happy I couldn’t believe it. ” For those of you who don’t have your license, it takes a lot of work to get it and driving for the first time is great so best of luck to all of you. farmer Charlie did your car break down? « CARS DeAnn Carlson and Kelly Koutny staring at gorgeous Tony Berger. 26 A Bit on the Wild Side Kelly Koutny is this your car.

THE TOP FIVE MOST WANTED CARS! rORSCHE 58 ! WIBORGIIINI 41 CORVETTE 39 H RRARI 36 SCKUMM TOvo^X \MARO 27 VEGA §^vo BUICK 1HE BOTTOM FIVE MOST WANTED CARS! HMO 5 \RSE 3 HERO 2 UGO 1 Dodge STATION WAGON I MERCURY Volkswagen ( LINCOLN 1 PONTIAC ^ ) Don’ t lose your gas tank O.K! «SOtr .A< 0 Harley- Davidson f SCHOOL BUS THERCC Students showing proper bus conduct A Bit on the Wild Side 27

.A The good ol A days. . . J High. Now for the most exciting part in our teenage years , its the great PHS. This is the time we stall to enjoy our time spent away from our great and favorite place, PHS . Do you remember going to school for half Where the memories will linger from. a day and having cookies and milk for a snack? Then we moved on to the good old Prairie you could enjoy your last years of recess. No more recesses and the classes became a little bit harder . We’ re in the neat Junior View and Intermediate buildings. Where though they may not all be the best. by Monica Christensen Well no matter what we think its a part of most our past and present and ithas brought us our memories to forever keep. Even The Memories all began here where we use to bring our rugs to school and play . . . remember this playground?. . . 28 A Bit on the Wild Side

and now we move up into the intermediate to prepare /or Junior High . .. ...take advantage of our easy teachers that let us run these empty halls at one time ... .^t one time we were the finest students, as the sign does say (ha ha) ... ...these walls that once surrounded us bring us our last memories A Bit on the Wild Side 29

The Good 01’ Days. . . Remember the first day of High School? Most of us, as Sophomores, were more nervous then we were our first day of Kindergarten. Most of us as Sophomores were afraid of the Juniors and Seniors and seem to learn how to dodge them in the hallway, but after the first few weeks of school everyone seems to learn how to fit in with everyone else. A year older and a little bit wiser, Juniors, we begin to feel a little more con dent and maybe just a little more cocky th before. The only thing on the minds Juniors at this point is that next year, with little luck, they will be SENIORS!!! Finally senior year comes and everyone all excited they made it to their senior ye Then everything calms down until about last quarter of school and graduation is up us all. Then when the actual day of gradu tion comes around, everyone is glad to done with school , but will miss all of th friends when everyone goes their separ ways the next year at college. PRAIRIEHIGHSCHOOL / by Jennifer Schr Anna Harvey demonstrating the greatest Jr.art. or was she born like that? 30 A Bit on the Wild Side It’s every high schooler’s camera of life! This is how most of us feel after the first week of school! Dana Center Sr.

as nfihen of th a e is ear. the pon duao be heir rate rop •HID* Doug Hanke dressing up as General Me Arthur during E.L .P. open house . - erv high schooler’s home away from home . It looks so lived in, doesn’t it? We all like to remember our favorite teacher! The reaI“ Duff” !!!! A Bit on the Wild Wide 31

Fall and Spring Play Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by De Ann Carlson On October 21&22 the Prairie High School performed the play of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. The play took many long hours to make it a big success members of the cast are as follows:Dawn Slezak, Lisa Cummings, * A Lori Chalupsky, Doug Hanke, Dirk Jacquet, Heather Reed, Phil Gruwell, Tina Van Lancker, Tina Thomas, Steve Worthington, Frank Coleson, Marci Anderle, Chad Schlueter, Julie Krob, Scott Clark, Dana Maresh, Jennifer Weldon, Steve LeClere, Teresa Kirk, Melisssa Jans, Tina Petersen, Tinker Hall, Darren Ekberg, and Tim Grissel. Everyone played a great part and the scenery was great. Congratulations to all of you!! The Diary of byAnne Frank De Ann Carison On April 27 & 28 the Prairie High School put on a play“ The Diary of Anne Frank.” The play is about a Jewish girl and her family hiding in their father’s attic during WW2. The cast was Steve Worthington, Heather Allard , Lisa Cummings, Dirk Jacquet, Trent Eadie, Lori Chalupsky, Jennifer Maier, Laura Buwalda, Chad Schlueter, Jason Fish , Crystal Fish. The play was a great success. Congratulations to all of you. The cast ofCharlie and the Chocolate Factory are watching Lori Chalupsky blow a bubble. An Oompah Loompah dances around during the play. of Anne Frank characters worry about being discovered. Diary, Some cast members from the Diary of Anne Frank are shown above. A Rit on the Wild .Side

Student Council and Honor Society Student Council has active year > De Ann Carlson The Student Council representatives have cent many long hours planning and arrangmany different social functions. The student Council arranges all of our Valentines Day Dance, WPA, Circes such as Homecoming, The ChristDance, even the football game dances. The Student Council also gives money to Afferent causes. They have given money to Prairie High Hawk Talk. They also have gi ' -en money to many other organizations. Student Council also arranges all of our I PDU!! •ccerent speakers we have at school. The representatives each spent a great of work and made a great effort in c rrything they accomplished. THANK Honor Society has busy year > De Ann Carlson The Honor Society is a group for students r recognize their academic acheivments. Many of the projects Honor Soiety does ends a hand to the community and faculty. ~:c. held a Faculty Christmas Breakfast. ~ . do many service projects for the elder-c; fc Honor Society has donated money to the ijecia]Olympics. They have served as secret pris for all faculty. They have cleaned all of parks in small towns as a service project. The Honor Society also holds an indueceremony to induct all new members. y-two new members were inducted year. Congratulations to all of you!! — Student Council meets to discuss different school functions. “ Student Council is fun, it gives us a chance to plan dances and other school activities.” said Amy Valentine sr. “ The Christmas Breakfast was for the group thoughtful to go to all that work was a great surprise.” said Miss Duffy. A Bit on the Wfld Side 33 The members ofStudent Council are shown above.

uWHEN I’M WITH YOU” The Biggest Event of the Year. by Shaiiene Nichols There was excitement in the air on the evening ofMay 13, 1989. For most of us this meant the biggest event of the year. A night ofelegance to be remembered by the theme, “ When I’m with you,” by SherrifF. The Iowa Hall was beautifully decorated for this occasion with black, deep purple, and silver balloons and streamers from Balloon Emporium. Prom was carefully planned by junior class sponsors Mr. Craig Jelinek and Mr. Mick Mattiace. As junior class officers, Jenny Weldon and Chad Schleuter also dedicated themselves to making this a most memorable night. The food servers were members of the sophomore class. At 8:15 p.m. the hall started to fill with the most lavish dresses and handsome tux - edos. Everyone looking their very best was anxiously awaiting the grand march which began at 8:30 p.m. The couples put on their biggest smiles as they proudly strutted down the narrow space given by curious bystanders and parents with -cameras. The couples danced to their favorite tunes played by a DJ from 105.7. Some were cooling down with some punch or stopped to have a piece of cake. The line for pictures seemed to never give up. This year students could sign up ahead of time for an appointment to have their pictures taken. With the expensive dinner reservations, the grand march, pictures taken, and dancing, the night seemed to be going swiftly. The party given to say goodbye to the senior class of ’89 was soon over. The beautifui, expensive attire was taken off and replaced by jeans, shorts, and T-shirts as everyone headed for a great time at Chapman’s Fun World for post prom. Friends gather on the dance floor to boogie. 34 A Bit on the Wild Side

-=? Weldon joins this little social gathering. No danger of this becoming a big fight with a watchful eye behind them. =ri Wahlert and Paula Novak have a great time : Prom. Jim and Candy share a memorable moment at Prom. A Bit on the Wild Side 35

Couples wait to go through the Grand March. 36 A Bit on the WBd Side

When's the wedding? The bad boys of C.R. Prairie. n.=e having a good time? A Bit on the WDd Side 37

CONG^ATU V4 T JONS Junior '.Tf ' by Monica Christensen On June 4th, 1989 at 1:00 P.M. Seniors sat in white and black gowns and caps to match. While they sat there, they listened to speaker, Cathy Osborne, former Prairie graduate of 1976. Several thoughts ran through all of the minds of Seniors. Even though many of us ahd been counting down and were so anxious to graduate, we are sadden by the thought of leaving behind our past thirteen years of our memories. “ Miles may seperate us as our lives move on, But the bond between us will remain ever strong.” / If, * r ^ 38 A Bit on the WBd Side

* A Bit on the WDd Side 39

Rick Nelson can't seem to figure out his tassel! 40 A Bit on the Wild Side

I I I I I I Sp? I 3' hff»! i I ! m m I i I LZJ3ZI1 I urn i i i IZ.II 4? A Rif nn thp WilH SWP I I I i i lrgsT I i 1 I I I I I n I ipr±n I ml I r* •i * I I I I I I I I

1* i Terry Andersen Jennifer Anderson Rex Anderson Tracy Anderson Marca Andrle Mama Andrle Tami Andrle Lisa Avis Richard Bails Jason Ballard Mindy Barta Jill Behrens Amy Bergdale Anthony Berger 44 A Bit on the Wild Side Susan Birch Robert Bleakly

Sean Boddicker Michelle Borwig Susan Bowersox Fred Boxa John Buresh Richard Burgin Louisa Burton Matthew Buscher rh 5 ' j* < - - 'r rtr ,. r * * * V’ Laura Buwalda Terri Bys Greg Canning Jamie Cannon A DeAnn Carlson Carey Carnahan Dana Center Dan Chadima A Bit on the Wild Side 45

m Lori Chalupsky Monica Christensen Christina Claassen Frank Coleson m * * * y V: i M Kim Coleson Michael Copper Jack Craft - Paula Cross Lisa Cummings Steven Daugherty A Kristin Delfs 46 A Bit on the Wfld Side Shelly Dennis Angie Driscoll Deanna Dziewanoivski Troy Davis Susan Dietz

Trent Eidemiller Troy Eidemiller Ben Engle Jonas Everett Connie Fangman Brad Finger Mike Finn Aren Fisher Drew Fisher Trudy Foubert Leigh Franc John Garrels Rodney Glandon Shannon Greenman Phillip Gruwell A Bit on the WDd Side 47

Kimberly Hahn Jackie Hain Andre Harapot John Hasson Christopher Hauser Traci Heilers Renee Henderson Craig Hiles Sara Hinds Lisa Hinzman Tim Hoefer Bridget Homrighausen KJ Brett Hosch 48 A Bit on the Wild Side John Ikeda Dirk Jacquet Russell Jaeger

7 Jason Jeffrey Joy Jennings Jason Joens Stacy Johnson Gary Kalous Kyle Kalous Timothy Kendall Tina Kiefer Shane Kies Teresa Kirk Kirsten Knowlton Kelly Koutny Mary Kriegal Rebecka Kunze Raelyn Lamparek K.C. Lane A Bit on the Wild Side 49

Steve LeClere Kurt Ledvina Troy Leitheiser Jason Liedtke Kyle Light Roger Lindsey Marc Lins Denise Lizarraga Diane Lowe Jennifer McCormick Ttm McCrea Melissa McLaskey Chad McLaud Rodney McNeal 50 A Bit on the Wild Side Christina Mehaffey Steven Meyers

James Mtchalec Randall Mittman Jeffrey Morris Junior Moses Matthew Nading Jeff Neal Aaron Neighbor 4 Richard Nelson Keith Neubauer Van Nguyen Scott Nightengale Sharlene Nichols Christopher Noble Jesse Northrup Shannon Northrup Curtis Osborn A Bit on the Wild Side 51

Kimberlee Palas Casey Pearson Tami Pemicka Tina Petersen Kristi Peterson Lisa Flatten John Posekany Dena Powers Kevin Pudil Barbara Pulver Darrell Rairdin Melinda Rathjens Jodie Regan Christopher Reid 52 A Bit on the Wild Side Laura Reiff Matt Reynolds

Rotida Rigel Jason Rissman Eric Robinson Charles Rohlena Jody Roscovius Randy Rowray Pamela Ryan Kevin Sanborn \ < mt n .o Sick Sanford Joey Santee Brad Schlesselman l Charlotte Schneiter Jennifer Schropp Jeffrey Schulte Tracey Shewry Richard Shimon A Bit on the WOd Side 53

Robert Shimom Dawn Slezak Tim Smith Amy Stallman Barron Stark Kendall Street Jane Schneiter (g I*$ 1Toy Terronez Dorthy Tesar Melissa Thompsoni Debra Tomas Amy Valentine 54 A Bit on the WDd Side Tammy Valentine Shirley Van Thoumout Todd Vavra John Tedrow

Scott Vernon Christine Veverka Julie Vlasek Je ff Volesky Chris Volk Jodi Wacha Shazvn Wade Shari Wahlert Melanie Wartnbier Kimberly Weaver Sandi Weidlein Michael Wiggins Jennifer Williams Nancy Wright Brad Yousse Billy Zbanek A Bit on the Wild Side 55

Hop a Renee Johnson Diane Zalesky dinosaur and ride into Linda Legate Candace Zierath Angela Zahradnik 56 A Bit on the Wild Side

w i Tj .mallard Gene Barrette Mindy Barta & K f _ • t Sfeakly i 9 Btnralcla 0 Tterri Bys DeAnn Carlson Carey Carnahan Dana Center Dari Chadima Lori Chalupsky w v .nn-censen Frank Coleson Kim Coleson Jack Craft i^aula Cross Lisa Cummings Shelly Dennis srty Susan Dietz i r.^ D ~ * Jonas Everett> Connie Fangman , «odneyUlandonSha;rm - Gi,eenmaji fi Cff0E 71 f> EE 1 Mike Finn Drew Fisher Trudy Foubert Leigh Franc iV Kim Hahn Jackie Hain Andy Harapot Angie Driscoll Deanna Dziewanowski Trent Eadie Trent Eidemiller Troy Eidemiller i Michelle Borwig Susan Bowersox Fred Boxa i A John Buresh » Aife Rick Burgin Matt Buscher 4, Sr V r . Anders.cn Rex Anderson Tracy Anderson Marcie Andrle Marna Andrle Tami Andrle Lisa Avis Jill Behrens Amy Bergdale Anthony Berger Susan Birch

fa S John Masson Cnris Hauser Traci Heilers Renee Henderson Sara Hinds Liza Hinzman Tim Hoeft 3n § p Bridget Homrighausen Brett Hosch John Bceda Dirk Jacquet Russ Jaeger Jason Jeffrey Jason Joen /< Gary Kalous Kyle Kalous Tim Kendall Shane Kies Taresa Kirk Kelly Koutny Raelyn Lamparek Trov Leitheiser Tina Kiefer Marc Lins i 7ST T • Chris Mehaffey i? Keith Neubauer 3 I!U ** W w ft Diane Lowe Jenny McCormick Tim McCrea i*i James Michalec Randy Mittman ^ Van Nguyen ' iCristi Peterson Lisa Platten • i / X w Jessie Northrop —— ^ John Posekany i tf * Curtis Osborn * COSBV rea.r <tnn pftnfl. Pnwp q , Tina n EI Kevin Pudil ^arbPu| v Jeff Morris Jason Lif Missy McLaskey Ch ad McLaud Rodney McK FI junior Moses Aaron Neighbor Rick NelscJ

