Close Finishes Are the Name of the Game Even though a varsity record of 3 wins and 17 losses may not be evident of a successful season, the girls’ varsity team experienced a learning year, according to some players on the team. Coach Mike McCue stated, “I had a very good group of girls, showing team effort and doing everything that was asked of them.” He also said, ‘‘From the beginning ’till the end we accomplished a lot with each individual’s abilities growing. As a team, we progressed to be competitive and respected.” It’s important for the team to be together and this year it was. The team went to the Iowa Cornets game, Coe and Mount Mercy games, state basketball tournament, and had parties which involved the parents. When Coach McCue was asked what he himself had learned he said, “ I learned something everyday, from the people to the game situation.” The sophomore team had a record of 6- 11, and was coached by Tom Hoffmann. Coach Hoffmann said the team improved daily, continually improving on fundamentals. They wanted to get better and they did, and he feels this is the key to success. When asked what the team was like to work with, Coach Hoffmann said they were very enjoyable and had a lot of potential. Hoffmann feels the team needs to work hard on the off season and if they don’t they’ll short change themselves, because they have a lot of talent. Above: SOPHOMORE TEAM, First Row: Linda Kilberger Chris . Dawn Roy, Sarah Danielson, Kelly Osborn, Winn. Second Row: Coach Tom Hoffmann, Back Row: Julie Cach, Kelly Lamb, Gwen Ludvicek, Ricki Hayes, Asst. Coach Emma Jo Fairlie. Kathy Nearad, Patty Smyth, Mgr. Craig Joens, Jeni Pedersen, Heidi Anderson. Above Right: Dawn Roy working very hard as she does her job out on the floor — guarding her opponent. Right: Coaches Hoffmann and Trosky plan strategy with the team during a time out. Clockwise the members are Heidi Anderson, Julie Cach, Sarah Danielson, Dawn Roy, and Linda Kilberger. 44 Girls Basketball

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