I Teen: Good/Bad The second question in our polling of the juniors was: “ What’s good and what’ s bad about being a teenager today? The class had varied and interesting answers. Almost everyone could think of something bad, but there were some students who could not come up with anything good. The area of responsibility, or lack of it, was mentioned often on both sides of the question. they feel restricted as to what they can do and when. impose too many rules and don’t allow their kids to make their own decisions. A few mentioned they want to be considered as adults. Many teens mentioned that Some felt their parents Other juniors felt good about the amount of say they have in making decisions. Many mentioned that they do have freedom of choice about their actions. Angie Hastings said she didn’t have a whole lot of responsibility, but enough. Many of the students mentioned the amount of mobility teens have today. Driving their own cars and being able to go different places came in as good points. Lisa Netolicky likes the opportunity to do new things. Steve Smith noted that teens have a chance to do good in school and elsewhere. A number of those people returning questionnaires mentioned relationships with their peers. Many said they feel peer pressure to do things bad for themselves, like smoke, drink, or take drugs. Michelle Terpkosh felt there is way too much competition in sports and elsewhere. On the good side, being with friends and having close relationships were mentioned. The juniors pointed out other disadvantages. Some of them were: inflation and the price of gas, worrying about the future and the draft, being cut down by adults and many pressures. But, they mentioned many more good things, too. Some felt teens get about everything they want, and have a lot of fun. Suzie Gallager summed things up well: “ Today I feel we have too many pressures. It seems everywhere you look you find problems. But I think this brings people closer together. Friends try to work things out with each other.” 60 Juniors Above: Kyle Vondracek and Angie Hastings fix ud the junior hallway during Homecoming week.

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