I I vJ .* \ Melinda Rathjens Louis ReedyQWW acn rugel ~ iintee Tim Smith Tina Tomas Chris Reid Laura Reiff Matt Re Jason Rissman Eric Robinson Charles Rohlena GPUIRP mW R} Brad Schlesselman Jennifer Schropp Amy Stallman 1 » - v A - iler- tine Shirley Van Thournout Todd Vavra § ii !1 / Shawn Wade Shari Wahlert Randy Rowray x p r ft Pam Ryan Jeff Schulte Tracey Shewry Rich Shimon Barron Stark Kendall Street WP HP ^ Melissa Thompson Debra Tomas Tanya Tomas Julie Vlasek t. 1 i Melanie Warmbier Kim Weaver Sandi Weidlein — iams Nancy Wngnt Angela Zahradnik Brad Yosse John Tedrow Brian Urbanek Kevin Saj Robb Shi f t Troy Terre Amy Valen FrEf r JeffVolesky Chris Volk Diane Zalesky Richard Bails (Jhris Classen Chri

JUNIORS ! Patrick Baker Gene Burette Jodi Becicka Dave Bednaroivicz Rhonda Bentley Jason Berryhill Robb Blanchard Kassandra Bland * Brooke Bowers Chris Bowersox Franklin Bowman James Boyle ii 1 Daivn Buresh James Buresh Tim Burrow Jamie Bush a I13S Ill m m } f i Hey Hot Stuff! ill * All f wpyr *1 i* 60 A Bit on the Wild Side r 4 The Gangs All Here! Nice Tongue Jeffrey! XViniH W\ I 7

a f* r. 8 4 . Michelle Brecke kr T" f Lynnette Carnahan Darrick Chadima Bobbie Clark WR^ svwr j *mr » > r T r ‘ T t Ste'e Daugherty At His Best! If Gossip lime In t he Guidance! A Bit on the Wild Side 61 v<; * J < 4 V 1 1 — v: X(;^ Ji * 4 Ke/ f/f Cleppe Phil Cronbaugh Tracy Davidson Jeffrey Davis Talee Dean Shelley Divishek Tyrone Downs Tammy Drahos Amy Ehrle Steven Engledow Dana Eme Matthew Faltis

Katherine Foust Jason Purler Jon Grabe Anita Gruwell HU ' / y i t/1%. Traevena Hall Abby Hamer Andrea Hanlon Cindy Hardin Timothy Harris Deanna Harvey Erika Hasler Amy Hcadington Steven Henecke Staci Hepkerj Keith Hines Bart Huelsenbeck I 9 J r M 62 A Bit on the Wild Side ST] T/i y? ) - L r> ' N ce Feet Chad Seniors Having A Blast! Pucker Up Guys!

? % • wr J S W hat s Up Kim? \ 1 L J V f iS X' . J V I lie Three Stooges! A Bit on the Wild Side 63 A t \ 1. mw / WJr: Justin Hupfer Aaron Huyck Shanon Janey Melissa Jans Alisa Johnson Jodi Jones Lynn Jones Jacey Junge Allison Kahl Heather Keller Tyera Kleintneyer Jeremy Kloubec Michelle Kolsrud Joseph Kopish David Krahmer Phil Kruger

Bethany Lightfoot Elizabeth Lole Wendy Loney Dana Maresh Jim McCormick Kelly McCoy Theresa McGivem Danelle McLaud Stacy Morgan Allen Marenson Dana Moses Jeff Moyle Groovy Shoes, Lisa! Ttacie Murphy Tami Nelson Tina Nemecek Tina Neuhaus Go Wessel!! “ Early Graduates Will Be Missed” 64 A Bit on the Wild Side

l i r Thirsty??? Robb Peterson Mike Pitt Kelly Pizel Toni Pisarik \ tr \f - w f t t y V Amy Osborn Dan Osborn Kim Osborn Theresa Palmer Dave Panos Annette Patton Mark Pence David Perrin * <L - Jfcr Jon Nizolek Shane Nodurft Lori Novak Shawn Nove Connie Fangmann, Skipping Class? Look At That Baby Face! A Bit on the Wild Side 65

Jennifer Plotz Jodi Poundstone Heather Reed Lauri Reed Phillip Reedy Angie Riechmann Kathleen Riley Scott Rizzio Greg Robinson Nikki Rydell Kurt Sanborn Donald Savin Chad Schlueter Samuel Schneider Kristi Scott Paul Shebetka "IR^ 66 A Bit on the Wild Side Looking Good Brad! i STUoi f SEC IK . Shari Wahlert Looking Enthused In P The New Hang Out! .E .!

! Deb Shramek Dawn Sirowy Scott Slaton Vernon Slaton Tint Smyth Nichole Snell Angela Snyder Beth Speers Richard Stahl Brian Stark Elissa Sterling Cory Stockton Gregory Stone Michele Sturtz Scott Tedrow Connie Terpkosh What’s This Randy? Wake Up Sara! A Bit on the Wfld Side 67

Melissa Tomas Robbie Tri Trent Trpkosh Jeff Trumpold Phil VanAmburg Hillkary VanHom Tina VanLancker Thidi Vandivier Tony Vaughn Todd Viall Arron Vlcko Jenni Watson HflTTJ ft n» » Seven members of the WOW committee stopped for a picture are as follows:Lisa Platten, Greg Can - - f ning, Carey Carnahan, Jaime Bush, Paul Shebetka, Cory Stockton, Kim In - graham, Jason Fish, Chad Darrow and Pam Ryan * Karen Weber Lora Webster Paul Wehr Jennifer Weldon . \ Patrick Weldon Tina Worley Steve Worthington JeAnn Alkire Chris Bails Kenny Bryne Kathy Clark Shana Finucane Donna Houts Curt Hynek Linda Meyer Trent Minshall S5W 68 A Bit on the Wild Side mm - .4, Passing time teaches students many im - portant skills in life, like how to get from one end of the building to the other end . - stop at locker for books, school store for a lunch ticket, restroom and water foun tain, and say hello to a friend, ALL within 5 minutes . . All the members

e s - l - d A Bit on the Wild Side 69

SOPHOMORES! Mark Achey Heather Allard Paul Anderson Debby Anderson “ If a teacher’s voice is too monotone then I get bored, and I just can’t pay attention .”Deb Tomas Tadd Andrle Heather Balog Melissa Bares John Barnett “ It’s the same thing everday you sit in a seat and listen to them talk it gets old .’’- Theresa Palmer Boredom Strikes! by Tina Thomas David Becicka Carrie Beebe Darla Bennett Steve Berrier Tara Berstler James Boardman Jennifer Borseth J1IT1 Melissa Byerly Rob Carnahan Stephen Caviness Ben Coleson Last night news finally caught up with you huh Heather? Whether you’re in study hall, biology, trig, composition , history, P.E. , and yes Miss Duffy even yearbook. Half way through the period BOREDOM may STRIKE!!! When boredom strikes teachers beware! You ’ll have students sleeping, talking and passing notes. You name it, and it ’ll happen. Teachers , here are some tips : 1. Talk loud (don’t yell though) * 2. Don’t show films , (only VCR tapes) * Sleeping usually occurs during this! Students maybe it ’s just the teachers. Teachers maybe it’s just the students. 3. Put friends in separate places. Tami Andrle Sr. we finally caught ya! ^

K * * s ( t l M K*T JP ^IPl iHss ae-- . ft students Amy Valentine, Kelly nd Deann Carlson caught at a yearbook workshop. - fte evs about last night Heather? *30x1 Jr. doesn’t seem to care wma. 1 i i do last night Pat? Hard at work Leigh Franc? Jason Berryhill Jr. smile you are on PHS Candid Camera . A Bit on the Wild Side 71 \ L Jim Conner Matt Coppess Chad Darroiv Kenny Davis Tfatcy Dawson Jodi Demeulenaere Pat Dicus Hoang Doan Brette Dostal Amy Driscoll Sara Eden Darren Ekberg Katrina Engel Shane Farr Jason Fish John Flender Nichole Frieden Richard Gatrelle Chris Goddard Tim Grissel

Doug Hanke Tkoy Haren Senior Times! At the time this is written, Seniors, the Jeff Hardman Adam Hardy Josh Hayes Todd Henecke Scott Hittie Kariann Hofmaster 'P’W’ > % Jeanna Holub Nathan Homrighausen Maria Hosch Dan Howel Andrea Ikeda Kim Ingraham Tally Jahnel Tina Jennings Jennifer Kendall Chad Kanke Jeremy Kalous Greg Johnson r “ Goto UNI for my basics then to University of Iowa to study Law & Government and politics."Kristen Delfs “ I plan on attending AIB for two years and to find the man of my dreams and live happily ever after!" Tina Thomas 7 plan to attend college and get my degree in teaching" Tami Andrle 7 have a strong desire to move to California, build a sand castle, and live there happily ever after." Kim Coleson “ To break the world record for the longest hangover!!!!!" Chris Noble “ To keep working and go to Kirkwood for two years and accounting and Business Law.” Jenny Anderson 7? A Rif nn ftw I1MJ eit i . ^TT fff end of the year is now in sight , only about " months away. Wow time flies when you’re having fun!!!!! Seems like just yesterday we were in kindergarten. Well, I found out what seniors were planning on doing. 1couldn’t believe some of the answers. Surely some of you people have something better to do than be beach bums Well most of the people told me they were planning on going to college whether it be a two year college or a four year university The college that will be seeing lots of Prairie faces is none other than the University of Southwest Cedar Rapids (Kirkwood.) Some crazy people told me they were going to pppaaarrrtttyyy!!! Well, you people have fun. Well whatever we all decide to do the class of 1989 will always be remembered “ Graduation, seems like the greatest time ofyour life, it is , but it’s also the saddest. But 1 believe I’ve made the best of the past 13 years .’’ -Tina Thomas /t’s going to be sad to leave all my friends, but after high school it’s a whole new life .” Kirsten Knowlton “ PARTY” Gary Kalous 7 plan on finding the man of “ my” dreams and getting married." J/K Lisa Avis ‘7 plan to posssibly go into the Marines parttime &go to the American Institute of Business."Phil Gruwell “ Party for three months straight then ifI‘m not dead get a job!" John Tedrow “ Getiing married on July 1,1989 and moving to San Diego!" Mindy Rathjens —

L U Open campus! boy juniors and seniors have fourth ree Lunch period! Juniors and seniors special privilage of open campus , fc: ible to have open campus you must K9: urth mod free, and you must get your 'lire' :o sign a sheet of paper , then it is - : r AV. Now you receive a pass each esaer its a different color then your set. ~:e use this time for such things as m& Err _ * r . - , . -liking to friends, studying for tests :e). and returnung home for things c morning. So you see sophomores ft missing too much neirs come back with many people, - Burger King crowns, Long John r - rs. or Happy Joes balloon, which rs to be where we went today. I was si I almost died so did my balloon 5:: no other than Cris Volk (Wonder > ac . Those boots ain’t made for walkI - Thomores don’t worry! Just think rir you’ll get this great privilV / 2 ^ 2irl Lisa Avis Sr* §cts a surprise^ iber that gorilla wont fit into Kathy Macek Andy Mackey fennifer Maehl Kevin Marlow Angela Leonard Mike Lewen Chris Lyman Brian Macek m I Kris Kunze Teresa Lampe Robert Lefebure Bonnie Lemburg Christopher King Michael Kleppe Monte Kloubec Julie Krob Lesley Martin Robert Martin Scott Mather Kerry McCalley Looking over todays lists of detentions Mr. Wessel? Darn my name’s not on it. A Bit on the Wild Side 73

Jeff McLaskey Shawnell McLeamort Brent McMullen Brian Merta m,; III Kim Merta Jon Meyer Sonya Meyer Tonya Meyer V % r 1 Scoff Meyers Bernard Mienke Troy Mitchell Nikki Modracek i t n / i Aug/e Mouchka Troy Neal Shellie Nichols Paula Novak / Snow O/sow Stephanie Olson William Osborn Angela Osland -CL ? * Hey Finner, " SURPRISE!!!!! ft * r If J \ jv L Who said, “ Say Cheese?” V, 9 il < ft 7 Jenny Weaver studying quietly with a friend. 74 A Bit on the Wild Side

f \i - l mm li . t ! to do the wild thing. 1 K ¥ r You think this is crowded? Wait until next year. A Bit on the Wild Side 75 Victor Sackett Amber Sanford Frank Santee Jason Schulte Kent Postl Brian Prull Chad Pudil Dennis Rardin 4 U 4. k, Jo Matt Palmer Kelly Patterson Matt Patton Peterka Kris Randall Michelle Reif Bryce Roberts James Rummells Tim Sebastain Joel Serbousek Sherri Sherman Todd Shedeck

Shai Skalasky Todd Slezak Tonya Slezak Eric Smith 1 % Janell Smith Dusty Staab Chad Steele Rena Stepanek TV Luke Steivart Brian Suthers Stephanie Tjelmeland Kyle Turner ITA - '. - , 4 • * Monica Turner Jason Vandeusen Tim Vavra Steve Volesky Don Von Liention Jon Wacha Joleen Walderbach Jason Walker OTflPfla Didn’t your mom ever teach you it’s h polite to stare . That bad, huh? 76 A Bit on the Wild Side Brothers Eric And Greg Robinson patiently at an assembly . i f l X M o !/. 'V' «

