Above: Many athletes use weight lifting to help condition for other sports. Kevin Brown needs no introduction when it comes to wrestling. Mike Hamilton spots for him in the weight room. Right: Kevin's expression makes it obvious that to get results takes a lot of effort. Far Right: WEIGHT LIFTING, Front Row: Brad Hansen, Tom Waldrep, Don Clark, Randy Zbanek, Dean Richmond, Mike Pond. Second Row: Coach John Oertel, Brad Wicher, Robert Dennis, Steve Smith, Andy Grommon, Craig Heaverlo, Philip Newhard, Brian McNeal. Third Row: Bob Berstler, Mike Hamilton, Joe Nekvinda, Sam Wilson, Scott Serovy, Daron Zach, Scott Raim. Back Row: Steve Hauschild, Gary Swartz, Doug Ockenfels, Joe Ockenfels, Tim Fairlie, Dar Byerly, Gary Lamparek, Scott Joens. Scott Lynch, 52 Weightlifting

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