Below: Robert Dennis and Sveinn Storm introduce - rmselves during a pep rally. • 1> Vince Cross Sandy Daly Julie deNeui Robert Dennis BIS*. M y " 1 y Ay - ' Stacy Ditch David Dougherty Sherry Dougherty Eric Dunn A **; X 6 4 # r t are nice.” Angie Hastings: ‘‘I like I- airie a lot; it’s friendly, the people are I::se and outgoing. This year I think the Igrades get along better together.” Kevin Cxiling said, ‘‘Prairie is a good school. I II-e the kids that go here. Since I was a ;jphomore I have met a lot of new t ends and other people.” Suzie Gal;gher commented, ‘‘I like going to Prair ?. All of my friends are here, and I just rel close to the school. No, I think I 've L ays felt pretty much the same.” Gayle %Ji ‘ ' t 1vifl mi W «r f> 7) 1 Loomis said, “ I really enjoy going to Prairie this year because the people are really friendly. My feelings were different last year. I didn’t like coming to school last year because I didn’t know as many people.” Theresa Zalesky said, “ I like it. I have gotten to know people and teachers better.” Other juniors like Prairie for other reasons. Brenda Boland said she loves going to Prairie, that it’s the best. Kathy Yarbrough thought that Prairie is a great i Aaron Fisher Shelly Floyd David Foley Lorie Foubert Patti Franc Minnetta Freeburg Jerry Fry Marsha Elliott John Ely Debbie Fairley Tim Fairlie - Ellen Dupler Laurie Eden Gerald Eichhorn Pam Elguezabal school. She’s become aware of the bad things at other schools — too many people, drug problems and fights. Pam Ritchie thinks Prairie is just the right size; you know everyone in the school and that's really neat. Bobbi Gilbert said she really likes Prairie. She never thought she would, because she was so happy at her old school. She thinks people are really nice and they help you become a part of this school. Juniors 59

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