Hamilton, Haman, Nekvinda and Waldrop Lift Most ielow: Sam Wilson spots for Curt Woods as Curt •:'ks on upper body strength. Below: Anything that's comfortable is appropriate attire for working out, as Mike Pond shows. Weightlifting is a sport that started here at Prairie in 1968. Mr. Hawkins started it by lifting weights himself, interest started to grow, and so did the club. The weight room was in six different places before the new one was established. Mr. Hawkins, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Oertel make up our weightlifting coaching staff. All of the coaches agree that weightlifting contributes in physical conditioning for other sports; members of the club agree that this is true also. Weightlifting is for everybody. You can do it in your spare time or be a part of the group. The weightlifters chart among themselves, and everyone is striving to be number one. Yet the competition is mainly against oneself, you try to beat your own previous records. Our “ All Around Prairie Record" as it stands at this time is as follows: Bench Press: Mike Hamilton — Clean: Leo Haman — Press: Leo Haman — 220 lbs. Squat: Joe Nekvinda — 400 lbs. Dips: Tom Waldrep — 54 dips. 315 lbs. Power 245 lbs. Front Weightlifting 53

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