- o re drugs and alcohol. Brenda Boland m eves prices are going to keep getting - gher, unless we start buying, which we probably won’t. Lori Vogt sees higher prices, more problems and complica6i:ns. Mike Malik believes our lifestyles w \ have to change as gas becomes more f = pensive. Other juniors gave their thoughts on s question. Kathy Yarbrough said “ I do think the 80’s will be different, they're xing to be a lot more computerized. I hope we figure out how to stop inflation and straighten out the government.” Pam Ritchie commented, “ I think as the years go on things will appear to change to be more modern. I think we’ll also have to try new things for energy and start depending on them.” Stephanie Hohensee foresees the 80’s as more action packed and fast paced. Julie de Neui thinks that things will become stricter. Bobbi Gilbert thinks the 80’s will be different because her generation will be adults and look at life differently. Michelle Terpkosh said, ” 1 sure hope so. The 70’s were fairly good, but I hope the 80's will be much better and I’ll be able to do more things and hopefully have some better times.” Suzie Gallager was very hopeful, “I think we’ll see great finds in science with power and automobiles and cures for diseases. Anyway I hope so.” We’ll see what the future brings. Joe Nekvinda Dana Nelson Lisa Netolicky Scott Nischwitz Scott Nissen Joe Ockenfels Connie O’Connor Gary Ollinger Jenny Olson Mark Olson Caroline Osborne Jeff Peck Anni Pedersen Michele Pedersen Kevin Peters Devin Pipkin Mary Pond Tom Porter Teresa Powers Scott Raim John Randles Cheryl Rankin Susan Reid ioove: Debbie Fairley and Patti Franc cheer on E -ad Hansen during the pie eating contest at a pep ratty. Juniors 63

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