Jason Walter Jenny Weaver Jeffery Winkie Erik Wood Scott Clark Nick Brown Alissa Brecke Mike Hatcher Marty Gordon Angie Olson Brian Frishie Josh Hein Chad Kanke Heather Phillips Sabre Reinert it? Ask any student and you’ll get the ork I do one hour before class ' .-ere -aer re lots of other things to do at homework,” comments Jeff E kxnework at home is not fun and it e- - Bhsjn . MLit • . not easy at times, you don’t - rer there to ask for help. Well, Rework Hotline it’s a phone numan call for help on any given 't tell you the answer. But : cj . Dana Erne and Darrin Eckberg disscussing matters. won A Bit on the Wfld Side 77

A1 + A2 + E= S The Administration School Board School Board members: front row — Sheryl Quillin, John Maehl, David Krob. Back row — Dennis Kohl, not pictured: Linda Schlesselman. George Chadima, Glen Selzer, Superintendent William Bach Principal Ken Steine 78 A Bit on the Wfld Side Assoc. Princ. Bob Jennings Admin. Asst. Jeff Wessell Admin. Asst. Robert Bostwick Business Mngr. Jim Steffen

The Support Staff Back row — . F n> nt row — Mary Ann Donoghue, Mary Ockenfels, Pat Luella Morse, Leslie Malatek, Donna Elgas Karen Crow Joan Knowlton Sharon Osborn Phyl Connie Britcher Goldsberry Jan Walderbach Pauline Lamphier Paul Swalley A Bit on the Wild Side 79

tm y» \ Mike Trosky i Margaret Vanoumy Joanne Thiessen . * I V V * Marcy Russell Elizabeth Duffy Chuck Worsfold Chuck Hining Darrel Bogner Roxene Schreiber Barb Harms Gloria Canney Floyd Smith Sharon Bender Russ Weming 80 A Bit on the WOd Side Judy Suddendorf Marilyn Zvacek ] Cathy Jones Mary Campbell iT" l >r r Patricia Miles Pat Plueger Bonnie Malone Maas Vicki Dan Hawkins Bubon

&wr VJ L fc*in Berrends Ken Fearing Judy Slezak Craig Aune Russ Price Sharon Oglesby 3b£T0C we 1 y' -IE? -: Mary Rita Meyers I S .* / * " Joanne Fisher Linda Hein Mary McWilliams £ Mick Mattiace Ed Johnson a Craig Jelinek Dot Pospischil Paul Schenkelberg Z Robert Hawkins A Bit on the Wild Side 81 Jim Tursi Jim Kimball John Osland F f Cathy Wilson f/ r S 4g

1 I I I I l Sllf m r n I T 1

English • Vn - « Josh Hein plays A1 Capone in the ELP Open House. Students listen to learn in English class. Student teacher Fran gets excited Shakespeare. English courses offer variety To graduate from high school , m mmi a stud: must have three units of English. The on required courses are English 10 and Coi munications 10 , usually taken in the soph more year. courses for students to select their remain: four semesters of classes from, There is a wide variety of oth includ: writing courses, literature courses, cor munications courses, and special elec:.’ courses, such as news lab, yearbook la and journalism. Brian Stark as Jack Nicklaus. Hillary Van Horne as Queen Elizabeth I . 84 A Bit on the Wild Side

Speech & drama gives students expenence Mary Campbell is the Speech and Drama Advisor. Teresa Kirk, Chad Schlueter, Lori Chalupsky, Dana Maresh and Laura Buwalda are the officers. Speech is an event that many students overlook. There are many opportunities to win awards and even scholarships. There is plenty of room for anyone interested in joining speech. In individual events, there are up to 48 entries and in large group contests there is a part for everyone. Speech isn’t just writing and presenting a speech. There are such entries as storytelling, and improvisational acting, mime presentations and one-act plays. Jodi Roscovius really gets into speech class. " - lars concentrate on their Steve LeCIair concentrates on getting his point across. A Bit on the Wild Side 85

Social Studies Here’s what students do while studying for a test — talk! Students study their social studies. Trent Trpkosh reading a book? Mr. Tursi, history teacher, caught at his Tim McCrea, can you get the answers? best . 86 A Bit on the Wfld Side

Will we be prepared? This year we' ve been blessed with the election of George Bush as our new president. This is a bit of what history students will be studying years from now in their government classes. Maybe they will be fortunate enough to have pasta lover Mr. Tursi for their teacher, or they could learn Rief and Kari Price — are they really studying or are they gossiping? about stress and watch boring films in Schenkelberg' s Psychology class. say, so I hope we' Anyway history repeats itself, so they re prepared. Group work is always fun! one A Bit on the Wild Side 87

Math Mrs. Slezak teaches geometry to an enthusiastic class! Mr. Fearing (a.k.a. “ Fred” ) scratches his head debating over whether to order a “ pepperoni ” or “ mushroom” pizza. Math Courses are popular for fans of “ Fred” Many students who aren’t math scholar - choose to take General Math and Problem Solving for their required one unit of math but there are many other courses for student to“ broaden their horizons” all the way up tc A. P. , Calculus. One of the teachers , Ken Fearing, also known as “ FRED” , has written the textbooks used for some of the courses including Advanced Algebra anc Trigonometry. Mr. Kimball, science and math teacher, chats with Tim Smithand Todd Henecke. Mr. Behrends stands guard at his door and keeps an eye out for tardy students. 88 A Bit on the Wild Side

<CQMPUTEB Ci.flSS> - New Computer Class is Offered A new computer course called Apple Bcnputer Applications is available this It is a one semester course taught by Bender. aed software package contains a word ssor, data base, and spread sheets. dc - rr.ging enough forevery student in high keel to take. Many of the students think it 5 >jcha good course that it should become a : nt. >.her courses offered include Computer and Pascal. Computer students are temporarily distracted by photographers who happen to be strolling by in Mrs. Bender’s room. The has been well received and enrollment s :: capacity. This is a practical course In this new class the inteJudy Suddendorf, volleyball coach, has another of her many volleyball discussions during a break in her accounting class. Paula Cross assists Laura Reiff on her accounting project. A Bit on the Wild Side 89

Offered is Life Science,Science Technology, and Society, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. There’s quite a variety of projects done in science classes from building bridges, disecting craw fish. “ I’ll never forget Mr. Kimble’s BIG MOUTH FROG joke.” Teresa Kirk, Sr. laughed. Linda legate Sr. says she won’t ever forget i the time when grasshopper parts were flying around the room. A group of students work, or are they ? to The bridge project . OUCH!! Biology classes work with microscopes often. Students work together as a team 90 A Bit on the Wild Side . _

offer diversity Mr. B iology...himself. Steve Worthington, you’ re on candid camera Relaxing in Biology . ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Pet fish Theresa. Who said this:This is a COLLEGE PREP COURSE! (A) Larry Bird (B) Mr. Osland (C) George Bush for those of you t sure you know the answer. CONGRATULATIONS Mr. Kimble What is that !? A Bit on the Wild Side 91 _

The ART of it. by Laura Buwalda The Art classes offered are: Drawing, Beginning ceramics, Advanced ceramics, Art , 1Art 2, and Painting. Mr. Hawkins has been teaching Art here for 20 years, during his career he’ s seen many students use their Art abilities in their own careerssuch as Advertising and Teaching. Mr .Hawkins says Art isn’ tjust limited Painting a masterpiece takes much concentration and a tub full of brushes. to drawing or painting it can include just about anything, decoratingjewlrey, sculpting, advertising, and endless amount of other things. He says Art will help students in their future by giving them the basic knowledge of being able to decorate their own homes, color combinations inclothing, it gives them a way of using thier mind and hands creativly, outside of school and away of relaxing. IsBen Engel expressinghisopinionof Art Class, the photographer, or life in gener - al? Dorie Tesar draws with her finger. Framed by sunlight , two budding artists put final touches on their paintings. 92 A Bit on the Wild Side

Industrial Arts? Rass Jaeger, Jason Jeffery, Don “Juan ” , Kendall Street, Chris “ Bubba ” Reid , -^rlie Rohlena, Jr. Moses, John Buresh take a break from Autos Class. Who’s the mystery man? What’s offered in Industrial Arts? Basic Drafting Architectual Drafting Auto Mechanics1 Auto Mechanics 2 Care of the Automobile Metals TechnologyI Prairie’s future woodworkers! • Jason, there’s a girl in auto meA Bit on the Wild Side 93

rsw* IT ’S NOT HOME EC IT’S LIFE SKILLS!!!! The guys wash!! Mrs. Plueger demonstrates creative stitch ery. wash and dry Really makes ya wonder how exciting the class is. TO SUIT YOUR TASTE Dorie Tesar and Joy Jennings wash and dry the dishes. 94 A Bit on the WDd Side

Functional Skills Marcia Yirkosky picking just the right card. Don Swain works in autos. Johnson and with help cross country sacs . Candy Zierath shops for juice. Jim Ortmann at work,Pizza Hut 1! i ina i I - fans King works with the computer. Chad Rusk at HY Vee. A Bit on the Wfld Side 95

Are you Foreign? Gutentag! by Laura Buwalda Four years of Spanish or five years of German can be taken. Many students have been complaining that different foreign languages should be offered. The majority of students would like to take French but a few have shown interest in Japanese or Chinese. Russian has been offered this year through Kirkwood for students, on video. Four students are enrolled. s . Melissa Jans, jr., practices her pronunciation with Jeff McLasky. Roxy Schreiber prepares for another hard day of Spanish. Barb Harms instructs her Spanish class. % Spanish students have a discussion in class (speaking Spanish, of course.) s IA caAual (jenman CICLAA. 96 A Bit on the Wfld Side

Crash! Driver’s Ed Driver s Ed — -nd some more than once. “ we ve all been through it — y worst mem - ory in Driver’s Ed is when Christy Mehafy, my driving partner, side-swiped a bridge,” sharlene Nichols remembered. “ It was in Iowa City and it was funny,” she laughed. 1 was scared because I couldn’t see over the ia>h,” Dana Center replied. Where did we “ learn” m while driving , rat while driving — DRIVERS ED CAR ONIV to put our make up drive with our knees and in Driver’s Ed maybe? Good thing your seat belt’s on, Floyd nJDWT DRIVER - _ - > DRIVER EDUCATION — they are only students, you know. “ We did it!” A Bit on the Wild Side 97

Phys Ed builds strong bodies The importance of Physical Education by Shariene Nichols Physical Fitness is a very important part of our lives. Gym is a required course for all three years of high school. Students usually have Mrs. Sharon Reid for one semester and Mr. Mick Mattiace for one semester. We learn skills in flag football, tennis, basketball , handball , skiing, volleyball, floor hockey, softball , badminton , weightlifting, aerobics, and many more activities. Physical Education is the one class in school that students get a chance to blow off a little steam . Get ready to spike that ball Charlie! Cross country skiing is always a favorite winter sport. 98 A Bit on the Wild Side

anxiously wait for the game Keith Cleppe, jr., passes the ball to Rob Peterson, jr . Ttman takes a chance with the basketball. Bobby Slaton, soph ., repelling in gym class when national guard came. A Bit on the Wild Side 99

£ . r w’ i A u f * rv 1 ' # The 112 Prairie band students competed successfully in many contests . SENIORS: Tracy Anderson, Lisa Avis Chris Hauser Steve LeClair and Tracy Anderson smile proudly from their job as drum majors . Regan. Rich Shimon JUNIORS: Pal baker Tina Neuhaus Dana Ccnlcr. Dan Chadima. Kim Colcson. Angie Driscoll. Ben Engel. the band’s heartpOUnding beat . Steve LcCIcre. Man:Lins . Susan Bowcrsox. Rick Burgin .Tun MeCiea.Lisa Plattcn . Robb Shimon. Dawn Slc/ak . Rhonda Bentley Darrick Chadima.Teresa Christensen, Matt I ' . Shelly Odum - . Dawn Burvsh altis. Kathy Pousl .Shawn McDonald.Terri McGivcnt Reichmann. JelT Trumpold. Hillary Vanllorn Eden. Katie Engel. Nichole Frieden . Jodi . Melanie Warmhier. . Jaime Bush . Andrea . Hanlon. Melissa Jans. Jodi Jones. Lynn Jones. Elizabeth lmll . Dana Maresh. Kelly McCoy . Dana Moses. . Amy Osborn. Jodi Poundstone. Angie . Dtra Webster. SOI’IIO - MORES: Mark Achey. IXb Anderson. Heallier Balog. Tara Berstler. Alissa Breckc. Melissa Bycrly. Jodi DcMuclenaen: . Amy Driscoll . Rich Ciatrelle . Heather Phillips Jennifer Kendall. Julie Krob. Kathy Macck. Jenny Maehl Jell Mcl.askey. Jon Meyer.Steph Olson land. Jenny Weaver. . Sara . Andrea Ikeda. .Scott Mather. - .Slcpti Tjelme Flag members help add joy and color to . . 100 A Rif nn fh* U/ilH

Hawk Talk Newspaper Dates to Watch SX ” “ * Student body spends an hour on the edge By Brad Ycrnsse The Hawk Talk is an 8- page monthly newspaper issued to students , faculty and staff. The newspaper contains issues of what’s happening in student life. Throughout the year, the newspaper had financial difficulties and then decided to sponsor a Valentines Day dance to raise money for the paper. The paper had a big cotroversy over how “ geeky” the group U2 is or isn’t. This article was in the section called The Whine Rac. The Whine Rac is based on their own opinion and didn’t mean anything by calling them “ geeky” . The new article used in the newspaper was Teacher Feature, this article was for the students to get better aquainted with their teachers. The Hawk Talk received an award for first place for the Outstanding Newspaper with Special Merit from the American Schoolastic Press Association, which is the best any high school newspaper has received in Cedar Rapids. The staff this year has been on a couple of FT* i \ h IS zr. ¥ >l \ w1 ylf r - « ’S&9 102 A Rif nn HIP U/ilH QIHP mi n - . « « . lv Si Jason Berryhill jr. ,Jack Craft sr.,Rick Burgin sr.,Jenni Williams sr. , Chad Scheulter jr, Heather Reed jr. , Theresa Christensen jr., Lori Chalupsky sr., Shirley VanThournout sr., Shelly Dennis sr.. Jodi Wacha sr., Jodi Roscovius sr., Jenni Anderson sr., and Kristie Peterson sr. “ Kristie has been a tremendous staff person from the first day, always cosiderate and helpful. Her friendlyness and personality will be greatly missed" Miss Duffy . trips this year. They went to Des Moines to the information gathering field trip tour around the Des Moines Register. They also journed to Davenport to the Iowa High School Press Association State Convention to look over how their techniques were among other schools. * f i\ \

JOURNALISM . hands Miss Duffy!! Mark r sxaks to Duffy’s Journalism broadcast news. txaveU'We&t r - z= z Yousse tc. O V^.jnesday, April 12, the students A TALK staff and journalism ' m nek i trip to Des Moines, IS- assents began in the State Capitol , BE re - * , x die interviews lasted for over e re officials invited the students chambers, to sit at their desks t the House and the Senate meetings and lunch , the stunned_ 1ong private tour of theDES 3REGISTER Building. Here they or Jt - -i 33to two smaller groups, each Each host guided his group m sour-long tour, where students employees of the REGIS rc - need on all steps of producAre we having fun yet Shana? Jrs. Shana Finucane and Jason Fuhler dancing the night away after the Kennedy boys basketball. The Valentines Day dance was sponsored by news lab to help raise money for the HALK TALK A Bit on the Wild Side 103 -.pent almost two hours in private »sh state elected officials Is this love or what? Sr. Jodi Wacha and Jr. Heather Reed sample ofstudent love Be very, very carefull!

