Managers Form Backbone for Teams Behind every sport at Prairie is a person who gives the team his or her all. This person is, of course, the manager. The manager of a team has many responsibilities which help keep the team going. Managers attend practices with the players and make sure that all equipment is ready for use. After practice they make sure the equipment used is put away and keep up the supply of towels for after showers. A manager at a game is more like a peer coach. When a player is on the bench, encouragement is given and the manager psychs the team up just as much as a coach does. They join in on the team gatherings around the coach to make sure everyone has enough water to quench their thirsts. When the game is over and the team is in the locker room, the manager is busy collecting towels, equipment, and cleaning out the locker room. This year two of our managers stood out more than others. They were Becky Mitchell and Craig Joens. Becky was the manager of the varsity football team and Craig for the sophomore girls’ basketball team. Becky hopes to return next year as manager of the football team. She said that the guys on the team treated her better than they had other managers. Becky thought over the offer that Mr. Oertel made to her to be the manager and was happy that she accepted and was in turn accepted by the team. Mr. Hoffman asked Craig Joens to be the manager for his team. Craig was surprised when asked to take the job. Craig finally decided to manage the team because he thought it would be fun. He said that the girls didn’t give him a hard time and that he got along very well with all of them. Above Left: Wrestling manager Robert Christen watches an important match. Left: Putting away equipment after a game, Scott Appleget, boys’ varsity basketball manager, completes one of the many duties of his job. Above: Because Mr. Oertel' s communication with the other coaches is vital during a game, Becky Mitchell untangles the cord for his headset during pregame preparations. Managing 57

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