Dom Pons and Cheerleaders Work to Be Number One New skirts and sweaters were bought h ration in the sports. " t ' "nis year, the pom pon girls and erate school spirit and student par-e 1979-80 cheerleaders and pom r-edeaders have been working hard to p-' L-s started getting ready for their sea's last summer. -ie cheerleaders attended a summer pro where they learned new cheers, " sr-p. ie pom pon squad also attended a 'Most They received n'oved” award. *:T ines, and pep skits. There was a z "est at the end of the camp and Praise naced fourth overall. for the girls. Carwashes, candle and flower sales all helped make up the cost. The cheerleaders were divided into seven squads. They were required to cheer at one volleyball meet and at one game of each of the winter sports. Practices were three times a week with a lot of hard work in between. We even had some guys cheering for the girls' powder puff football game. Teresa Douglas and Phil Britcher were the cheerleaders' sponsors. Clar Krumrei was the pompon sponsor. The sixteen pom pon girls had a car wash and a car bash during Homecoming. March twenty-eighth they competed in a pom pon contest with the eight metro schools. This was the first year that they had the opportunity to march with the band. The squad was invited to a competition in Kansas City, Missouri, but declined. The pom pon and cheerleading squads added a lot to the games this year. They sure worked hard to promote support and school spirit for the Prairie athletes during their seasons. Left: Pam Ritchie shows her spirit. Above Left: POM PON SQUAD,Front Row: Dana Nelson, Sherry Dougherty, Susan Reid, Kim McConaughy, Susie Gallagher, Janice Mackey, Roberta Grommon, Janice Stepanek. Second Row: Beth Sankot, Cindy Thrap, Susan Brecht, Denise Serbousek. Back Row: Jackie Sheely, Susan Truitt, Sharon Potter. Not Pictured: Tracey Britcher. Above Right: Debbie Fairley flashes a hawk smile. Above: SOPHOMORE CHEERLEADERS, Front Row: Sarah Danielson, Susan Beck, Jill Goldsberry, Lisa Staskal, Tami Karasek, Cindy Landtiser, Chris Hare. Back Row: Kelly Lamb, Darcy Brown, Tracy Brown, Lori Stockton, Jackie Cooling, Peggy Reid, Kim Tjelmeland, and Julie Hofmaster . PomPon and Cheerleaders 51

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