"v ' Ml« .«ooA* •* “ . ^taSk< : ' The Swedish man plows some Iowa fields while the Goodyear blimp passes World Ag Expo held by Kirsten Knowlton During the week of September 7-10, the World Ag Expo was held Amana, Iowa. Thousandsofpeople from all over th world gathered ir. j area to attend this event, which is held annually in different parts ofd world. Local hotels were packed, restaurants had record sales. A lo: The Danish man spoke to many about farming in Denmark money came into Iowa that week. Different cultures and countries were represented at the expo. Maa methods of farming were demonstrated . People from different part' the world had a chance to get acquainted , and exchange ideas. The ma feature of the event was the world plowing contest. Representatives fn 25 countries competed. The winners of the contests are considers celebrities in thier country. The contestants were judged in several arej and the overall winner was from Great Britian. The Goodyear blimp flew over many lo cal events The man from Sweden proudly shows his tractor 104 A Bit on the Wild Side

j Dukakis is Democrats’ choice Michael Dukakis may not have been the glamourous candidate everyone had hoped for, but he had his good points. Massachusetts was selected as the hottest state economy in America. Under “ the government, unemployment was Duke’s” brought from 11% to 3.8%, the lowest of any industrial state in the country. Investments were made in the needy, the future, housing, transportation , and educa - tion. Dukakis has invested in higher education at the fastest rate of any industrial state in the country. A state fund Dukakis started to help new knownbusinesses loaned a little* pany $ 750,000 Today. shoe com, Reebok International is the world’s leading shoe company. During the campaighn , Michael Dukakis, runner up in the presidential election George Bush is elected President For all the democratic supporters out there, there’s some bad news. Another republican is in for four more years. This past election was a big let down for the politicians, the campaigners and especially for the American voters. Neither of the candidates offered anything out of the ordinary, lesser of two evils; not that the candidates were evil, but neither seemed to offer much to encourage a lot of active support. Bush won by a respectable margin. That’s quite a journey from about seven years ago when a survey showed that a large part of Americans couldn’t even name the VicePresident. Bush has become a new American symbol, with America’s future in mind. He should do a good job leading our country. 106 A Bit on the Wild Side and there were no scandals or slanderous remarks. Many people felt they had to chose the it may have seemed Dukakis was eager to point out his state’s acheivements, but he was only demonstating that foresight and hard work payoff. He’s done quite a bit for his state , and he would have done quite a bit for our country. George Bush, the winner of the 1988 election

' hales Trapped - Dctober two whales were trapped in " - - « Alaska . The migrating whales usu - south to the California coast. The early, trapping the California Grey The Soviets teamed up with the esf States , bringing in ice-breaking vesi crush the ice, helping to free the Talk Show Wars i _ started with Donahue. * aio' Then Hour came along. Now it’s Opra and Tne talk show wars are on , and is competing for the hot ,juicy topmore stories about sex , drugs, and higher the ratings. s big event this year was when a The show was about the -:r broke out during the taping of one s*?ws. :: America , a very violent raciest - on America over by her diet. She 5. pounds,and became an inspira:c :cr> all over America. This Christmas a very popular request will be dinosaurs. Children of all ages across Americaare into a new fad , dinosaurs. A popular movie,’ ’ The Land Before Time” tells the story of a dinosaur in search for the ‘great forest’. The forest has enough food for all of the disappearing dinosaurs.$q movie brought out tons of paraphenalia, including t-shirts, pants, sweatshirts, a stuffed animal, and a hand puppet. The newly opened science museum in Cedar Rapids, had an Explore-A-Saurs exhibit. This is very popular with people of all ages. Stores all over the city decorated thier windows with dinosaurs, during the holiday season. Dinosaurs were a popular item for Christmas Dinosaur Craze! This A Bit on the Wild Side 107

' hales Trapped - Dctober two whales were trapped in " - - « Alaska . The migrating whales usu - south to the California coast. The early, trapping the California Grey The Soviets teamed up with the esf States , bringing in ice-breaking vesi crush the ice, helping to free the Talk Show Wars i _ started with Donahue. * aio' Then Hour came along. Now it’s Opra and Tne talk show wars are on , and is competing for the hot ,juicy topmore stories about sex , drugs, and higher the ratings. s big event this year was when a The show was about the -:r broke out during the taping of one s*?ws. :: America , a very violent raciest - on America over by her diet. She 5. pounds,and became an inspira:c :cr> all over America. This Christmas a very popular request will be dinosaurs. Children of all ages across Americaare into a new fad , dinosaurs. A popular movie,’ ’ The Land Before Time” tells the story of a dinosaur in search for the ‘great forest’. The forest has enough food for all of the disappearing dinosaurs.$q movie brought out tons of paraphenalia, including t-shirts, pants, sweatshirts, a stuffed animal, and a hand puppet. The newly opened science museum in Cedar Rapids, had an Explore-A-Saurs exhibit. This is very popular with people of all ages. Stores all over the city decorated thier windows with dinosaurs, during the holiday season. Dinosaurs were a popular item for Christmas Dinosaur Craze! This A Bit on the Wild Side 107

A birds eye view of the dining area at the pjaza . HOTEL ANDCONVENTION CENTER A new hotel and convention center opened in Cedar Rapids in 1988. Its classy atmosphere and relaxing decor make it a great Bullets Hit C.R. The Cedar Rapids Silver Bullets are a professional basketball team and a member of the Continental Basketball Association. They have done well for their first year. Players include such local heroes as A.J. Wynder, Louis Lloyd, and Ron Rowan. Jeff Moe, former Iowa star, played for the Silver Bullets at the begining ofthe season. The Silver Bullets play around the midwest against other C.B.A. teams such as the Lacrosse Catbirds and the Quad City Thunder. Silver Bullet games are sponsored by Coors Beer and local area businesses. Tickets are sold at regular ticket outlets. Home games are held at the Five Seasons Center, and the games attract quite a crowd. Besides the actual game, there are many other attractions as well. The Silverettes, the Silver Bullets’ Cheerleaders, perform during the games. There are contests for the fans, like winning cash and prizes for making free throws. Crazy George coaches the Silver Beebees, children who play games and make shots when the players aren’t on the floor. Other performers come from around the counrty to entertain during half-times. No matter what your age or interests, the Silver Bullets games can amuse you. ^ - 108 A Bit on the Wild Side 1 addition to Cedar Rapids. The Plaza has a wide variety of conference rooms and suites with plenty of extras from the staff to make the guest’s stay very enjoyable. There is a great selection of conference and banquet rooms Many area businesses choose to have meetings and parties there using the Plaza’s service. There are also two restaurants, a nightclub, gift shops, a pool and whilpool, and many other facilities to make your stay a> pleasurable as it can be. Ill TASTIIi miT THIS lltICI I 1 MOCffIS TO ** 1177 CUB - 7 |

1988 - 1989 Hip Tunes 1 .Wild Thing. . .Tone Loc’ 2. Lost in Your Eyes. . .Debbie Gibson 3. Stand . . .R. E.M. 4. Sweet Child o’ Mine..Guns n ' Roses 5. Pure Energy . .. Information Society |McDonakrs m Movies 1. Rain Man 2. Twins 3 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels 4 Cocktail 5 Young Guns ; r SMEY’S n V | r PIZZA PARLOR AND Yl rUBUC HOUSi 1 Local Hangouts 1 . McDonalds 2. Handimart 3. The Malls 4. Pizza Hut 5. Dairy Queen I Clothing Brands . Guess Esprit 2. 3. Generra 4. Bugle Boy 5. Outback Red 1 re A Bit on the Wfld Side 109 < l

OUR ENVIRONMENT Our Environment is something we take for granted every day. Our planet is a unique part of the solar system. Earth is the only planet capable of sustaining life. We are protected by a complex system of layers called the atmosphere. Avery important part of the atmosphere that is receiving a lot of attention is the Ozone layer. It screens the sun’s ultra-violet rays. It warms and cools found in such Tioles above the north the earth. But because of an intolerable use of chloroflourocarbons, everyday items as aerosol cans, styrofoam, and leaky automobile air conditioners; the Ozone layer has deteriorated and there are already two growing' and south poles.Ifsomething isn’t done soon to put an end to this deterioration,the planet will continue to warm, as a result of the This isn’t the only problem facing us. Because of improper disposal of human waste, use of lethal pesticides, and illegal dumping of toxic waste, our water supply is becoming undrinkable. Many industries illegally dump thier toxic wastes in rivers,lakes, and the ocean. Even if they are caught , ment facilities. The raw sewage is seeping into the ground water, poisoning the community. Farmers use toxic pesticidesthat also eventually find thier way to our drinking water. Because of all this, the people who drink the water are becoming sick. Cancer develops.Unborn children die. Birth defects are common in infants.Infant mortality rates soar. Unless the government becomes tougher, and forces these industries to clean up thier act, the problem will become worse. By trying to achieve a better standard of living, we have endangered our own lives. Think about that the next time you spray your hair, crank your air conditioner, or order a Big Mac. If we all work together, maybe we can stop the damage being done to our environment. the fines they must pay are only a percentage of thier profits. Many cities have inadequatewater treatM - • 1 ' x \ 110 A Bit on the Wild Side

Spill in Alaska On March 24th, 1989 a national disaster occurred in Valdez, Alaska. A 987 ft. Exxon oil tanker struck a reefon the outside of their normal shipping grounds. This caused oil to spill on to the shorelines and in to the water. Over 10 million gallons of oil poured into in the Prince William Sound. Causing the wprst oil spill in the nations history. Fishermen have lost over a million dollars , and the wildlife in the area is suffering very badly. The loss is well over 1.000. Congress and Exxon are working together to help clean up the oily mess.Fire hoses are being used to rinse off the coast, leaning over 300 miles of beaches. But , the tides, winds, and currents will help to take eare of mostof it . Even though the spill occurred in Alaska, people all over the nation are feeling the crush of the spill. Gas prices rose from $. 93 to $1.15 or higher. Critics say that it is unlikely that the prices will rise above $1.35. SKINHEADS They shave thier heads . They wear heavy black combat boots. Most are poor, high school drop outs, that can not find work. And they are usually between the ages of ISIS.Theyare the skinheads, thefastest growing gang on America’s streets. The gangs are most popular in the south (where most KKK movements still live on), and on the coasts. Thier growing popularity has appealed to many prejudiced American citizens. As in most gangs, the members have no family,or come from abusive parents. So they turn to thier peers for comfort and support. They follow pretty much the same beliefs as Hitler, or the Klu Klux Klan . Believing that white it the superior race, and minorities (homosexuals, blacks, etc . . . ) are inferior. California Dreamin’ The Prairie band and eight chaperones flew to California on Thursday, March 16, and returned on Tuesday, March 21. In addition to rehersals and performances, visited the group toured the Universal Studios complex, spent a day at Disneyland , Newport Beach, and sat in as part of the audience during a taping of “ The Family Feud” . 1 I A Bit on the Wild Side 111 I

1 I I I i I I rz.zi i i I I I £WtlU»*1 I I I LJ I . I . I I I I r i i i : izzn 1 i nzmI 1 1 J... i i I I I I. 1 E±3 l I — r i I . . I l A r • —

G0,FIGHT,WIH! c E E R L E A D N G Sophomore Wrestling: Paula Novak, Sara Eden , Kariann Hofmaster, *Nicki Modracek, Kim Ingraham, Nicole Frieden 114 A Bit on the Wild Side Sophomore Girls Basketball: *Sherri Sherman, Shawnell McLearon, Jo Peterka, Tracy Dawson, Maria Hosch. Sophomore Boys’ Basketball: Melissa Bares, Kim Merta, *Tally Jahnel, Shellie Nichols, not shown: Beth Elliff. Varsity Football: Shari Wahlert, Marci Andrle, Nancy Wright, Julie Vlasek , *Pam Ryan, Sara Hinds, Mindy Barta Varsity Wrestling: Marci Andrle, *Lori Chalupsky, Nancy Wright , Julie Vlasek, not shown: Mindy Barta Varsity Girls’ Basketball: *Sharlene Nichols, Stacy Moran, Amy Valentine, Jaime Bush Varsity Boys’ Basketball: Andrea Hanlon, Sara Hinds, Shari Wahlert , *Carey Carnahan, Lynette Carnahan, not shown: Pam Ryan Changes for 88-89 by Amy Valentine The cheerleaders had some big changes this year, one is their new coach , Jerri Whitters. Jerri was a Prairie graduate in 1985. She was a cheerleader for three years. Another change was the fact that cheerleading was considered an athletic activity, just like any other team sport. One last change was having the NCA rules be so strict and limited. “ It was hard for the squads to do anything challenging this year, responded Sharlene Nichols, a senior cheerleader. Sophomore Football: Amy Driscoll. Angie Osland, Stephanie Tjelmeland. Nicki Modracek, Tally Jahnel, Kim Ingraham , Jeremy Kalous, *Shellie Nichols

