Those V .I .P.’s who make up the sup - port staff at Prairie High School are the secretaries, paraprofessionals, dietician, ccc*s,and custodians. All of these indi • c - =Is oelp make the school run more only administrators, and stu s~:::h . and efficiently. People tend to o* dents :onec sc 'c *: ~en the word “ school” is men - is far from the s, however, err T personnel necessary to keep a e- ours moving. C E ' * ' ^mrei and Sharon Bruns are r es:: "; ie for the important record ke ^: : - t i e office. Clar is not only the - - principal’s secretary, but also helps with attendance and can often be seen taking tickets at extracurricular events. Sharon replaced Debbie Gaddis Gerke as the attendance secretary, as well as secre - tary to the assistant principal, at the end of the first semester. Previously she had been the paraprofessional in the English Resource Center charge of Room 11 — .Emma Jo Fairlie is in study hall. She makes sure that people show up to serve detentions and also helps Mr. Leeper keep track of students ’ whereabouts . The custodial staff at Prairie does an excellent job of keeping the buildin looking terrific. They spend many houi getting the halls to sparkle and shine, « well as setting up for the many activitie throughout the school year. The coo have a difficult task in trying to pleas seven hundred people while also prepa ing nourishing meals, but they usually c a good job in combining the two. Joceil Southward, Beth Von Spreckei and Eileen Grinder really keep thine moving in the counselors’ office and tf library, while Vicki Hawkins takes care business in the school store . Prairie Gets Support From Many Fv ** Ctar Krumrei, Sharon Bruns and Emma .: : = super job of seeing that all goes well :e and study hall every day. Emma -:as: e_:s out with girls’ basketball and track as "TI - ' ~T : — Row _es e Malatele, Dauna Riley, and Marlene Kefea S :e n charge of Girls ’ Letter Club. Right: 1he«OBen who quiet the hungry crowds at noon - Back Row: Mary Ann Donoghue, Pat e a Morse, supervisor Mary Hovel. Front - 36 Staff

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