ade as more violent .Gayle Loomis thinks that we will have another war, that infla The Future: 80’s tion will grow, and that the draft will take When asked “ Do you think the 1980' s everyone away. Some other people who will be different from the 1970’s ?In what thought there will be another war were way ?”; a lot of juniors said the 80’s will Theresa Zalesky, Devin Pipkin, and Lau change by having another world war. These juniors are Stacy Ditch, who said, rieRummells. Besides a war other juniors think that - the world . Kevin Cooling thinks a new Eichhorn believes there will be a new “ Yes, everything is going to go up, and there are going to be other changes in we are going to have a war.” Robin Miz aur thinks there will probably be a world world will break through politics. Gerald war. Steve Smith described the next dec - Mike Luhrs Missy Luther Janice Mackey Tawana Madden Mike Malik Dawn Maresh Kim McConaughy Rose McDonald Mitch McGrath Pam McGurk Mark McQueen Keith Meskimen - - president, some sort of new laws, and possibly other changes . Susann Lebsoc foresees a more advanced world, more modern, with different cars and homes. She also says it will be a time for making alternatives to gasoline and home heat - ing. Other problems juniors said we migh face in the future are connected with * higher prices . Dennis Bruns sees alter nate energy sources being made availa ble . Lisa Netolicky says there will be - - ^ Dawn Messer Mike Meyers Becky Mitchell Rex Mitchell Ronald Mitchell Robin Mizaur Jeff Moon Kevin Morris Diane Mouchka Laryn Mumm Karen Neal Kenny Nearad David Nedrow Rhonda Neis Phillip Nejdl Above: Laryn Mumm was one of many Prairie stu dents to dress for western day during Homecom ing. 62 Juniors

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