Below Left: Scott Simon, Mr. Henley and John Serbousek clown around. Below: Loren Ziskovsky repels during P.E. class. Making One Wish The fourth and final question that was asked was, “ If you had one wish what would it be?” Lisa Netolicky’s wish was to marry a really super guy. Brenda Boland had a similar wish. She wants to get a really good job after college and get married. Both Troy Schulz and Lori Vogt had the same wish. They want a billion dollars. Mike Malik's wish was to spend a couple of years just traveling without having to worry about the expenses. Laurie Rummells had the wish of being an actress. Dennis Bruns would like to play college basketball. Joe Nekvinda answered, “ To do as many things as I can with the rest of my life.” Angie Hastings would like to stay sixteen always. A few juniors had the wish that our country not go to war. Some of them were Dawn Messer, Scott Simon and Steve Smith. Some people couldn’t think of just one wish and put down things that they would have to choose between. Stephanie Hohensee would want to stop crime and have world peace. To be a millionaire, get married and live happily ever after living in a world of peace was Theresa Zalesky’s wish. Michelle Terpkosh had a great idea and wished for many more wishes. The most popular wish was put in many ways but the same idea came across. Gayle Loomis wished that we wouldn’t have such large conflicts with other countries, and that people could get along with each other instead of trying to find each other's faults. Kathy Yarbrough backed up her wish with things that could happen if her wish were to come true. She said, “I guess my wish would be for peace on earth. If we had ~e-e Anderson tier Elliff »ry Fite ir- Glass Nley Glass fecta Haynes ^-ette Jones Lorie Kessler Dawn Klein Randy Miller Debbie Osborne Pam Ritchie Stacie Schmidt Don Schrader Steve Sherard Robyn Stacey Kim Waggener Kathy Watts Scott Wieser Lisa Witte peace we could have an open exchange of food, natural resources and technology. If we shared things the whole world would be better off. We would all advance and share our learning. By using the brain power of all countries we should be able to solve almost all of our problems.” Juniors 65

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