Varsity Football Pront Row (L-R):Ben Britcher (mgr. ), Nick Sanford,Kevin Sanborn, Matt Fallis,DavidPerrin, JesseNorthrup, Jeremy Koubec, Trent Trpkosh,SteveHenecke,Steve Engledow,Jeff Moyle,SteveMeyers, AdamJelinek (ballboy) SecondRow(L-R):Mike Trosky (Asst. Coach) ,Curt Osborn,Aaron Vlcko,RobBleakley,ChadSchulte, Junior Moses,Keith Hines,Phil VanAmburg,Phil Cronbaugh,Tony Vaughn, TimSmith,MikeFinn,Darrick Chadima, Casey Pearson (mgr.) ThirdRow (L-R ):EdJohnson ( headcoach),DanChadima, JasonJoens, TimSmyth,Paul Shebetka, GregCanning, Jeff Schulte,John Ikeda,FrankBowman, Gary Kalous, RichStahl,Craig Jelinek ( Asst. Coach),GerryLowry(Asst.Coach),Dave Bennett FourthRow(L-R):RussJaegar,KevinPudil,ShawnNove,ChuckRohlena, DarrenLatuska,ShawnWade, - Chris Reid, Jon Grabe, John Hasson, Marc Lins Varsity makes State for 3rd year in a row by Charles Rohlena The Prairie football team had a good season this year. It started rather slow by losing their first two games. After that, the season progressed by beating Linn Mar, which is a big game of the season. There were 34 men out for the varsity squad this year, which yielded 25 major letter winners. The varsity squad had a season record of 6 and 4 , and a 6 and 3 record in the Mississippi Valley Confrence where they placed third .The Hawks made it to the playoffs for the third time in a row, and lost a good game to Linn Mar. Coach Ed Johnson commented’The 1988 season was exceptional , in that it produced many exciting moments for all. Through player determination and teamwork. many of our pre-season goals were met. 116 A Bit on the Wild Side Aaron Vlcko handing off to Tim Smith for a big gain . WWWVWVWVWWWWVWWVi Varsity Football 0 I .C. City 0 C.R. Jefferson 7 C. R Washington 14 Linn Mar 14 Dubuque Senior 21 I .C. West 6 Dubuque Hempstead 18 Dubuque Wahlcrt 21 C.R. Kennedy 7 Linn Mar

Vo : : 0 : Rob Bleakley and Chris Reid leave an impression on Kennedy’s quarterback . Prairie’s offensive line doing a great job . Jeff Schulte setting up a key block. A Bit on the Wild Side 117

SophomoreFootball ' WUUMT \ MIC < + n ^iwi . P$-«^9"!9?-*76 -?P6r$ 31rf24- ^51 ?*i» w 42 ^ ^1111 Mnair *<*2JJS WilWr niifir A. f**®11 .... numur i yp*i» r Front Row: Frank Santee, Scott Meyers, Kyle TUrner, Jim Rummells, Rich Gatrelle, Matt Copess, Erik Wood, Adam Hard) Second Row: Victor Sackett, Jason VanDeusen , Josh Hayes, Todd Slezak, Nick Brown, Chad Darrow, Jason Fish, Jeff Hardman. Luke Stewart Third Row: Coach Kevin Behrends, Mike Flender, Dan Howell, Eric Smith , Michael Kleppe , Brette Dostal, Brian Prull, Shane Farr, Coach Scott Joens, Coach Floyd Smith. Soph football , is successful despite record by Chris Reid “ The sophomore fighting hawks may commented coach have been short on size and strength but they were long on desire” , Behrends. Twenty-five sophmores participated in a hard fought season. Coach Behrends fells that although their record was 1 and 8 their success was not reguarded by their win-loss record. The highlight of the season was the 16 to 8 win over Jefferson . “ I think the Jefferson game was special because it was the only game we won and because it was Jefferson. ” commented Shane Farr, a sophomore football player. 11a A nif «« fha uiiiA The offensive line exploding off the ball. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL WE OPPONENT 21 I.C . HIGH 16 JEFFERSON 14 WASHINGTON 8 LINN MAR 8 D. SENIOR 6 I.C WEST 12 D .HEMPSTEAD 0 D. WAHLERT 8 KENNEDY THEY

“ The Griz” , Dan Howe, boots one to start the game . “ Put some ice on it and take two asprin I * defense “ pounds em” during the I .C. West game. A Bit on the Wild Side 119 .

Cross Country Prairie Invit .. . Todd Henecke straining to reach the finish line. Bang! And they’ re off. Mindy Barta and Pam Ryan hang loose before running a race. CR Invit Lion Invit Muscatine Inv. . Bobcat Invit . . . W Miss Valley Inv. Quadrangular.. Quadrangular. .. Girls Cross Country Prairie Invit CR Invit Lion Invit Muscatine Invit Bobcat Invit W. Delaware Invit MiSs Valley Invit Quadrangular Quadrangular Racing to the end by Amy \falentine The Prairie High School cross country team had a lot of first timers and young athletes go out this year. Mr. Hawkins, the cross country coach said, “ I want them to go out and run their own race and to push themselves to get over the pain threshold, in order to improve themselves.” There were three outstanding individuals this season. Todd Henecke, a sophomore, ran third in the Mississippi Valley. Renee Andrle, a freshman, ran very well. Hawkins said she had a lot of potential. Fred Boxa, a senior, was in the top ten positions. “ Ifit wasn’t for the girls team pushing me all summer, it wouldn’t have been as much fun. They even gave me a laugh once in while,” laughed Todd Henecke. 120 A Bit on the Wild Side Back row: Javan Maehl, Brian Merta, Todd Henecke, Fred Boxa, Brian Jones, Jeremy Kalous, Coach Robert Hawkins. Front row: Rene Andrle, Pam Ryan, Heather Schlesselman, Sara Hinds, Heather Balog. Absent: Randy Rowray, Kyle Kalous, Mindy Barta, Steve Daugherty . 10th 14 th 6th 9th 6th 13th 10th 4th 4th . Delaware Inv , Country %/ 7 th 6th 5th 7th 5 th 9th 9th 3rd 3rd

get ready to play defense. Kris Kunze helps the ball over. Tonya Slezak spikes the ball to team - mates. Working together helps sophomores! by Amy Valentine “ Our motto for the season was to become a family that learned to work together, ” began Amy Hutcheson, sophomore girls volleyball coach .And that they did! With only twelve girls out this season, they became a family that never gave up . All the girls gave it their all and worked together with a winning attitude no matter what the score was. Coaching sophomore volleyball at Prairie for the first time, Amy was very pleased and satisfied with the finished season. She felt the girls had a very positive attitude toward the game, which she said she had never worked with before. “ These ladies were fun and enthusiastic throughout the entire season , : Amv Driscoll, Melissa Byerly, Rena Stepanek, Heather Allard. Back row: Ec . Tonya Slezak, Kathy Macek. AbsentrKristi Miller, Marci Brinegar, Amy Julie Bowman. my job very easy, ” revealed Hutcheson . feel these ladies will continue to improve in varsity volleyball over the years and will become very successful athletes.” A Bit on the Wild Side 121 which made “ 1

Bump, set, spike, Volleyball team is pleased with year Shari Wahlert sets the ball . Amy Stallman goes to help. WE 1 2 Jefferson 2 Regis 2 Linn- Mar 0 Jefferson 2 Lisbon 2 W Dclawarc Diane Zalesky helps the ball over, Amy Stallman and Shari Wahlert watch, ready and waiting, 2 Solon 2 Vinton 2 S Tama 3 IC City 3 Marion / THEY 1 Washington 1 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 Linn-Mar 2 Mt Vernon 2 IC West 1 Colu mb Wat 1 Kennedy 3 Linn-Mar 3 Regis Kennedy 0 Dav Centr 2 IC City 1 Bct' dorf 2 Hempstead VARSITY VOLLEYBALL by Amy Valentine “ Never waste talent . ” emphasized Juc Suddendorf, varsity volleyball coach . "Or< of the goalsI strive for each year, is to pc - ' each atlete and challangc them to reach ther potential.” With this years' captains, seniors Dia" Zalesky and Amy Stallman, the team start - off the season with a bang. Towards the . . , middle of the season they met up with tougher teams. The competition grew stre - ger. They came back , ending their seas , c with a chance to in the playoffs. Something new and different they did thyear was to set goals after each game. The; also evaluated each match. Next year Suddendorf is not going to let them make the same goals after each game. She feels the should meet them and then make new one * Suddendorf believes that pride , unity, Front row : Kathleen Riley, Andrea Hanlon, Shari Wahlert , Rhonda Bentley, Jodi Jones, Trudi Vandivier. Second row: Stacy Moran, Angie Driscoll, Diane Zalesky, Hillary VanHorn, Becky Kun/.e, Kim Weaver, Connie Fangmann. Back row : Amy Frhlc, Leigh Franc, Diane Lowe, Amy Stallman, Shana Finucane, Susan Bowersox , Marna Andrle, Kristi Scott, Kari Price, Coach Suddendorf. 122 A Bit on the Wild Side are class make or break a person. She wants to make each individual a better person. After all those hot summer practices an. the “ fun ” aerobics, the volleyball team h^ a great year. _ , . Q c 1 I

Working defensively to bump the ball over is Shari Wahlert. Amy Stallman gets ready to bump the ball. Team effort working together for a win. . r Prairie team watches closely as the ball is spiked over the net. Connie Fangmann power serves to the opponents . A Bit on the Wild Side 123

BOYS GOLF The Golf Story by Charles Rohlena The boys golf season was highlighted when they beat their cross town rival , Jefferson. The team finished ahead of 2 teams which a season record of 2 and 11. They finished 9th place in the M.V.C. conferenace with a record of 1 and 9. They finished 11th in districts with a score of388. Jonas “ The Machine” Everett said, “ Although we were crushed, although we were beat, we always were somehow, back up on our feet. Then one day we met a team that played like the living dead it seemed. We were fearless, mighty, claims, we pretty much kicked butt, and took names. Headed by Captain “ Night Train” Lane, who stroked and twinked his putts to fame. The swinging boy’s Prairie golf team, through a cloud of doubt and mystery, made a place in “ bogey” history.” Front row-Mike Wiggins, Brian Stark, Jason Furler, Justin Humfer, Matt Nading, Back row-John Conrad, Gary Mantz, Tom Meyers, Jonas Evertt, K.C. Lane Brad Schlessleman. Jonas Everett trying to crack some windows. and stacked our Kevin Pudil and Casey Lane working for the long drive. 124 A Bit on the Wfld Side

GIRLS GOLF r Mindy Barta attempts to put the ball. Marna Andrle puts to par. Lining up her shot is Traci Heilers. .eeing off to win % - . > ' dentine pha r»e girls that were out for golf this out to have fun, even though they meets. fccr season started out slow, but it really m. ~ - •' ards the end of the year. ai Baboo, head girls golfcoach responTv i I* one of those unique sports that sroy the rest of your life. Our goal m e^f- some of the basics and improve 3 ^ Jodi Wacha, Marna Andrle, Becky Kunze, Mindy Barta, and Traci Heilers. Not shown: Susan Bowersox and Angie Driscoll. A Bit on the Wild Side 125

VARSITY WRESTLING Row 1: Nancy Wright, Lori Chalupsky, Marci Andrle, Angie Zahrandnik, Julie Vlasek, Mindy Barta. Row 2: Kristie Peterson, Kelly McCoy, Heather Reed, Nikki Modracek, Kim Ingraham, Sara Eden, Nicole Frieaen, Row 3: DanOsborn,JoeVaassen, Shane Nodurft, JavanMaehl, Tim Vavra,Jeremy Stolba,Jamie Schurborn, Jeremy Kalnus Row 4: Tim Sebastian, Eric Sterling, Mike Hatcher, Josh Hayes, Matt Neuhaus, Sam Schneider, Scott Clark. Brian Padoet, Greg Robinson, Matt Patton, Jason Van Deusen. Row 5:Bob Slaton. Another big year! by Chris Reid What an outstanding year ! The Hawk wrestling team accomplished many goals this year. Seven wrestlers qualified, for the state tournament and all of them placed which was one of their goals heading into the tournament . “The wrestlers had another successful season. Their willingness to work hard resulted in a third place finish at the state tournament with seven placewinners. They were an extremely coachable and fun group to be around. They have set an example for future teams to follow.” commented coach Jim Kimball The Hawks were 9 and 0 in the conference and again MVC champions for the 3rd year in arow. The varsity squad was 11 and I overall with their only loss coming from Waterloo West. 126 A Bit on the Wild Side Varsity Wrestling We Opponent Marshalltown Bettendorf City High Linn-Mar Kennedy I.C. West Wahlert Jell' 39 63 43 65 32 53 46 23 38 6I 51 I4 erson Dub. Hempstead Dub. Senior Washington WaterltH) West They 27 8 19 5 25 ID I9 22 20 5 9 39 Sophomore Wrestling We Opponent 47 Marshalltown 78 Bettendorf 20 City High 38 Linn-Mar 35 Kennedy 78 I.C. West 72 Dub. Wahlert 29 Jefferson 32 Dub. Hempstead 43 Dub. Senior 33 Washington They 2I 0 31 28 27 0 5 40 33 19 25 Worthinqton, Shawn McNamara. Joe Kopish.Row 6: Kyle Light, Eric Robinson, Randy Rowray, Coach Smith, Coach Hardin, Coach Kimball, Chris Reid, Rob Bleakley, Dan Chadima. Steve Henecke, Shane Farr, Mike Pitt, Frank Bowman, Bret Jones, Greg Stone, Steve

/ Iw . Randy Rowary wrestling tough at state! Dan Osborn showing why he’s a two time state champ. Impressive competition at the state tournament. Dan Osborn keeping the Hawk winning streak alive! 128 A Bit on the Wild Side

Puttin the legs in for a tight hold . Nice cradle Mike! * J.V. wrestler working hard for a shot at the varsity neup next year! A Bit on the Wild Side 129

_ FRONT ROW Greg Canning,Chris Bowersox,Steve Daugherty,Mike Kleppe. Brad Schlesselman,Shawn Nove ,Jeff Morris,Keith Cleppe Everett,Trent Minshall .Troy Terronez. BACK ROW Gary Mantz.Phil Gruwcll , .K.C. Lane,Jason Furler.J .J . Garrels. New coach leads successful squad by Chris Reid The Prairie Boys basketball team encountered tough competition this season but managed to win the Mississippi Valley Conference championship. Although the team was without their head coach , Denis Thiessen , for several games the group beat some very successful teams. When Steve Daughtery, a senior player, was asked about the coaching change he replied,’Tt was hard to change from last year to this year but I think our offence was better due to the change. The team was lead by seniors Troy Terronez and Steve Daughtery. Another leader was sophomore Mike Kleppe which will be a real help for the Hawks in the next couple of years. 130 A Bit on the Wild Side Troy Terronez takes aim at the free throw line during the packed Linn Mar game. .Jeff Schulte.Pat Weldi'cAaron VIcko.Rick Burgin.Justin HupferJor. > Varsity Boys Basketball We Opponent 74 Water. West 68 Jefferson 61 Washington 64 Dub. Senior 65 Waterloo E. 47 Linn- Mar 86 Marion 79 I .C. West 60 Regis 92 Dub. Hempstead 58 Kennedy 81 Jefferson 70 Dub. Wahlert 67 City High 75 Dub. Wahlert 62 Jefferson 85 LaSalle 74 Kennedy 79 Linn- Mar 69 City High 79 Muscatine 61 City High They 69 76 45 45 75 65 54 57 61 82 62 80 68 62 67 70 76 71 60 67 68 68

