Left: Elaine Heslop discusses her future plans » r counselor Alan Maas son Mrs. Johnson. .Below: Nurse Therese Jol divided up her time betwee" high school and the elementary building . ' Counselors Both counselors, Alan Maas and Bonnie Malone, keep very busy, each helping students in every way they can and serving on commit tees for various programs which help kids. Mr. Maas is the coordinator on the steering committee at Kirkwood which lets students take some of Kirkwood’s classes. Ms. Malone is on the Native Talent Committee which put together the All Metro Career Days. The counselors spend a lot of time working with career planning and provide information on jobs, colleges that meet the students - needs, and vocational schools. Mr. Mass said they, the counselors, need to be informed to answer questions, and help kids relate to each other better. Our counselors coordinate spe - cial education programs and work to get students into special pro - grams, contact parents, students, and teachers to meet with them about getting into these programs. School Nurse Therese Johnson has been work - ing 8 years as our school nurse and says she really likes her job. She said it’s a fine place to work and likes work here at the high school with the older kids. Therese likes to promote wel ness rather than treat illness . She tries to take away the fears people have about their health, so the don’t make a little ache more tha' it really is. When it comes to counseling with drugs, alcohol, etc. the counselors handle most of that. Said Therese ‘‘I handle most of the referrals which will best help the person ana make him feel most comfortable.” As to Wellness Day which was held April 16th Therese helped plar ideas and arrange some speakers. She feels it ’s very important to think well and that’s what she likes to help people do. * - 66 Counselors

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