Above Left: Shauna Holthaus attempts a free throw for extra points. Left: Lori Vogt guards a tough Kennedy opponent. Far Above: VARSITY TEAM, First Theresa Zalesky, Caroline Osborne, Sherry Hauschild, Coach Tom Hoffman, Coach Mike McCue. Back Row: Mgr. Susan Misfeldt, Shauna Holthaus, Angie Hastings, Laurie Welty, Row: Amy Bubon, Jenny Olson, Brenda Shramek, Jill Johnson, Lori Vogt. Second Row: Asst. Coach Emma Jo Fairlie, Keely Vondracek, Becky Mitchell, Nancy Cisar, Stacy Ditch. Above: Teammates Kelly Osborn, Keely Vondracek, Amy Bubon, Laurie Welty, Becky Mitchell, and Stacy Ditch wondering what the outcome will be. Girls' Basketball ' 45

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