Tri» . rtronez drives and makes the mm far Prairie ! TVoy Terronez and Mike Cleppe carefully eye the mid- air ball and wait for a chance at a rebound. Lane pumps in a shot as Brad Schlesselman and Mike Cleppe back him Brad Schlesselman shoots for two! A Bit on the Wild Side 131

SOPHOMOREBOYS BASKETBALL BACK ROW Jason Schulte,Todd Henecke,Chad Steele,Brette Dostal FRONT ROW Chad Darrow,Rich Gatrelle .Tadd Andrle . Eric Smith ,Brian Macek, .Jason Fish ,Frank Santee ,Ben Colson. Young team | gains useful experience by Chris Reid The 1988-89 Prairie Sophomore Boys Basketball Team was 4-15 overall and 2-12 in the Mississippi Valley Conference.The team was short on numbers with only twelve young men on the squad. Add to this, the fact that several players were injured and the flu struck hard this season. Coach Schenkelbcrg felt the team worked hard and made progress during the season. Many of their games were close and could have easily gone either way. “ With some hard work in the off season and some fine senior leadership I ’m confident these young men will develop into a strong varsity club next season” commented coach Paul Schenkelberg. Getting a little elbow action during the sophomore game against the lions. 132 A Bit on the Wild Side , Brent McMullen

Sophomore Girls Basketball 5: > %L *? rJ * /v A Xtrt.i left to rightT > Angie Osland, Tbnya Meyer, Anedrea Ikeda , Stephanie Olson, Kendall. 2nd row left to right- Amy Driscoll, Ionia Bailsl , Stephanie ?m« rUind , Katie Engel , Eric Snider Coach. — Team Gains Experience - I T Ann Carlson - WLL ax 'A _ e Sophomore Girls Basketball team in a lot of Basketball games but per ssson was a great season. . ris learned a lot about teamwork fca. great sportmanship. With an ending c eight people all the girls were great Iqppcrt for one another. Coach Snider they r.- The girls weren ’t losers hanJ and never gave up. " — fan Bails, who average 15 points a pr received an award lor best offensive fecr: Amy Driscoll received an award for !fec defensive player. Best of luck to the Lri r:Hires in their future seasons. The acs .-led their season 0-17. Hawk team fighting for the ball Tonya Meyer shoots the ball Andrea Ikeda blocks the ball iJA, mm M&m f i Hawks jumping for the ball A Bit on the Wild Side 133

Swish! Way to shoot Connie Fangmann. Hrst Row' Year was terrific! by Amy Valentine Varsity basketball at Prairie had a very exciting and prosperous year. The girls set 14 new school records,some being: most points in a game, most points scored by an individual (shirley VanThournout ), most assists in a game, (Connie Fangmann) and best season free throw points ( Diane Lowe) . The Hawks advanced to the regional semi- finals against 12th rated Vinton and lost a very heartbreaking 45-44 game to them. ment. Several girls went on to earn post-season honors. Connie Fangmann made first team All-conference and Metro. Shirley VanThournout made second team All-conference and Metro. Diane Zalesky had to cut her season short because ofa serious knee injury but still made the second team All Metro. All in all. ihe Prairie Varsity girls had a very successful and memorable season. 134 A Bit on the Wild Side Vinton went on to the state tourna: Elizabeth Loll , Amy Osborn, Joey Santee, Connie Fangmann, Diane Zalesky, Cindy Hardin, Tina Nemecek, Theresa McGivern , Debbie Shramek. Second Row: Dan Bubon,coach, Marna Andrle, Susan Bowersox, Diane Lowe, Amy Stallman, Shana Finucane, Shirley VanThournout, Angie Driscoll , Tonya Slezak, Brenda McGurk, asst, coach, Eric Snider, asst, coach. Lady Hawks go for the rebound.

mm Ready to catch the ball is Tonya Slezak. The team warming up for a win . VARSITY It (ftwwi Kennedy USalle , ie&rson U Dx Senior CR Washington LanMar Ck> High Wst LC. CR Kennedy GIRLS BASKETBALL They 65 47 81 73 74 57 53 &4 Linn Mar 53 48 CR JcITcrson C*x Hempstead 55 68 Dbq. Wahlert CR Lasalle 49 84 Marion 67 55 city High 66 CR Jefferson 52 CR Regis 25 ' Dbq. Wahlert 58 CR Kennedy 50 Norway 05 Amana 44 Vinton 69 73 71 57 62 76 79 66 91 44 45 A Bit on the Wfld Side 135

’re by Amy Valentine Girls track was off and running this season. One reason might be that they ha\ r more girls that went out for track this year Last year they only had seven girls out Another reason might be that they have far from being “ new” ^a _ new coach. Scott Joens is their new coach. But he is at track and fie Scott was a graduate from Prairie and was always involved in track and field events. IE fact all of his brothers and sisters were involved in track also. Hanging loose at a track meet is part of the boys and girls track team. Photos by Mama Andrle Amy Stallman working hard to finish the race. Tonya Bails striving for the line. 136 A Bit on the Wild Side

Swimming j Getting prepared for the meet. They’re off! f k There they go. Marla Wessel and Jenni Maehl A Bit on the Wild Side 137

BOYS TRACK t Photos by Mike Finn, Steve Daugherty, and Paula Novak Surprising Season by Chris Reid “ This year is more thanI ’ d ever dream it to be” , commented coach Hawkins. The season started out the way a coach can appreciate starting slow and building up at the Dickinson relays, early in the season, the hawks didn’t place but they did win the Prairie relays later in the year. Some of the track stars that will be going to state are Gary Kalous in the shot put competition , Steve Daughtery in the high jump, which was last years state champ and Jason Joens in the discuss throwing competition. Steve Daughtery commented, “ I think we surprised alot of people this year. Everything that we did well last year has improved this year.” 138 A Bit on the Wild Side ' - 'mm State champ Steve Daughtery easily clearing the bar. : f . ' if mm Jeff Schulte coming around the bend.

Fred Boxa giving a little extra effort to widen the gap. Jason Umstead kicking in the Prairie pride. Todd Henecke with a commanding lead. Leading the attack is Fred Boxa. A Bit on the WDd Side 139

Girls’ Tennis “ Loving” the game by Amy \folentine I’m sure a lot of you probably think that tennis would be boring. Sure, you watch it on television and see people turning their heads from side to side looking like robots. But, the game of tennis is a very competetive, strenuous, and excjiting game to watch or play. You might even be able to get some pointers from Lynn Driscoll, head girls tennis coach, Daryl Bogner, head boys tennis coach, or even Mrs. Cole-Reid. So, why not give tennis a try, you might like it. Photos by Mama Andrle Lauri Reed awaits the approach of the ball . Watch out , Tinker Hall , don get hit with the tennis ball! ’ t - .1 Tinker Hall strikes the ball over the net. Van Nguyen, ready and waiting for the ball. 14Q A Bit on the Wild Side Elizabeth Loll going for the ball .

BOYS TENNIS Tennis Team is Popular Sport The boys tennis team came out with a record of1 -8. SeniorJ. R . Moses said , “ I’ m proud Bogner added colorfully, , Neubaur said, a good shot at Wimbleton .” Sr. Keith “ I agree , plus I had a great of what the Prairie boys tennis team does.” Mr. “ the boys learned a lot , and we have a few guys that have time.” Aaron Neighbor said, “ he was proud to serve under such a great wonder like Mr. Bogner. He also added thateven though the year wasn’t very successfulI really learned a lot .” Photos by Jeff Volesky Boggs gives some friendly advice. Aaron Neighbor shows great style. Rich Shimon has some real tough competiA Bit on the Wild Side 141

VARSITY BASEBALL * < m Jeff Schulte-20, Eric Schneider-2, Kendall Street-16, Mike Hatcher Chris Bowersox & Matt Hatcher 142A Bit on the WDd Side

Photos by Marna Andrle Baseball season to begin by Jenni Williams Softball team feels pressure By Shirley VanThournout Yearbook Guest Reporter This year 's 1989 softball team has a lot of pressure put on them because of last year's winning of the Mississippi Valley Conference. But with alot of work, ahd i the right attitude, it should be no sweat to recapture the title. With one of the best pitchers in the conference and 4 other returningl . the team's looking pretty good . Seniors who will be leaving Con - the team this year are: nie Fangmann, pitcher; Amy stallman, 1 st base; Angie Driscoll, 2nd base; Joey Santee , 3rd base; Shirley Van Thournout, short stop; Renee Henderson, center field; and Dana Center, right field. ettermen> At the beginning of the 89’ seaY * * r son Mr. Schenkelberg will be start - n§hs 3rdyear coaching varsity His goals for the season baseball. are to to finish in the top1 / 2 of the conference. Also hopes to win the Metro tournament, and District ti - tle. Coach Schenkelberg’s overall wins/loses are 23 wins, 35 loses (approx .) There are five returning letter - men this year. Troy Terronez (pitcher), Jeff Schulte (pitcher), Tim Smith (3rd base), Kendall Street ( catcher) , and Steve Kendall Street and Troy Terronez Daugherty (will be playing 3rd base this season ). Kendall, Troy, Tim, and John * ft% 1 W — $ ° I ri . —v—ir WIBS - 2^30 y % A Bit on the Wild Side 143 -

Team effort around the ball. 144A Bit on the Wild Side

SOCCER Soccer team gains helpful J experience by Chris Reid ' The 1989 soccer season started out rough. The seventeen players worked hard but lost .heirfirst 4games.Curt Hynek will go down in the history books as being the first soccer player toscore a goal for the Prairie Hawks : uring the Dubuqe Senior game. " • Thescore board is not what is important , . hatis important is that you do the best you : an do. ” commented Dennis Getz. Thiswas the first year thesoccer team was involved in inferencegames. Although the Hawks had a tough season they will learn many things that will help them succeed in the years to come . Defensive action > k Heading for a score! A Bit on the Wild Side 145

Mini Courses Jason tierryhill's photo mini course photo of Shelly Odum and Joel Hansen. Sam Schneider is in great form throwing a strike ball during mini -courses. "Schenk" is with his team. Matt Denning shoots a photo of himself arid Chad Kanke in the mirror in photo mini During mini -course 146 A Bit on the Wild Side . -course, girls learned techniques for eye make-up.

Mr. Jennings is getting anxious to start mini - courses! Shelly Odum shot this iris from Pauline’s garden for her project Photos and captions by Cory Stockton unless otherwise noted. . Joel Hansen and his twin brother Leoj for Shelly Odum during photo mini -course. pose A Bit on the Wild Side 147

Native Talent Day!!! Chris Volk talks to one of the volunteers Looks like an interesting career. Students talk to teachers on THEIR careers. by Laura Buwalda Native talent day was on April 25 this year all of the students attended and spoke to people in the career that they were interested in . Sharlene Nichols said “ It was a great oppurtunity I got to talk to a lot of people . “ Bridget Hommrighausen says she learnsd alot. However Brad Yousse says he thought it was boring and a waste of time . Mike Kleppe and Chad Darrow read all about the career of their choice.

WHAT A FISH! Doug Meyer caught this trout during his outing May 31 on the fishing (Photo by Jason Berryhill, -course.) mini-course. on his photography mini A Bit on the Wild Side 149


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Kim, Kelly, DeAnn, Amy, To all my SENIOR buds — Lisa All of you are special to me for differentreasons and I 'm really gonna miss you guys! Love Kim Kim Watch out for them ceiling fans Love, Kelly - - Paula To one of the best - friends anyone could ask for!I will never ever forget the good times . Thanks for everything. Love Always Kim Kelly Thanks for the last year and a half, it’s been the thebest!I love you. Kim —It’s been the BEST!! LOVE Denise Nik, What's grosser than gross? To my friends: Best of luck Rob, Thanks for all you've done. It's been great! Love to all I'll miss you. Love, Denise Terry To my best friend Kelly l love you deeply! Jota Thanx for all the great times!VU neverforget you ! Lets keep in touch. LoveYa Weav Hey, Hey, Heey Dragon #72 Hey Dead, Love ya, Man John- My last year has been great and I appreciate everything You've done for me! Remember I will al - ways care for you I Love I Monica S - n - S Renee aims for state. 156 A Bit on the WDd Side

To my best friends - Love DeAnn C. luck in your future years Keep in touch forever. best of . . Phyl ’s learning a new trade. DeAnn- Remember Hallo Amy, Kel — - - ween? The little red love machine Love Jamie — Seniors Rule!! Nik, Watch out for them busses!!!! Russ & Berger Thanks for / / - listening to me all those times about appreciate it. Love DeAnn TURISMO! — Sorry! Hey 1/2 dead. Love ya, Mari. Nik, Any lately? Bye Guys : Jamie- Kelly Amy B- Amy V Carey - - - - Monica- Denise- Laura Kim P- Kim W- Paula Michelle I - Love DeAnn A Bit on the Wild Side 157 I pooch! To my friends at state; O’ CONTRARE MOFRARE! Love DeAnn Thanx for the GREAT smelling bath room!! Love Kelly & Kim - - ly, & Jamie Kool it Koolaid! 1

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Carey- Monica Bugina- Why are you so green? Why am 1 so pur - Jamie we are quite the me chanics aren't we Michelle B- You are the SAFEST driver in the world.. Love DeAnn T I Good bye Seniors Good Luck to all of you.. Love DeAnn I r I I 1 T To “ The Groupies” espe - - cially SMITTY, DIESEL, DANIMAL, SHIMBON ERS, “ Z", ROSCO, AMY, CRAIG FROM Finner, Jake, Stevey Keddy, Thanks for making this year the most enjoyable year of my life! Loverboy Jamie- Want to tour Des Moines at 2:00 in the morn ing again. Love DeAnn Best wishes to all my SENIOR friends!! Michel le Borwig - Mindison, Thanks for be - ing the bestest friend any one could ever have. I promise me and Melissa won't kill you. Love Ya, Kimbo - - like jumping the ESCORT!! Love DeAnn ple? (Don't Stare!) B/F Di Bone - Susie - Just checking? You bloody ol fool! Remember Danny Bool!! Love DeAnn - Hey Rat Pack! What will I do without you. Rock at the River Bottom Love Ya All Crash Christensen Bugina- Thanks for being there for me. Best friends Always Di Bone Listening in class. A Bit on the Wild Side 159

