Below: William Christensen vents his rage on tn defenseless car during Homecoming. Marie Anderson Becky Andrews Ricky Bahr Tammy Baker Jack Barger Cindy Bascom Paula Belden Jeff Beltz Linda Bentley Brenda Boland Valerie Boots Rob Brashear Susan Brecht Chris Brentner Jody Bright Dennis Bruns Amy Bubon Corey Butcher Luis Butts Dan Byerly Linda Carlson Bill Christensen Mark Christensen Anne Cleppe Matthew Clothier Kevin Cooling Julie Cron When interviewing the class of juniors Juniors Express Their Opinions on Key Questions then. we got some interesting answers. We asked them “How do you feel about going to Prairie? Have those feelings changed since you were a sophomore? Explain how.” Some juniors said they like it this year better because last year they felt like the seniors and juniors thought they were better than the sophomores. A few of these juniors are Lori Vogt, ‘‘I like it sometimes, I like the feeling of knowing just about everyone. Yes, I felt inferior as a sophomore, like all the seniors and juniors are out to get us.” Devin Pipkin; “ When I was a sophomore it was just another school, now I am proud to be here. It has a lot to offer, if you care to take the time to look.” Scott Simon; “ It’s all right, but it’s kind of a drag now and It seems better than when ! was -I sophomore.” Robin Mizaur; “O.K., yes.1 now that I am a junior I feel like peopifl don’t look at me as a little sophomore.”I Other juniors said they like going t: Prairie because all the people are nice! and they get along with other people. These juniors are Steve Smith; ‘‘I like Prairie. I ’ve gone to Prairie all my life and I think it’s a good school, and the peop - 58 Juniors I I I

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