INDEX \ I i Seniors Andersen, Terry 44 Anderson, Jennifer 44, 57, 102 Anderson , Rex 44, 57 Anderson, Tracy 44 . 100 , Andrle, Tami 44, 57, 70 Avis, Lisa 25 Bails, Richard 44 Ballard. Jason 44. 57 Barrette, Eugene 57, 6 Barta, Mindy 44, 57, Bauernian, Scott Behrens, Jill 44, 57 Bergdale, Amy 44, 57 Berger, Anthony 26, 57 161, 174 Birch, Susan 44, 57 Bleakley, Rob 14, 44 114, 120 r r . 57, 116, 117 Boddicker, Sean 45 Borwig, Michelle 45, 57, 69, 174 Bowersox, Susan 15, 45, 57, 122, 134, 100 Boxa, Fred 19, 45, 57, 120, 139 Braun, Kathy Buresh, John 45, 57, 93 Burgin, Richard 45, 57, 100, 102 Burton, Luisa 45 Buscher, Matt 45, 57 Buwalda, Laura 45, 57 Bys, Terri 45, 57 Canning, Greg 16, 45, 116 Cannon, Jamie 10, 45, 102 Carlson, DeAnn 16, 18, 45, 26, 57 , Carnahan, Carey 14, 15, 45, 57, 114 Center, Dana 45, 30 . 57, 100, 136 Chadima, Dana 6, 14, 45, 57, 100. 116 Chalupsky, Lori 21, 46, 57, 32, 102, 114 Christensen, Monica 24, 46, 57, 71, 174 Claassen, Chris 18, 46, 59 Coleson, Frank 21, 46, 57, 101 Coleson, Kim 46, 57, 100 Cooper, Mike 46 Craft, Jack 46, 57, 102 Cross, Paula 46, 57 Cummings, Lisa 46, 57, 100 Daugherty, Steve 46, 57, 61, 120, Davis, Troy 46 Day, Tim 46 Delfs, Kristen 46 Dennis 136, 138, 13 < 174 ' A quiet discussion between friends during Prcm. Shawn Wade really knows how to attract the women! 57 Andrle. Marca 19. 14, 44, 57, 21, 114 Andrlc, Marna 19, 44, 57, .44, 57, 73, 100 122, 134, 14 A i i \ i i ~\ i 1 j - — I i \ . Shelly 7, 10, 21 Dietz, Susan 46, 50 Driscoll . 25, 46, 57, 102, 101 . Angie 15, 46, 57, 74, 100, 122, 134 Dziewanouski, Deanna 46, 57 Eadic, Trent 47, 57, 139 Eidemiller, Trent 47, 57 Eidemiller, Troy 47 Engel. Ben 47 . 57 . 57 . 92, 100 160 A Bit on the Wild Side Our cute cheerleaders show off their amazing talent at the student-facult basketball game.

i lty f I Finger, Brad Finn, Mike 7 Fisher, Aren 47 Fisher, Drew 47. 57 Foubert, Trudy 47. 57 Franc, Leigh 47, 57, 71, Glandon. Rodney 47, 57 Greenman. Shannon 47, Gruwell, Phil 47, 57 Hahn, Kimberly 48, 57 Hain, Jackie 48, 57 Harapot, Andre 48, 57 Hasson , John 7, 48, 58, 116 Hauser, Chris 48, 58, 100 Heilers, Traci 48, 58 Henderson, Renee 48. 58 I Fangmann. Cctne -. .75, 124 Everett, Jonas <7 57 - 7. 57, 122, 134 . 47, 57. 74, 116, 136, 160 . 102, 162 122 Garrels, John 14. 47, 57, 160 57 T I T Dirk 48, 58, 101 I Hiles, Craig 14, 48 Hinds, Sara 48, 58, 114, 120 Hinzman, Lisa 48, 58 Hoefer, Tim 48, 58 Homrighausen, Bridget 48, 58, 173 Hosch, Bren 48, 58 Ikeda, John 48, 58, 116 Jacquet, Jeager. Russ 16, 48 . 58, 93, 116 Jeffrey, Jason 49, 58, 76,93 Jennings, Joy 49 Joens, Jason 14, 49, 58, 116, 136, Johnson, Renee 49 Johnson, Stacy 49 Kalous, Gary7, 49, 58, 116 Kalous, Kyle 49, 58, 120 Kendall, Tim 49, 58 Kiefer, Tina 49, 58 Kies, Shane 49, 58 138 I I T 1 Kirk, Teresa 49, 58 Kness, Mike Knowlton, Kirsten 49, 173 Koutny, Kelly 16, 26, 49, 58, 71, 174 Kriegal , Mary 49, 58 Kunze, Becky 49, 58, 122 Lamparek, Raelyn 49, 58 Lane, K .C. 49, 58, 124 LeClere, Steve 50, 85, 100 Ledvina, Kurt 50 Legate, Linda 59 Leitheiser, Troy 50, 58 Liedtke, Jason 7, 50, 58 Light, Kyle 50 Lindsey, Lee 50 Lins, Marc 50, 58, 100, 116 Lizarraga, Denise 18, 50, 58 Lowe, Diane 14, 50, 58, 122, 134 Meade, Mike X Is this why they call us Cow Pie High? 1 1 I I I I f Tina Thcmas attacks Beth Lightfoot with bubbles while Terry Anderson looks on. A Bit on the Wild Side 161

Jason Berryhi11 says "Don't you even think of taking my picture." Don't let Diesel-mania go wild on you! f 4 Drew Fisher finds a different way of transportation to school. Our school nurse pauses to greet the next injured student. Mehaffey. Chris 50, 58 Meyers, Steve 50, 116 Michalec, Jim 57, 58 Mittman , Randy 57, 58 Morris Moses, Jr. 51, 58 McCormick, Jennifer 7 . Jeff 51, 58, 102 . 116 . 30. 50. 58 McCrea. Tim 14, 50. 58. 100 McLaskey, Melissa 50, 58 McLaud. Chad 50, 58. 93 McNeal. Mike 50, 58 Nading, Matt 57, 124 Neal, Jeff 51 Neighbor, Aaron 51, 58, 141 Nelson. Richard 51. 58 Ncubaucr, Keith 51, 58. 141 Newlon, Carrie Nguyen. Van 57. 58, 140 Nichols, Sharlene 57, Noble, Chris 6, 57, 59 Northrup. Jesse 51, 58, 116 Northrup, Shannon 51 Osborn, Curt 57 , 58, 116 Palas, Kimberlee 15, 52, 58 Pearson, Casey 52, 58, 116 Pernika , Tami 52, 58 Peterson , Kristie 14 . 25, 52, 58, 102 Peterson. Tina 52, 58, 100 Platten, Lisa 21, 52 Posekany, John 52. 58 . 58 Powers, Dena 52, 58, 100 Pudil Quinlan, . 101 . Kevin 52, 58, 116, 124 Pulver, Barb25, 52. 58. 171 Sue Rairdin, Darrell 16, 52, 59 Rathjens, Mindy 52, 59 114. 175 1&2 A Bit on the Wild Side Reedy, Louis 59 Regan. Jodie 11, 52 . 59, 100 Reid. Chris 52, 59, 93, 116, 117, 174 Reiff, Laura 52, 59, 86 Reynolds, Matt 52, 59 Rigel, Ronda 53, 59, 162 Rissman, Jason53, 59 Robinson, Eric 53, 59 . 76 Rohlena, Charles 26, 53, 59, 93. 98. 116, 17< Roscovius, Jody 53, 85. 102 Rowray. Randy 24, 53, 59 Ryan . Pamela 14, 53, 59, 101 , 114. 120 Sanborn, Kevin 53, 59, 116 Sanford, Nick 53, 116 Santee, Joey 7, 10 Schneider, Charlotte 53 Schneiter, Jane 54 Schropp, Jennifer 30 . 14. 53, 59, 134 Schlesselman, Brad 6, 14, 53, 59. 124 , 160 . 53, 59, Schulte. Jeff 7, 14, 53, 59, 116. 117, 162 Ronda Rigel is found visiting over the phone in the lobby.

Jaime Bush and Amy Valentine enjoy a time-out from their cheerleading duties. Urbanek, Brian 59 Valentine, Amy 54, 59, 71, 114, 174 Valentine, Tammy 54, 59 Van Thournout, Shirley 54, 59, 102, 134 Yousse, Brad 16, 55, 59 Zahradnik, Angelia 21, 59, 101 Zalesky, Diane 7, 59, 102, 122, 134 Zbanek, Bill 55 Zierath, Candace s Mrs. Roberta Reid — "Bert"—quietly works at her desk in the main office, unaware the cameraiis watching. l I 1 I I — I I "It 's been a great year and a learning experience Pam Ryan ." JL I Chris "Bubba " Reid overpowers his opponent at the state wrestling competition. I I T A Bit -on the Wild Side 163 I I I 1 I I

Juniors Alkire, Jeann 68 Anderson, David Bails, Christine 68 Baker, Patrick 60, 100 Becicka, Jodi 60 Bednarowicz, Dave 60 Bentley, Rhonda 60, 100, 122 Berryhill, Jason 60, 71, 102 Bessert, Paul Blanchard, Scott 60 Bland, Kassandra 60 Bowers . Brooke 60 Bowersox, Christopher 60 Bowman, Frank 12, 60 Boyle, James 60 Buresh, Dawn 60, 100 Buresh, James 7, 60 Burrow, Tim 60 Bush,Jaime 6, 60, 100, 114 Bryne, Kenny 68 Campbell, Kevin Carnahan, Lynnette 61, 114 Chadima, Darick 61, 100, 116 Christensen, Teresa 100, 102 Clark, Bobbie 61 Clark, Kathryn 68 Cleppe, Keith 61, 69 Conaway, Tammy Cronbaugh, Phil 61, 116 Davidson, Tracy 61 Davis, Jeff 61 Davis, Troy Dean, Talee 61 Denning, Jeremy Divishek, Shelley 61 Downs, Tyrone 61 Drahos, Tammy 61 Eckley, Brian Erhle, Amy 61, 122 Eiselstein, Casey Elliff, Jeffery 7 Engledow, Steve 61, 63, 116 Erne, Dana 61, 76 Faltis, Matt 61, 100, 116 Finucane, Shana 68, 102, 103, 122, 134 Foust, Katherine 62, 100 Furler, Jason 62, 103,.124 Grabe, Jon 62, 116 Gruwell, Anita 62 Hall, Travena 62, 140 Hamer,Abby 62 Hanlon, Andrea 62, 100, 114, 122 Hansen, Chad Hansen, Joel 21 Haidin, Cindy 62, 134 Harris, Tim 62 Harvey, Deanna 62, 30 Hasler, Erika 62 Headington, Amy 62 Henecke, Steve 62, 116 Hepker, Staci 62 Hines, Keith 62, 116 Holte, Melaine Houts, Donna 68 Huelsenbeck, Bart 62 Hupfer, Justin 63 164 A Bit on the Wild Side Mr. Fearing's calculus class congratulates him on being honored by the University of Iowa as outstanding teacher. I x

p Simon says close your eyes! Huyck, Aaron 63 Hyneck, Curt 68 Janey, Shannon 63 Jans. Melissa 63, 96, 100 Jones . Jodie 63, 100, 122 Jones. Lynn 63, 100 Junge, Jacey 63 Kahl . Allison 63 Keller, Heather 63 Kelso. Carrie Kleinmeyer, Tyera 63 Kioubec, Jeremy 63 Kc- pish. Joseph 63 Krahmer, David 63 Kruger. Phil 63 Lass. Brad Latuska . Darren 116 L:ghtfoot. Bethany 64 Lindermann, Debbie Lmt. Jodie Loel. Elizabeth 64 . 100. 134. 140 . 116 Loney, Wendy 64 Mantz, Gary Maresh , Dana 64 . 100 May, Mark 7 Meyer, Linda 7, 68 Minshall, Trent 25, 68 Moran. Stacy 64 . 114 , 122 Moses, Dana 64, 100 Moyle, Jeff 64, 116 Murphy, Tracie 64 McDonald, Shawn 100 McCormick, James 64 McCoy, Kelly 64 . 100 McGivern, Theresa 64. 100, 134. 136 McLaud, Danelle 64 Nelson. Tami 16, 64, 100 Nemecek. Tina 64. 134 Neuhaus, Chris 64, 100 Nizolek, Jonathan 65 Nordurft. Shane 65 Northrup, Darcy Michelle Borwig and Connie Fangmann eagerly head to school for another exciting day. Northrup, Shannon Novak, Lori 65 Nove, Shawn 65, Odum. Shelly 100 116 Ortmann, James 99 Osborn, Amy 65, 100, 134 Osborn, Dan 65 Osborn, Kim 65 Paige, Matt Palmer, Theresa 61, 65, 91 Panos, Dave 65 Patton. Annette 65 Paul. Debra 65 Pence, Mark Perkins, Matt Perrin , David 65, 116 Peterson, Robbie 65 Pisarik , Toni 15 Pitt , Mike 65 Pizel, Kelly 65 Plotz, Jennifer 66 ! Our honor students wait to the side as the rest of the students get their awards. A Bit on the Wild Side »65

Plummer, Mike Poundstone, Jodi 66, 100 Price , Kari 25 , 122 Reed , Heather 66, 70, 71, 102 , 103 Reed , Lauri 66, 140 Reedy, Phillip 66 Riechmann, Angie 66, 100 Riley, Kathy 66, 122 Rizzio, Scott 66 Robinson, Greg 66, 76 Rusk, Chad Rydell , Nikki 66, 100 Sanborn, Kurt 66 Schlueter, Chad 66, 102, 103 Schneider, Sam 66 Scott , Kristi 66, 122 Shebetka, Paul 66, 116 Shramek , Debbie 67, 134 Sigmund , Mark 1 I I I I I I help Shana Finucane Don is holding an ice cube tray as he poses in life skills class. Sirowy, Dawn 67 Slaton, Scott 67 Slaton, Vernon 67 Smyth , Tim 67 , 116 , 136 Snell , Nichole 7, 67 Snyder, Angie 67 Speers, Beth 67 Stahl , Rich 67, 116 Stark, Brain 7, 67, 84 Sterling, Elissa 67, 100 Stockton, Cory 67 Stone, Greg 67 Sturtz, Michele 67 Tedrow, Scott 67 Terpkosh, Connie 67 Tomas, Melissa 68 Tri , Rob 68 Trpkosh , Trent 68, 116 Trumpold , Jeff 68, 100 I I I 1 I T I I T I I I I I I I I 1 Must be a discussion Van Amburg, Phil 68, 116 Vance , Lyle Van Damme, Dawn Van Horn , Hillary 68, 84, 100 , 122 Van Lancker, Tina 15, 68 Vandivier, Trudi 68, 122 Vaughn, Tony 68, 116 Viall, Todd 68 Vlcko, Aaron 68, 116 Weber, Karen 68 Webster, Lora 68, 100 Wehr, Paul 12, 68 Weldon , Pat 68, 71 Weldon, Jennifer 7, 68, 71, 171 Wheeler, Brian Williams, Arleen Worley, Tina 68 Worthington, Steve 68, 91 Yirkovsky, Marcia I Early dismissal is one of the priveleges many students enjoy. 166 A Bit on the WDd Side Carrie Price sleeps on the bus on the way horns from a track meet. I I I I 1 I

Sophomores Achey, Mark 100, 70 Allard , Heather 121 , 70 Andersen , Paul 70 Anderson , Debra 100 , 10, 70 Andrle . Tadd 70 Bails. Tonia Bares. Melissa 70, 114 Barnett. John 70 Becicka. David 70 Balog Bednarowicz , David 3eebe Bennett. Darla 70 Berner, Steve 70 . Heather 120, 100, 70 . Carrie 70 Berstler, Tara 100, 70 Blanchard , Scott Boardman , James 70 Borseth , Jennifer 70 Breckc , Alissa 77 Brecke , Michelle 77 Brown. Nick 118 , 77 Byerly, Melissa 121, 100 , 70 Cannon, Chris Carnahan , Robert 70 Caviness, Stephen 70 Clark , Scott 77 Coleson , Ben 70 Conard , John Conner, Jim 71 Cooper, Keith Coppess , Matt 118, 71 Darrow, Chad 118, 71 Davis , Kenny 71 Dawson ,Tracy 114 , 71 Demeulenaerc , Jodi 100 , 71 Denning , Jeremy Dicus, Pat 71 Doan , Hoang 71 Dostal , Brette 118 , 71 Driscoll, Amy 121, 100, 71, 114 Eden, Sara 100, 114, 71 Ekberg, Darren 77, 71 Elliff, Beth 6, 114 Engel , Katie 100, 71 Farr, Shane 118 , 71 Felder, Rick Fish, Jason 118 , 71 Flcndcr. Mike 118, 71 Frieden , Nichole 114. 71 , 100 Frisbie , Brian 77 Gatrellc, Rich 118, 100, 71, 7 Goddard , Chris 71 Gordon , Marty 77 Grissel, Tim 71 Hanke, Doug 72, 31 Here are sane biology students in action. A This kind of parking should make Floyd Smith proud. A Bit on the Wild Side 167

Haren , Troy 72 Hardman , Jeff 118 , 72 Hardy, Adam 118 , 72 Hatcher, Mike 77 Hayes . Josh 118, 72 Hein. Josh 84, 77 Henecke, Todd 120, 72 Hittie , Scott 72 Hofmaster, Kariann 72 , 114 Holub , Jeanna 72 Homrighausen , Nathan 72 Hosch , Maria 72 , 114 Howell .Dan 118 , 119, 72 Ikeda. Andrea 100, 72 Ingraham ,Kim 72, 114 Jahnei , Tally 114 , 72 Jennings, Tina 72 Jensen , Don Johnson , Greg 72 Kalous. Jeremy 114. 120 , 72 Kankc , Chad 72 , 77 Kelley, Toby Kendall , Jennifer 72, 100 King . Chris 73 Kleppc , Mike 118 , 73 Kloubec, Monte 73 Kolsrud , Michelle Krob, Julie 73, 100 Kunze , Kris 121 , 73 Sophcniores Jennifer Kendall, Alissa Brecke, Katie Engel, and Jo Peterka enjoy a delicious after school lunch. t Lampe, Teresa 73 Leaven , Mike 73 Lefebure , Robert 73 Lemburg , Bonnie 73 Leonard , Angie 73 Lyman. Chris 73 Macek , Brian 73 Macek. Kathy 121, 100 . 73 «4 fl % 4* 4 % V 0 % r / . 11 Keith Hines sits in the student section at a game. 168 A Bit on the Wild Side Mackey, Andy 73 Maehl , Jennifer 100, 73 Marlow, Kevin 73 Martin , Lesley 73 Martin , Robert 73 Martinson , Allen 73, 100 Mather. Scott 73, 100 % Merritt, Tina Merta, Brian 120, 74 Merta, Kim 114 , 74 Meyer, Doug Meyer, Jon 100, 74 Meyer . Sonya 74 Meyer, Tonya 74 Meyers, Scott 118 , 74 Mienke, Bernard Miner, Mike Mitchell. Troy 74 Modracek, Nikki 114. 74 Mouchka, Angie 74 McCalley, Kerry i i i i T i I i

J I Friendly smiles in the single aisle at the school store. McLaskey, Jeff 100, 74, 96 McLearnon, Shawnell 114, 74 McMullen, Brent 74 Novak, Paula 14 , 6, 1 - 14, 74 Neal , Troy 74 Nicholas, Shcllie 114 , 74 Olson , Angie 77 Olson , Brian 74 Olson, Stephanie 100, Carrie Beebe and Angie Olson are caught near the trophy 74 Osborn, William Osland , Angie 6, 114 , 74 Palmer, Matt 75 Patterson, Kelly 16, 75 Patton , Matt 75 Paul , Kathleen Peterka, Jo 114, 75 Phillip, Heather 100, 77 Postl , Kent 75 Prochaska, Steve Prull , Brian 118 , 75 Pudil , Chad 75 Rairdin , Dennis 75 Randall, Kristophers 75 Reif, Michelle 75 Reincrt , Sabre 77 Roberts, Bryce 75 Rummells, Jim 118 , 75 Sackett, Victor 118, 75 Sanford , Amber 75 I Santee , Frank 118 , 75 Sawin , Don Schurbon , Jamison Schulte , Jason 75 Sebastian , Tim 75 Serbousek, Joel 75 Shedeck , Todd 75 Shelton , Roy Sherman, Sherri 114 Skalsky, Shai 76 Slaton , Bobby 99 Slezak , Todd 118 , 76 Slezak, Tonya 121 , 134 , 135 , 76 Smith , Eric 118, 76 Smith , Jeni 76 Spraque , Laurel Staab , Dustin 76 Steele, Chad 76 Stepanek , Rena 121 , 76 Suthers, Brian 76 Tjelmeland , Stephanie 100, 114, 76 Turner, Kyle 118 , 7, 76 Turner, Monica 76 Van Deusen , Jason 118 , Vavra , Tim 76 Vogt , Sean Volesky, Steve 76 Van Liennon , Don 76 Wacha , Jon 76 Walderbach , Joleen 76 Walker, Jason 76, Walter,. Jason 77 Weaver , Jennifer 100 , 74, 77 Wood , Erik 118 , 77 I I I I I T I I T "Cheerleading and Band have been my greatest accomplishments of the year." — I T 1 T Andrea Hanlon I I I i I I T I I I I I 1 I T A Bit on the Wild Side 169 I I I 1 1

Administration Faculty; Staff Aune , Craig 100, 81, 15 Bach, William Dr.; Superintendent Becicka, Bonnie; Transportation Behrends, Kevin 118 , 81 Britcher, Phyl 10, 14 Bender, Sharon 8, 80, 25 Bogner, Darrel 80 Bostuick, Robert; Administrtive Assistant Bubon , Dan 80,134 Campbell , Mary 80 Canney, Gloria 80 Christensen, Bonnie Cole-Reid, Sharon 81 Cox, Caryn Crow, Karen Dennis, Karen Donoghue, MaryAnn Duffy, Beth 31, 80, 102, 103 Elgas, Ron Fearing, Ken 81 Fisher, JoAnn 81 Goldsberry, Connie Griffin, Dan Harms, Barb Hawkins, Robert Hawkins, Vicki 80 Hein , Linda 81 Hining, Chuck 80 Jelinek , Craig 81, 116 Jennings, Robert Johnson, Ed 81, 116 Jones, Cathy 80 Knowlton, JoAnn Kimball, Jim 81 Lamphier, Pauline Maas, A1 80, 18 Malatek, Leslie Malone, Bonnie 18, 80 Marquardt-Hartke, Pam 81 Mattice, Mick 81 Miles, Patty 80 Morse, Luella Meyers, Mary Rita 81 Mcgurk, Brenda 134 McHugh. Kay Phyl Britcher gives us the weather and the question for the day. Ron smiles proudly with his mop. T 170 A Bit on the Wild Side "It's been a good and busy year and I'm looking forward to the surrmer." —Tonya Slezak L I I I I 1 I T Mrs. Plueger is busy snipping away.

I I I I . Pat 81 Plueger, Pat 80 Pospischil , Dot 81 Price , Pat 81 Reed . Dixie Reid. Sherry . Donna Reid. Roberta 163 Riley Russell , Marcy 80 Schenkelberg , Paul 81 Schreiber, Roxene 12, 80 Schultz, Pat Slezak, Judy 10, 81 Smith , Floyd 118 , 80 Steffen , Jim; Bus Manager Steine , Ken 8 Suddendorf, Judy 80, 122 Swalley, Paul Theissen , Denny 14 , 80 Theissen , Joanne Thomas, Robert; Building and Grounds Trosky, Mike 80, 116 Tursi , Jim 81 Vanourny, Margaret 80 W' Freshman Andrle, Rene Bowman, Julie 121 Brinegar, Marci 121 Hosek, Amy 121 Jones, Brian Maehl , Javan 120 Miller, Kristi 121 Schlesselman, Heather 120 I X I I I McWilliams , Mary 81 Novotny, Elaine 19 Ockenfels, Mary Oglesby, Sharon 81 Osborn, Sharon Osland , John 81 Otero Freshman alderbach , Jan 79 Weming , Russ 80 Wessel, Jeff 14, 73 Wilson, Cathy 14, 81 Worsfold, Chuck 80 Zvacek, Marilyn 80 Marilyn Zvacek stops to admire the work frcm the wrestling cheerleaders. Faculty gathers to celebrate Pauline's 65th birthday. A proud Jenny Weldon as she shakes the hand of Mr. Steine. Oh no! Not Mr. Steine, too! "Games, activities and dances have been fun this year." —Beth Elliff I I I X I I I I T T A Bit on the Wfld Side 171

T T i i : 172 A Bit on the Wild Side T T T

l ^WWWWWWWVWSWWUWWUWWWWWVSMWrtrtMWUyWWWSWW/VWVWWUWWWWWWVS/VySMW # Co-Editors Kirsten Knowlton and Bridget Homrighausen 1989 Comes To An End by Bridget Homrighausen Kirsten Knowlton For many the 1988-1989 school year will be just another passing year. It started , it happened, it ended-and over time it will be forgotten. But for seniors it will be unique, and a year to remember. The seniors will leave behind the crowded halls, the races off to lunch, and the memories. Memories of prom, homecoming, and their relationships with friends, and teachers. Each year peoples relationships change. The best friend that a person had in elementary, could end up being a distant stranger in high school . When people grow older, thier interests change so their friendships must adapt to these change. After graduation everyone will be moving on , starting different futures. Most people will be in college. Some will be working full time, and a few will be getting married in the next few years. Whichever path you choose, we wish you the best of luck with it . ^WAWWrtrtWfWWWWWWVWWWWWWWWWWWWWWrfWWWWVWWWAfWWrtJWWWWWWW • A Bit on the Wild Side 173

The big part of the wild side m M a i\ \ PAX < v 4\> 1 , * - I i iC3 kS B ?

Bridget Homrighausen Kirsten Knowlton Sharlene Nichols Jennifer Schropp Monica Christensen DeAnn Carlson Kelly Koutny Charlie Rohlena Chris Reid Amy Valentine Tina Thomas Dana Center Cory Stockton Brad Yousse Kim Hahn Laura Buwalda Michelle Borwig Elizabeth Duffy Editor-in-chiet Editor-in-chief Student Life Student Life Editor Student Life Student Life Student Life Boys Sports Editor Boys Sports Editor Girls Sport Editor Sophomore Editor Photo Editor Assistant Photo Editor Design Artist Senior Editor Academics Editor Junior Editor Advisor 175 A Bit on the Wild Side

I I I I COLOPHONo I I - I 1 I I I I I Houte of Iowa Inc, PD Box 246, Cedar Falls, Iowa 5061m . ^ I I I I The$tgffofthe 1988 89 Prairie High School yearbook, The Hawk , is pleased to present this current issue recording the events and people of the school year. Three- hundred- forty- five (345 ) copies of the hook were printed by the Taylor Pi fishing Company, P. O. Box 3518, Dallas, Texas 75221. Orders forthe books were sold in the school store by Mrs. Jan Waldcrbach at a cost of $21 each or $23 after the initial selling period. The price of theyook includes the\ ree personalized name on the cover. Body copy was set in 10 on 12 Times Roman. Students typed on two Apple He's . Typsetting was by Type ~ry The book is in the work of18 members of the Yearbook Class, under the direction of advisor Elizabeth Duffy. Ms. Duffy designed the cover, incorporating all the suggestions ofher students into one package forsilk screen processing of black on orange. The theme was developed after numerous brainstorming sessions . " with the darkroom across arid down the hall , gatives and prints > I Koomn was Home to the yearboo here full processing of black and cuts. I I I A Bit on the Wfld Side 176 I I k staff,v white nc I I I I Special thanks to the indvidual students|ho assisted the i I I ¥ I l I ^ I I stej : was completed. I I I I I f by helping sho I ^ I I _ at I I I

i *W /e^ /* - c/ 1 vu ^ XoZNfc' ; n^^ ' « YJs-Y & > ^ arcy^5 «s :fX . ^ ^4> A c/ ' •&> cZ« " V v «L ^4 z 1 Z* J/'" y\^/ **£/ Zf^L/4^ . „ ; O^CKJI^^ - yacHf^ >+ , A <r ^ z C?ZZM,„ dnc &\Uup Tr V'0 fcrr % fjirV/ )Vu, ^ \oA Ygs? $ < r ^ ^ ? z< ’> Z 1 & if Z, * -. < SF 6, ^^ZZ?Tt ^ V * 5* & J^l? (Arrv » &\ f^^ ^ SiOUUUraj1 . . \ im Guam. y ^ Q% <J %*£/ ,& Ql&sz ^ er

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